LAUGHING AT LIBERALS: AFL-CIO Colorado Might Need A Tip Or Two On YouTube

Big Labor might have millions of dollars at their disposal, and an army of paid canvassers harassing people at their worksites, but what they don’t apparently have in Colorado is a lick of skill at getting videos to go viral.

A couple days ago, AFL-CIO Colorado released a lame-ass YouTube video of their staff doing the already-dead-meme Harlem Shake in support of a union payback bill in the Legislature. They tweeted it out no less than 7 times and even got The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels to embed it in a Spot blog post.

Despite their massive political infrastructure and the helping hand of Colorado’s top political scribe, in the three days the video has been out they’ve received a whopping….99 views.

Congratulations, AFL-CIO Colorado. That might be the lowest amount of views on any Harlem Shake video anywhere on the internet.

Mike Cerbo, was it really worth wearing a feather boa for 99 views?

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