HE HAS A PEN: Gov. Hickenlooper Threatens to Veto Any Bill Without Bipartisan Participation

Last year, Hick never met a bill he wouldn’t sign into law.

Governor Hickenlooper has started on his Great Apology tour throughout rural Colorado.  Last week, he visited the Eastern plains town of Yuma, where he spoke with five county commissioners.  Not surprisingly, the topic of the rural renewable energy mandate came up, but what The Yuma Pioneer reported Hickenlooper as saying was even more interesting.  Hick pledged to not sign legislation that didn’t have bipartisan participation.  Here’s the excerpt from the article:

When challenged by commissioners from five eastern Colorado counties, Governor John Hickenlooper conceded that the process for passing SB 252 on rural renewable energy in last year’s Colorado Legislature was flawed.

He said he has told current legislative leadership that the legislative process must be fair and that legislation passed without all parties being allowed to participate will face a certain veto from him this year.

After his plummeting poll numbers in the state, we can hardly blame him for not wanting to do a repeat of last year.  Too bad his fellow liberal legislators didn’t get the memo.  So, of course, this puts Hick in a tricky situation. There are many pieces of legislation that have moved forward without bipartisan participation.  Will he veto them all?  We’ll certainly be watching.

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