So they’re not coming for your guns, or your rights?

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One of the refrains you continually hear from the Democrats in their efforts to shut up gun owners is, “No one is coming to take your guns”.  And yet when you peruse the news feeds you find stories like this one from Missouri:  Assault weapons ban proposed | Springfield News-Leader |

Legislation backed by several St. Louis-area lawmakers would require gun owners to surrender or destroy their assault weapons within 90 days of the measure’s passage. The proposed ban would include semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines and semi-automatic pistols with the capacity to shoot more than 10 rounds of ammunition before reloading.

That certainly sounds like confiscation of privately owned firearms to me.  But that is not by any means the most frightening, because in the great Democrat-run state of Washington, they are proposing that gun owners be required to open their doors to law enforcement without the legal burden of a warrant: Misstep in gun bill could defeat the effort | Local News | The Seattle Times



Law abiding gun owners cause murders, but a murderer should hold office, according to lefty columnist.

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In this week’s edition the Colorado Springs Independent, columnist Rich Tosches wrote a glowing article about Gary Flakes.  Different look at Gary Flakes | Ranger Rich | Colorado Springs Independent  In it he quotes the convicted felons (unnamed) wife, (when was the last time someone quoted an anonymous source while letting us know it was a spouse?) as well as Council member Jan Martin in his attempt to reform Flakes reputation.  Obviously “Ranger Rich” believes that Flakes deserves to be elected to the Colorado Springs City Council regardless of his participation in the horrific and senseless murder of and 15-year-old Scott Hawrysiak and 13-year-old Andrew Westbay on Valentines Day 1997.

But if you look at Mr. Tosches column from December 19th regarding the equally horrific Sandy Hook shootings, you see that he will hold some people accountable for the firearms murder of children.  Gun owners and their supporters.   The way of the gun | Ranger Rich | Colorado Springs Independent   His vitriol and hatred for firearms owners, the NRA, the GOA, and politicians who support the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms is obvious in every paragraph.

So in the world of “Ranger Rich” Tosches, if you own a firearm, or support those who do so without ever having used them on another living being, you are the cause of all evil done using a firearm.  But if you actually take part in the murder of children and then say you’re sorry (but not to the families of those children) you are qualified for public office.


Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare gets another victim

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A friend of mine named Charles, is a 60 year old survivor of a horrible car accident which occured about 12 years ago.   His injuries required him to undergo a liver transplant.   He is also a survivor of Hepatitis C, which he recently beat with a newly developed therapy.  He is an independent businessman who has private health insurance, but his condition does require regular medical monitoring.  A few days ago he posted the following on his Facebook page:

After 8 years with my Internal Medicine Doctor I am searching for a new doctor. It seems that Medicare who is my secondary insurance, no longer pays their portion of the medical payments if you have private insurance under the new health care act. Now private insurance companies are following the Medicare examples and paying less. Medicare has changed how much and when they pay doctors. So Doctors are opting out of Medicare. My Doctor now has opted for a cash only practice like many doctors in my area as I am finding out in my search. So thank you Mr Obama for the lies and deceit telling me I can keep my doctor and nothing will change and shame on you AARP for adding to this deceit. So now no matter what you need their supplemental insurance to make it work and then you still have a out of pocket expense.

lot of wild promises were made, and absolutely no review of the bill was allowed, during the debate for Obamacare.  And now more and more people are finding that they have less health care coverage than they did before the ACA started taking effect.  Fewer doctors will be available for those who truly need them, and those who will be available will be overworked and underpaid.

And this all was a good idea why?


They say Beavis, I think he’s more Butthead

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From the invaluable [ Instapundit]

It seems the Democratic strategy is now to call everything the Republicans say a lie. and then ignore it when the facts can’t back that up. The Democratic Party base (and if you have to pander to them this late in the game, it’s NOT GOOD) ate it up with a spoon. Not so everyone else.

Ryan was very much a wonk. Biden was very much a wanker. And I think that most of the Dem strategy for this debate was to try and get Ryan to lose his cool. That failed miserably, Ryan looked like the adult, Slow Joe came across as that smirking punk everyone knows from school who would laugh at anything he didn’t consider “cool”.


Mitt Romney urges people to vacation in Colorado. The Left disagrees.

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Governor Mitt Romney during his visit here to Colorado Springs today asked people to help out here in Colorado by vacationing here and use those tourist dollars to help us out in our time of troubles.

From the Washington Post

Stay at hotels,” the presumptive Republican presidential nominee urged his fellow Americans on Tuesday, “go to restaurants and purchase local merchandise.”

A Romney aide said the candidate made the suggestion at the request of some of the fire victims he had met with, who asked him to urge people to vacation in Colorado Springs

But apparently having people come to our state and spend money doesn’t sit well with the WP’s writer.

Never mind that many Americans in the current economy – a new Romney campaign banner dubs it “Obama’s Upside-Down Economy” – cannot afford to take summer vacations.

And you can view comments from the Post’s article as well as comment’s from The Hill, Democratic Underground, and others via googling.  The idea of coming to Colorado, enjoying both the natural wonders and the man made attractions, and spending money to help support communities damaged by the wildfires is one the Left obviously hopes no one heeds.



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Well, after the President's dismal showing in West Virginia Democrats are moving quickly to let others who might be running as "protest" candidates that the votes they recieve won't count at all, even if they win the primary.  Take for example John Wolfe Jr., who is running in the Democratic primaries in Arkansas and Texas.  A recent  poll taken in Arkansas 4th congressional district had the following results:

45% – Barack Obama

38% – John Wolfe

17% – Undecided

Wolfe, who has run for office as a Democrat multiple times in Tennessee, also won 11% of the vote in the Louisiana primary, awarding him 3 delegates.  But the Party has denied him the delegates, saying he wasn’t qualified.  They are now making the same claims in Arkansas.  

When your candidate only gets 57% of the vote while the rest go to a Texas convict in a closed primary, you can be assured that a substantial portion of the base is unhappy.  

Democrats can vote for any candidate they prefer in the primaries, but Obama will get every delegate.  When you have to announce that only your anointed leader will get delegates regardless of the vote results, you are admitting a weakness in your candidate.  You are saying that you cannot accept any dissent, even from your own side.  There are historical precedents for this kind of election, but none of them are well regarded by your average American.

But if this is how Democrats want their primary elections to work, I guess more power to them.

Just don’t expect the rest of us to sit still if that’s how they want the vote on November 6th to work…..

BTW, here is John Wolfe’s campaign site, just in case some lefty thinks he is a right wing spoiler.


Democrats cede HD 17. Will not run a candidate for competitive district.

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Well the El Paso County Dems have gotten a recruit for the race.  Tony Exum Sr., who ran a failed campaign for an at-large City Council seat last year, had earlier declined to run for the office.  But he has changed his mind and is now taking up the electoral guantlet.

Democrats keep talking about taking back the State House chamber this election but apparently they have written off House District 17 here in El Paso county.  And it's not as if a Democrat cannot win here.  Dennis Apuan won the seat in 2008, and that was before the reapportionment process moved it further to the south and east.  If, as some would assert, the Republican surge of 2010 was a fluke, then HD 17 should be prime territory for a pickup.

From the Colorado Springs Independent as are all quotes.

It’s not as though Democrats don’t realize the opportunity that they have in HD 17. For months, says Robert Nemanich, people in the party have been “whispering, saying, ‘Does anybody want to run? Do you want to move into the district?’”

But as of right now, they don’t have a candidate to present to tonight’s caucus.  They have already turned down an African American who worked on President Obama’s 2008 campaign, because of traffic violations in his record.

Robert has a lot of promise,” Nemanich says. “As a résumé goes, here is a kid that graduated from Sierra High School, went off with an athletic scholarship to a small school. He came back to the community, and got involved in the campaign, and really did an effective job of organizing that troublesome area. He did the best he could with the resources that were there, and the quicksand-like electorate that is there.

“So when he called and said that he wanted to run for state rep, I was excited about it. I thought that he had the potential of having a career, and he had ambition, ambition beyond what the position would hold.”


Andrews says that as he went through the paces, he even interviewed with (Democratic House leader) Ferrandino.

“We had a nice little conversation and, these were his words: ‘We couldn’t package a better candidate for this district,’” Andrews remembers. “They required me to fill out some information. I told them that I had had traffic tickets, and the nature of them.”

According to a search of the state courts database, in 2009 Andrews was cited for failure to provide proof of insurance, driving with expired license plates and a tail lamp violation. Those charges were dismissed, however, twice he missed his court hearing and a warrant was issued for failure to appear. That case was settled, according to court documents.

In 2010, he was ticketed twice. In El Paso County, he was cited and pled guilty to driving without a license. He was also cited in Arapahoe County with driving under restraint and failure to provide proof of insurance. When he failed to show up for that court hearing, a warrant was issued. In November of that year, he had to pay a bond of $1,000, and that case was finally settled for $134.

Nothing he’s proud of, Andrews says, but nothing terribly scandalous, either.

However, he says, the Democrats told him “that was not going to be acceptable. They said that they would have trouble finding people within the caucus who would support me.” (emphasis mine)

So the party that is running someone who has been convicted for public urination cannot support someone because of traffic violations?  In a district that he grew up in, and lives in now, and that he would perfectly represent?  How exactly do the Democrats expect to take back the State House with this kind of attitude?


If Rep. Bradford was driving under the influence, she needs to step up.

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I would rather not have to write this, but let me be clear.  I have no use for anyone stupid enough to impair their judgement with any substance and then operate a vehicle.  I have experience enough both professional and personal with this.  I have an aunt who is still dealing with the results of injuries from a drunk driver who rear ended her at high speed almost forty years ago.  I have had to work three  different fatality accidents in my ten years as a towing operator, two of which involved alcohol.   And I can't really count the number of non-fatality calls involving impaired drivers I've responded to.

If, as it appears did happen, Rep. Bradford was driving under the influence, she needs to admit it.  It doesn't matter what the Denver Police Department did in allegedly failing their duty.  And if she did not ask for legislative immunity, that is only doing what is right.  But in her apology on the State House floor, she did not actually admit to any wrongdoing.

If I am wrong in thinking that Rep. Bradford was impaired on the 25th, then I will apologize.  But she said she wanted to be treated like everyone else.  She accepted treatment that no one who is not in the legislature would get.





So now Rep. Bradford is threatening to leave the Republican Party if the House Speaker persists in holding an ethics inquiry.  

Note to the Representative:  If you have to threaten to quit your team rather than have them look into your activities, then people paying attention will come to the conclusion you were breaking the rules.

And apparently Minority Leader Ferrandino has been playing phone tag with her.  I guess he’s hoping to take advantage of the situation by drafting the DUI dodger to shift the balance of power in the State House.   


Former Obama staffer arrested in political ID theft scheme

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Zach Edwards, who worked on then Senator Obama's campaign for the White House in 2007-08 was arrested Friday, charged with trying to use the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and/or the SOS brother Thomas.  Allegedly Edwards was trying to use their emails to create false evidence of ethics violations.  Edwards arrest report is at the Iowa Department of Public Safety here.  

Edwards was employed at LINK Strategies, a Democratic lobbying, campaign, opposition research, and public relations firm who fired him after he got caught his arrest. His involvment with the Obama campaign can be found on the (now erased) bio on the firms site.  To whit:

After a stint as a part-time political blogger and local democratic volunteer, he joined the Obama campaign in early 2007 as an intern organizing North-West Las Vegas. In September 2007, Zach joined the Obama New Media department as co-director of the Nevada New Media team and then moved on to direct New Media operations in five other primary states (New Mexico, Texas, North Carolina, and South Dakota).

During the 2008 General Election, Zach was the Iowa Director of New Media. In this capacity, he worked closely with communications, research and field operations to provide cutting-edge organizing tools and new media-based opposition research; which was emulated in battleground states across the country.

This is not a low level, coffee getting flunky, Edwards was a vital part of the Obama campaign.

LINK Strategies founder and president, Jeff Link, is a former Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager to Senator Tom Harkin as well as working on John Edwards and Barack Obama's presidential campaigns. You really don’t get much more connected to the top of the Democratic Party than this guy.  Of course he says that Edwards actions had nothing to do with his work.

You can find more details at the Iowa Grounds website.

You have to wonder what other Republican Secretary’s of State are being lined up for this kind of treatment.

Hat Tip to Instapundit where I first heard about this.  


Even hard core Leftists getting disgusted with Occupy Denver

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Over at the hard-core lefty site Squarestate, they have a diary up titled The Ugly Truth About #OccupyDenver.  

Fong, Squarestates head honcho and the diary's author pretty much confirms all of those dark rumors about the Occupy movement that have been going around.

A few quotes from the article:

“I've been on the PR team of Occupy Denver for about two months now and that involvement has shown me the underbelly of the beast. Keep in mind that everything I write below is just the the tip of the iceberg and understand that I write this because I'm tired of witnessing the consistent reckless behavior that puts innocent people at risk”

“Occupiers would set up tents during peak crowd hours with the intention of bringing in the cops to crack heads, in an effort to show the world that the police are brutal.”

“And then there was talk about a plan to burn cars for the Walmart blockade Monday morning.”

“So far I've seen ass-kissing, fear-mongering, death threats, theft, fights, using innocent people as a shield, lies about union endorsements, ulterior motives, lots and lots of messianic bullshit, and of course, shirking responsibility.”

and finally:

“I wish I could say good things. When people corner me about my involvement in OD, I feel bad that I don't have good things to say.”

When you have a doctrinaire lefty like Fong cutting loose like this on the movement, you have to wonder what makes anyone think that anything positive was ever going to come out of the juvenile and illegal antics that were part and parcel of Occupy right from the start.

Here is a clue for those on the left that supported Occupy Denver.  When you start out with no regard for the law, why the hell should you be surprised when all there is around you is lawlessness!

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