WONDER NO MORE: Udall Says Nyet to Keystone XL

There has been much speculation swirling about whether liberal Sen. Mark Udall will support the building of the Keystone pipeline, which would provide energy security by bringing 800,000 barrels of oil to the United States each day as well as thousands of jobs.  Wonder no more.  Udall’s legislative aide, Carly Robinson, has put the kibosh on any hope of Udall supporting the Keystone Pipeline, according to a member of Vets4Energy, Tom McAdam, who visited with Robinson in early April.  Sen. Udall was not available to meet with McAdam.  Here’s his notes from the meeting, exclusively obtained by the Peak:

“Senator Mark Udall. Met with the Senator’s Energy LA Carly Robinson. Meeting was not very productive as Ms. Robinson stated that the Senator was an environmentalist and his views were incongruent with support of the Keystone XL. Ms. Robinson said that she was aware of the Heitkamp letter but would most likely not inform the Senator.”

While Udall’s meetings with uber-environmentalist Tom Steyer have indicated that he is not inclined to support Keystone – afterall, he needs the cash from Steyer for his uphill re-election campaign – he has never truly been candid with Coloradans in this fashion. But, what’s truly interesting is that Robinson would not pass on information to a Senator from one of his constituents.

Former chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party, Floyd Ciruli,summed up the broad support for the Keystone pipeline in The Denver Post last month:

Even before its recent environmental clearance, the pipeline has enjoyed national support during the last five years that it has been under debate. Pew Research and other credible national polls show broad support at or above 60 percent, including a majority of Democrats, based on a lack of evidence of a greenhouse gas effect, the desire for energy independence, and the project’s potential to boost the economy. Most recently, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar endorsed it, along with a host of Senate Democrats vulnerable in re-election.

But, not Sen. Udall.  He’s siding with Steyer over Colorado.  It was suspected before, but determined by Udall’s LA and her unwillingness to even listen to his constituent.

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CHEAP TALK: Coffman and Gardner Show Dems What Equal Pay for Equal Work Looks Like

To piggy-back off of our post last night in which we exposed the hypocrisy of liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s call for equal pay for equal work despite the females on his staff only making $0.84 for every dollar one of his male staffers earn.

We’ve expanded our research to include this year’s most competitive races in Colorado.

In the Republican Rep. Cory Gardner versus liberal Udall match up, when we look at Gardner’s most recently reported salaries for non-shared workers who were with him for the entire pay period, we see female staffers who work with Gardner earn an average of $1.04 to every dollar that a Gardner male staffer makes. That’s nearly 25% more than Udall pays his female staffers compared to his male staffers.  The absurdity of a man who “fights” for equal pay, but can’t pay his own female staffers a fair wage is off the charts.

Even more impressive are the numbers that come from Republican Rep. Mike Coffman, who is in the closest House race across the nation.   When we here at the Peak crunched his female staff salaries, they are making an incredible $1.12 for every one dollar Coffman male staffers are making.  Perhaps if Udall and his fellow Democrats focused on treating their own employees equally first, then we wouldn’t have to legislate a solution.  It shouldn’t be that hard, as two of Colorado’s top Republicans show how easy it is to do.

But, Democrats can’t resist the siren song of the equal pay gender politics.  Just today, Minority Leader Bill Cadman tried to tack on an amendment that the resolution include Udall and President Obama (both of whom pay women less) to the Democrats’ equal pay resolution political stunt in the state Senate.  This should have received a resounding “yes”, but, instead Dems laid the bill over until Friday (when nobody would pay attention).  Revealing Politics caught it all on video.

But cheer up Udall, at least you weren’t the worst offender the Colorado Congressional Delegation in terms of paying your female staffers for all their hard work; that award belongs to Rep. Jared Polis who, on average, pays his female staffers a measly $0.65 to every dollar that his male staffers make.  Equal pay for equal work should start with leadership.


PEAKFEED: Brophy Helps Colorado Break Up with Hick

In one of the most creative ads of the election season thus far, Republican state Sen. and candidate for Governor Greg Brophy offered Coloradans a way out of its unhealthy relationship with liberal Governor John Hickenlooper – a “Dear John” letter.  Just watch.

From the ad:

Dear John,

I think we need to go our separate ways.  Please know that it’s not you, it’s me.   We’ve grown apart these past three years and I blame myself. I built up unrealistic expectations of you to be someone you just are not. I see that now and I apologize.

I’ll always remember with fondness how we first met at that bar of yours in Lodo.  You were so low-key and approachable.  I’ve come to see how that bar and it’s success is a fundamental part of who you are.  No matter where we go or what we do together, you never miss an opportunity to remind me of that place or beer.  Again, I blame myself for taking you away from the only place you’ve been truly happy.  It’s a big part of why I want to set you free.

Before we moved in together, you made me think you’re someone you’re not.  Those funny, quirky commercials.  Your claims that you believed what I do. Your pledged commitment to be an average, moderate guy. It sounded so reasonable, but it wasn’t really you. I need someone else, someone who puts me first instead  of his friends or party.

You said how much you supported the plain and well-known rules I’ve chosen to live by.  You even took an oath to uphold and live by them, John.  Yet when it mattered most, in that important Dunlap matter, you ignored my rules and said maybe the person after you could follow my rules.  Well, that’s the person I need now.

You keep imposing new and more restrictive rules on what I can  do and how I have to do it.  At first, I thought it was because you cared, but now I see it’s because you don’t trust me. Remember that time one of your friends said I couldn’t be trusted with a handgun because I might mistakenly get scared I could be raped and accidentally shoot someone on campus?  You never stood up for me or my rights.  No other person in this country has gone as far as you have to limit my rights with the stroke of a pen.

You only seem to care about the Denver part of me.  It would be one thing if you ignored the other parts of me, but it’s worse than that.  You abuse my rural parts and put unfair demands on them to act like Denver.  You could have said no to the ridiculous renewable energy demands that your friends put on me.  But, again, you chose them over me.  I need someone who cares about all of me, even when there aren’t fires or floods to draw them there.  You even changed my logo to some generic green triangle.  Why am I not good enough for you the way I am.

You’re such a nice guy.  I know there is another, much better situation out there waiting for you.  Maybe you could go back to your great bar, relax and just go back to being a bartender.  I wish you all the best, John.  I’ll think of you with every beer.



P.S., Maybe this will give you the time you need to focus on that Hillary you keep talking about.  Good luck with her, she seems perfect for you.


NON-VIABLE: Colorado Health Exchange Misses Self-Sustainability Mark

According to the Colorado Health Exchange’s own internal documents, the point at which Connect for Health Colorado would be viable, as of yesterday, was 136,300.  That was a midline projection.  Today, The Denver Post reported that the exchange had enrolled a paltry 118,000 private insurance members, which is 18,000 fewer than necessary to make the health insurance scheme self-sustaining.  According to The Denver Post in November:

As federal startup grants taper off under Obamacare funding, the exchange is meant to pay for itself with per-member charges on the private insurance companies offering policies. It needs 136,300 enrollees in 2014 to raise $6.5 million of its $51.4 million expenses.

But, don’t worry, there are plenty of excuses for why the exchange missed its viability numbers by approximately 13%. From The Denver Post: continue…

BREAKING: Udall Campaign Slapped with Tax Lien

You’d think a campaign as well funded as liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s could afford a compliance guy.  Turns out notsomuch as the campaign last month was slapped with a tax lien for failure to pay unemployment insurance to the State of Colorado.  According to the Denver Business Journal, here’s the category that Udall’s lien is listed under:

Recently filed by the state for unpaid income, sales and use, payroll or county taxes. They are recorded at local county offices. If the lien has been paid the release date will be indicated.

Whoops!  And, here’s a picture of  the tax lien from the Journal:

We understand that it’s hard to keep all these rules straight – that’s why we think there should be fewer government rules and regulations.  But, really, we can’t help but giggle when Lefties get caught up in the rules and regulations for which they advocate.


CONGRATS: Rep. Libby Szabo Forces Dems’ Hands on Jessica’s Law

Earlier this week, Dems in the House passed their version of Jessica’s Law.  It’s a law that we derided as not being tough enough, as being gutted by liberals looking to cover their tails in light of the pummeling they received last year for voting down Jessica’s Law. Here’s what we said two weeks ago:

The key features of Jessica’s Law are the tough minimum sentencing requirements and lifetime probation for sexual predators.  Foote’s bill offers a tiered system of sentencing, which drops mandatory sentencing down to as little as 10 years.  From the bill: at least 10-16 years and up to a maximum of natural life for a class 4 felony; at least 18-32 years and up to a maximum of natural life for a class 3 felony; and at least 24-48 years and up to a maximum of natural life for a class 2 felony.

H.B. 1260 also lacks sex offender registration and reporting requirements, compared to H.B. 1264, which requires that if paroled, offenders must remain on parole for the remainder of their natural life.

We stand by our assertion that this version of Jessica’s Law lacks teeth. That said, Coloradans owe Rep. Szabo a pat on the back for shaming Dems’ into toughening penalties for sexual predators.  It should be noted that nobody should have to force anyone’s hands on toughening laws that deal with punishing sexual predators (it should be a no-brainer, Democrats). It is half a loaf, to be sure, but when it comes to the lofty objective of protecting kids from sexual predators, any progress should be celebrated.

And to all of our friends at ColoradoPols and The Denver Post who have so vigorously tried to white wash the issue for years, we say – thank God the Democrats listen to their pollsters and not you. The bill now heads to the Colorado state Senate.


GIVING UP: Is Governor Hickenlooper Throwing Sen. Udall Under the Bus?

Will the DSCC cut its losses in CO?

Yesterday, we reported on emails between the Hickenlooper administration and the Colorado Division of Insurance in which the Division of Insurance told the administration that the number of cancellations due to Obamacare was firmly at 250,000.  What nobody seems to have considered is that these emails were made public only because the Hickenlooper administration waived deliberate privilege, which is basically like waiving executive privilege.

This is pretty significant. Executive privilege exists so that heads of governments can have open and frank discussions about sensitive issues.  And they did that because they prized their image as a transparent administration over additional email facts that paint liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall into a cancellation corner.

We mentally bookmarked this yesterday for future reference, but we had no idea that Hickenlooper himself would throw Udall under the bus the very next day (today) during a BuzzFeed interview:

“I am concerned that it is going to be a difficult year for Democrats and I am going to be painted with that same brush,” he said. And while he pointed to a rare decrease in the rate of growth in health care costs as a sign that the Affordable Care Act’s cost-control measures are working, he says he doesn’t expect that to help much with the politics. He also said he doesn’t anticipate wanting President Obama (or any other out-of-state figure) to campaign for him.

“As a campaign thing, when I walk into a room and say how many people hate the ACA, half of the hands or two-thirds of the hands in the room go up,” he said.

The big question becomes, when will the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and it’s head, U.S. Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) finally give up on Udall?  Rumor has it (by that we mean Bennet was Hick’s chief of staff, in case you forgot) that Hickenlooper and Bennet are tight – is Hickenlooper paving the way for the DSCC pullout?


OUT: Owen Hill Ends His U.S. Senate Campaign on a High Note

Tonight, at 9:30 p.m. Republican state Senator Owen Hill sent an email to his supporters to tell them that he was ending his campaign. He noted that U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner had the best chance of beating U.S. Senator Mark Udall and that he “pray[s] that he does”.

Not only did Hill end his campaign, but he did so with great homage to something so lacking in our society – respect for human dignity. It’s this trait that above all else should inspire and compel the masses to vote for right-leaning candidates.  Part of Hill’s farewell message:

One of my favorite scenes in all of literature is toward the end of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Prisoners in the gulag are forced to build a building for their captors in the frigid Siberian weather. Two bricklayers are working back to back and when the time comes to quit for the day, instead of stopping, both men race to see who can lay their remaining bricks the fastest. While they risk upsetting the guards, human nature drives them to compete, to work, and to win. Even the worst conditions could not fully suppress the dignity and pride given by their Creator.

All in all, Hill’s farewell message was most inspiring and optimistic for the future.  Hill closes his note by saying that he is “more energized than ever for [his] work as a State Senator”.  We’re glad to hear he’s still looking forward and hope to see him run again in the future.


FRACTIVIST LAID BARE: Leader of Antifracking Movement Is Also Antigrowth

Fractivists are intent on banning fracking statewide, that much is true.  But, do these national groups have larger (and even more damaging) goals, too?  Coloradans deserve to know the truth.

One of the big organizations pushing the amendment which would wreak havoc on Colorado’s economy by placing businesses at the mercy of NIMBY hypocritical local governments is 350 Colorado.  The group’s proposal not only would allow a ban on fracking, but any type of business they didn’t like; if that isn’t rife for cronyism we don’t know what is.

As we revealed in our previous post, 350 is a national organization led by ecofanatic Bill McKibben.  As it turns out, not only is Bill McKibben anti-fracking, but he is also anti-growth.  The magazine Earth Island Journal had this quote from McKibben:

It has become fashionable in some circles to come out against economic growth. Bill McKibben, the author and climate change activist, asserts that “growth may be the one big habit we finally must break.” He adds that this is “a dark thing to say, and un-American.” Such calls for an end to growth are typically advanced in environmental debates… [the Peak emphasis]

How absurd is such a sentiment?



THE FLORIDA EFFECT: Romanoff Shies Away from Obamacare Bear Hug

Ever since Tuesday’s big upset in Florida’s CD13, politicians who used to give Obamacare wet sloppy kisses have started ducking into dark alcoves each time the “O word” is uttered.  We’re coining it The Florida Effect and its first victim is none other than liberal CD6 candidate Andrew Romanoff.  Here’s the audio from today’s Rotary Club of Denver Southeast meeting at which Romanoff was the featured speaker.

Romanoff side-stepped the question – would you have voted for Obamacare if you had been in office at the time – three times before finally admitting that he “would have preferred” ObamaCare over the healthcare system at the time.  Whoa.  That’s a little different than his answer even last month. Shall we revisit? continue…

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