CONGRATULATIONS: Pettersen Scores Three New Endorsements

Yesterday morning, we posted about how weird it was that U.S. Congressman Ed Perlmutter, State Rep. Andy Kerr, and CU Regent candidate Steve Ludwig attended a potluck thrown by the Jeffco Dems on Pettersen’s behalf, but hadn’t publicly endorsed her.

As it turns out, last night, Pettersen apparently scored three new endorsements – Perlmutter, Kerr, and Ludwig.  Way to step up, gentlemen. And, Ms. Pettersen, we’re so glad you’re a fan of the Peak.


RISING STAR: Congressman Cory Gardner Spotlighted By Politico, Roll Call

Congressman Cory Gardner has quickly risen in the ranks in his short time in Congress and now two prominent DC publications are taking notice. Last week, Politico dubbed Gardner one of five "Politico Pro Players" in its annual 50 Politicos to Watch list. Then today, Roll Call named Gardner one of five stand out freshmen members.

From Politico's write up:

Freshman Rep. Cory Gardner has been pushed to the forefront of the House GOP effort to keep the Environmental Protection Agency in check and expand domestic energy production.  

But the Colorado Republican is angling himself as part of a future strategy that may have to bend more toward compromise after much divisive debate this Congress.  

“This is sort of the frustration I have with Republicans; it’s a frustration I have with Democrats,” he told POLITICO in a June 26 interview. “It seems to me that if you have a bill out of the House, the only thing it can be on is traditional energy. If you have a bill out of the Senate, the only thing it can be on is renewable energy.”  

…Gardner is in a safe Republican district in what is overall a presidential swing state. His free-market approach to a diverse set of energy sources is pretty much in line with those of many GOP colleagues.  

“I think the EPA, Interior, they’ve hurt a lot of Western producers in the amount of time it’s taken some permits [to move] through the various agencies,” he said.

We at the Peak know a little something about this list, as we were selected as one of five bloggers to watch last year, though our anonymity ultimately kept us from winning. 

If Gardner has been anything in DC, it's certainly not anonymous. Roll Call also notices:

A top staffer to former Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.) before being elected to the Colorado state House, Gardner said his time on Capitol Hill gave him an understanding of what people demand of their leaders, namely competence.  

“There are a lot of the same kinds of issues now that we were dealing with in 2002,” he said, naming Allard’s work on a highway bill and a farm bill that year. “What helped was to see what worked and what didn’t work.”  

It also made him a known commodity and a favorite of leaders, especially on energy messaging.

Gardner's district is now considered one of the safest, if not the safest, GOP seat in Colorado. With a stellar record like this from only his first 18 months, it's no wonder Democrats decided to throw his opponent, Brandon Shaffer, under the bus during redistricting. 


MISPLACED CREDIT: Obama Credits Govt for Entrepreneurs’ Success

Must Obama take credit for everything?  At a Friday afternoon Roanoke, VA rally, President Obama accidentally revealed his true feelings about entrepreneurism by saying, “if you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

Whoa.  Did he just say that?  When we heard about the quote, we had to hear for ourselves.  Check out the video below in which Obama says exactly that.

Transcript: There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me — because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t — look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen. The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.

Tell that to the small business owners who are sweating it out trying to expand his or her business, or simply keep it afloat.  In fact, tell that to the 500,000 small businesses in Colorado

Just last month, Citibank released a survey that found 23 percent of small business owners have gone without pay for at least a year as they work to keep their businesses afloat in a tough economy.  Other findings show the business owners have, at one time or another, taken less profit (78%), worked more hours (70%), used their own money (69%), and gone without a paycheck in order to keep the business running (54%).

When was the last time that one of Obama’s union bosses went without a paycheck?  His comments show a fundamental lack of understanding about how small businesses thrive and the sacrifices that small business owners make.  Nobody is disputing that our tax dollars pay for infrastructure.  But, entrepreneurs take significant risks in order to create new technologies and provide services, and being an entrepreneur is a 24 hour per day, seven day per week job. 

With an outlook like President Obama’s, is it any wonder that our economy is sputtering?


COLORADO PURPLE POLL: Obama 45, Romney 44, Romney Up 6 With Independents

UPDATE: The RNC weighs in, hitting Obama’s upside down approval rating in the poll (45% approve to 51% disapprove):

“When over half of Coloradans disapprove of the job the president is doing, it’s clear that something has to change,” said spokesperson Ellie Wallace. “Coloradans are ready for a president who is committed to putting the best interest of the middle class first instead of the needs of his political buddies who are looking for our tax dollars.”


Another Colorado presidential poll, another result that furthers the conventional wisdom that Colorado is tighter than Nancy Pelosi's face. A new Purple Poll released today (PDF) has the race in Colorado within the margin of error, with President Obama at 45% to Governor Romney's 44% with 11% undecided.

The poll has a margin of error of 4% and was conducted July 9-13. Purple Strategies did not release the political party sample in the poll, only that it had 600 respondents. 

There is a silver lining for Romney in the crosstabs, as the poll found that Romney is leading Obama by 6 points with the all-important independent vote, 45%-39%. Those same independents view Obama's job performance horrendously, with 40% approving to a whopping 55% disapproving. 

When it comes to the main argument this election is likely to be decided on — who is better with the economy — it becomes even more clear how close this race is in Colorado:

  • 46% of respondents agreed with the statement "Obama is unable to improve the economy."
  • 45% of respondents agreed with the statement: "Romney couldn't do a better job improving the economy."

These results, and results from a slew of polls before it, make clear the race is going to come down to a few points, likely being decided by a few select swing voters. 

If that's the case, Obama is in weak territory. By a margin of 45%-25%, independents in Colorado think the economy is getting worse, not better.

In swing states, independent voters don’t seem to hold the highest esteem for President Obama. Purple Poll asked respondents in all of their polls (Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, Florida) to compare Romney and Obama to animals. Independents said they see Obama as a snake by 7 points more than Romney. Romney was seen as the family dog by 5 points more than Obama, according to independents.

We guess when it comes to the family dog, independent voters agree with Jim Treacher that it's better to be on the roof of Romney's car than the roof of Obama's mouth. 


DIVORCE: Microsoft Boots Liberal

Be kind to your liberal friends today, Peak readers.  They may be going through withdrawal. 

Late last night, Microsoft announced that it would “sell” its 50% stake in MSNBC’s website for a rumored $300 million in order to build its own online news service. has already been rebranded as, which will move its headquarters from the Microsoft campus in Washington State to NBC’s headquarters in New York City. According to the Associated Press article:

“Microsoft, in particular, had grown frustrated by contract terms requiring it to exclusively feature content on its own websites. That exasperation was exacerbated by the MSNBC cable channel's strategy to counter Fox News Channel's appeal to conservative viewers by tailoring its programming for an audience with a liberal viewpoint.”

The article also cites Bob Visse, general manager of, who said, “we couldn’t have the multiple news sources and the multiple perspectives that our users were telling us that they wanted.”

Additionally, the news network said that it would “create a new online destination for the MSNBC cable channel's personalities next year.”

Ouch. So, readers weren’t really feeling the “Lean Forward” gibberish spouted by the MSNBC cable news network? Not shocking. So, this is ZERO for THREE for liberal news networks – first AirAmerica closes shop, then CurrentTV’s IPO flops, and finally MSNBC folds. Hm.  Maybe it's time for liberals to admit that the general population just doesn't have an appetite for liberal talking points?


STRUGGLES WITH MATH: Miklosi Congressional Campaign Misreports Cash On Hand

UPDATE: Kurtis Lee tweets that Miklosi does, in fact, have $518k in the bank. His campaign apparently screwed up the FEC report and have amended their filing, though that amendment has yet to post on the FEC website.


The only thing worse than having The Denver Post report your opponent raised more cash in the last quarter than you have in the bank is finding out your campaign doesn't even have that much on hand.

Last week, Denver State Rep. Joe Miklosi's Congressional campaign told Denver Post reporter Kurtis Lee it had $518,000 on hand. It didn't. According to the Miklosi campaign FEC filing, it has slightly less than $453,000 cash on hand. For those counting at home, that's a $65,000 fib, or exactly half of what Miklosi raised the first quarter he was in the race. 

We wonder how long it will take Miklosi's campaign to apologize to Lee for causing him to report false numbers.

Lesson to campaigns: lying to reporters about something they can easily find out in a few days is not smart politics. 

This is yet another campaign staff mistake in a campaign that has begun to become defined by it. 

Let's briefly review:

  • Miklosi stiffed his first campaign finance director of full pay, causing her to file a back pay complaint with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. The staffer just so happened to be the daughter of his Capitol colleague, Sen. Betty Boyd (D-Lakewood). 
  • Miklosi's new campaign manager has tweeted out attacks against staffers suing for back pay. 
  • Miklosi's general consultant, Steve Welchert, advised a company seeking business for school district bonds to offer a free poll to the district in exchange for "stealing" $90 million in taxpayer funds should the bond measure pass. 
  • Miklosi bragged that he didn't even know the names of some of his staff, as Washington, DC-based political groups had been paying for them.

For a race that's supposed to be competitive, based on raw registration numbers, Miklosi's campaign is sure trying their hardest to make it not be. 

(Photo Credt: Miklosi campaign FB page)


PETTERSEN: Does Andy Kerr Know Something Voters Don’t?

Yesterday, Jefferson County Democrats held a “potluck” meet-and-greet for candidate Brittany Pettersen, who is running for House District 28 against Republican Amy Attwood.  A Denver Post article noted that the event drew Democratic superstars, including U.S. Congressman Ed Perlmutter, state Senate hopeful Andy Kerr, CU regent candidate Stephen Ludwig, and others.

Oddly enough, despite being a volunteer with several “Brittany Stars” (according to the Denver Post picture), we cannot find any evidence that Kerr has publicly endorsed Brittany Pettersen’s bid for the state House.  And, neither has Perlmutter.  And, neither has Ludwig.

Do these candidates know something about Brittany Pettersen that we don’t?  Why won’t these Democratic leaders publicly endorse Pettersen?  With her fundraising lagging behind Attwood’s fundraising, she’d probably appreciate it.

What gives, gentlemen?


Oh Crap; Not Snake Eyes Again

A Commentary by Tea Party Patriot

Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.  We’re so glad you could attend; come inside, come inside.  Rich man, poor man, beggar man or thief, doctor, lawyer or Indian chief, it makes no difference who you are or where you’ve been, once you pass through the doors of the political casino you lose again, because the odds are always with the house.  You’re playing against a stacked deck.

If you’re a Republican or a Democrat, you get a preferred player card and that’s all you need to play because you’ve already turned over your choices (your political capital) at the door.  If your player card is red, then you’re allowed to play only at the pro life tables.  That’s the price of admission.  The blue card holders are limited to the pro choice tables and you can’t be conservative and unless you have a red player’s card; house rules.  And of course that works both ways. No blue card holding liberal has the option of believing border enforcement is anything but covert racism.  It’s theft by conversion of the will of the people.  

The house rules, which you have to accept to play, (read; have any chance of winning) are the party’s agendas.  And you don’t write the house rules so you end up placing your bet on agenda issues you don’t necessarily agree with.  Your first act (as a player), once you pass through the casino doors is to bet against yourself.  But you can’t think of it that way.  Not if you want to play; and why on earth would you choose not to play; because the people who do play are going to be playing with your money whether you participate or not.  

Oh, and did I mention, you don’t get free drinks outside the casino; you just get to pay for the free drinks they’re giving away inside the casino, because in the real world, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  And guess what, the party’s casino is the only game in a town, where if you’re not a player you must be a traitor; a stealth Democrat or Republican masquerading as a conservative or a liberal.

No doubt in service to a false flag agenda, a pariah who is not to be trusted because you choose to retain your free will.  You’re not a team player because you don’t have a team.  The reds think you’re a blue and the blues think you’re a red.  Bottom line; you lose, whether you play or not.  You pay the cover charge even if you never see the inside of the casino.  You pay for the perks, the comps and the whale’s (high rollers) play.  You don’t have a choice or a voice.  

You can only vote blue or red. There is no such thing as a conservative or a liberal and even if there were, the house writes the definitions, collects all winnings and you just pay the bill.  Why?  Because they flipped a coin and you lost and that happened long before the casino doors ever opened.  Oh crap citizen, didn’t you notice there’s nothing but snake eyes on those plastic, partisan dice; because that’s the only way they roll.  

When the election is over, you will be instructed to follow the red or blue line to the great egress (that is really a bridge to nowhere).  Enjoy the trip.  Because any way you look at it pilgrim, you’re going to end up right back here again in four more years.  ”Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.  Come inside, Come inside”


REDUX: Dem Who Assaulted Daughter Resurfaces as RTD Candidate

Another day, another story about Democrats’ attacks on women. Sigh. Unfortunately, today the assault we’re talking about is literal. If the name Vince Chowdhury sounds familiar that’s because he was a member of the Jeffco School Board until 2008 when he plead guilty to Third Degree Assault for slapping his daughter. According to a 2008 press release from the Jeffco District Attorney’s office, the story goes:

“Chowdhury had arrived home earlier that evening and honked the horn for his wife or daughter to open the garage door for him. According to court records he was in the driveway for a few minutes and when he got inside he was upset with his wife and daughter for making him wait. His wife said that she and her daughter apologized to him, but he began slapping their 16-year-old daughter in the face.”

A 2008 Denver Post article notes that his daughter also accused him of choking her, in addition to the series of slaps, for being “disrespectful”.
He was given a “one-year deferred sentence”, part of which required him to attend anger management and parenting classes. At the time, he was running in a Democratic primary for HD22 against Camille Ryckman, who eventually lost in the general to GOP State House Rep. Ken Summers.

After such a debacle, you’d think he’d hang up his public office spurs, but you’d be wrong. Mr. Chowdhury is now a candidate for the RTD Board in District E. He also currently serves on the Arapahoe County Citizens Budget Committee and the City of Aurora Budget Committee.

Additionally, Vince “Open the Garage Door, Damnit” Chowdhury has been endorsed by Aurora City Councilmember Molly Markert, Arvada City Councilmember Mark McGoff, former State Senator Bob Hagedorn, and Cherry Creek School Board Member David Willman.

Well, who knows? Maybe he’s been reformed by the required parenting and anger management classes. But, just in case, we’d advise fellow Budget Committee members, and possibly future RTD Board members, to show proper respect. We’d also advise carrying pepper spray (look a sale!), because if not opening a garage door in a timely manner is considered disrespectful, it’s allllll on the table.

(Photo Credit: Recall Vince Chowdhury)


#ObamaFirstTermStories: Obama Says Biggest First Term Mistake Was Not Telling A Better Story

UPDATE 3: #ObamaFirstTermStories is now trending on Twitter! (See image to the right)

UPDATE 2: The #ObamaFirstTermStories tweets are flying “fast and furious” now. After the jump, we have a few of our favorites so far.

UPDATE: …and the meme has taken off. We'll highlight our favorites throughout the day.

Check out it out here


From the Department of You Can't Make This Sh*t Up, President Obama told CBS News yesterday that the "biggest mistake" from his first term was not telling the American people a better story. No, not the fact that he hasn't been able to fix the economy. Not Obamacare. Not the $15 trillion (and growing) national debt. But storytelling.

With unemployment rising in both April and May in Colorado, we're pretty sure a bedtime story isn't going to soothe the concerns of a state worried about more serious matters.

But Obama's contention that it was stories, not actions, that constituted the "biggest mistake" of his first term, got us thinking. If Obama had to tell a story about his first term, what would it be?

In the snarky spirit of Twitter hashtags we propose a few #ObamaFirstTermStories:

Economic "Misery" starring Kathy Bates as President Obama #ObamaFirstTermStories

Dude, Where's My Job? #ObamaFirstTermStories

Dude, Where's Abound Solar? #ObamaFirstTermStories

Crazy, Stupid, Pelosi Congress #ObamaFirstTermStories

500 Days of Winter #ObamaFirstTermStories

The (Blame) Artist #ObamaFirstTermStories

We Need To Talk About Biden #ObamaFirstTermStories


(Photo Credit: The Spokesman Review)

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