MORE TURNOUT: Who Won the Turnout War?

In the final weeks of the campaign, operatives all over the state typically participate in the election game called the “ballot chase” as they harass and harangue voters with mail-in ballots to get them in – get them in now.  Come election day, that game morphs into the mad dash to get remaining voters to the polls via any means necessary.  Kidnapping?  Sure!

That’s why many Monday Morning Quarterbacks like to look at turnout for trends in voting that may have caused an election to swing one way or another.  To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, we’ve compiled the turnout from the most populated counties in Colorado to determine which party turned out the most of its voters.  For this chart we took number of voters and divided by all (active and inactive) voters to come up with percent turned out.  And the winner is…..



ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: Denver Post Thinks Tough TV Ads Are Worse Than Threatening Reporters

In the alternate Democrat-leg-humping universe The Denver Post editorial board occupies these days, a Republican running an ad pointing out negative but true facts about his political opponent is “despicable”, but a Democrat threatening a reporter with physical violence is merely a small mistake from an otherwise “honorable man” who should simply apologize and move on.

Excuse us while we vomit.

This afternoon’s Post editorial, gently rapping Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s knuckles for threatening to “punch out” a reporter for asking tough questions, is a sad example of where the state’s flagship paper has taken its opinion section since Dan Haley left the helm.

Only weeks ago the paper worked itself into quite the lather over a Joe Coors ad hitting Congressman Perlmutter for his ties to Solyndra through his then-wife’s role as their first lobbyist, calling it “despicable” and “desperate.” Quite the harsh language for an ad the editorial acknowledged was “technically true.”

Fast forward to today’s screed, where they spent a good portion of the article making out with Salazar’s picture, calling him “one of Colorado’s most honorable public servants” who just “snapped, plain and simple.” They, of course, note this was entirely out of character for the Great Man they know Salazar to be.

Give us a break.

You would think, as journalists, they would be especially sensitive to threats of violence over a legitimate line of questioning. Maybe call it conduct unbecoming of a Cabinet official and suggest he resign or blast him for behavior more in line with places like Burma or Belarus, where threats against journalists are commonplace.

Nope, all they requested was that Salazar say he’s sorry — which he did at about the same time the editorial was published, according to the reporter he threatened.

Unlike Colorado Pols, they didn’t even call on Salazar to answer the questions he was avoiding. It’s a sad day when The Denver Post editorial board provides more political cover for elected Democrats than the leading liberal mouthpiece for the Colorado Democratic Party.


TURNOUT: Unaffiliateds Continue to Increase in Number; El Paso Sat This One Out

Colorado’s Secretary of State released the preliminary voter turnout by party spreadsheet and the biggest non-news is that the ranks of the unaffiliateds voted in higher numbers in 2012 as compared to 2008.  While this year Democrats saw nearly 31,000 fewer voters and Republicans saw nearly 25,000 fewer voters at the polls, nearly 34,000 more unaffiliateds turned in ballots.  The chart below shows how the unaffiliateds bucked the lower-voter-turnout trend this election.



FIREABLE OFFENSE: Will Secretary Salazar Lose His Job Over Threatening To Punch A Colorado Reporter?

Before it was unearthed that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar had threatened to “punch out” a reporter for asking tough questions, the Stetson-sporting Cabinet member was already looking at the unemployment line in the near future. We wonder — will his recent rendezvous with the press hasten his exit?

Threatening to slug someone, especially someone with a byline, would be a fireable offense in most jobs. But in the Obama administration it seems most normal workplace guidelines don’t apply, at least when it comes to gross negligence — as in the case of Benghazi, Fast and Furious or the BP oil spill response.

We’re sure Obama is not pleased to be dealing with another headache among his appointed leadership so soon in his second term. You would think the Love Pentagon would be enough for the week after the election.

But deal with it he must.

With a number of second term Cabinet positions likely up for Senate confirmation, now would be the time for Obama to set the tone on Cabinet-level behavior.


WHY THE LEFT WINS: Democrats Have Already Started Canvassing

While Republicans are busy pointing fingers about who “lost” the election, Democrats are quietly going about their business.  This means that those on the left have already resumed their canvassing activities. Yes, you read that correctly, the ballots haven’t even been certified and Democrats are already walking neighborhoods under the guise of stopping fracking in the South Platte.

Getting beyond the inaccuracies of the propaganda distributed, the point is they’re distributing it.

Here are photos of the brochures they passed out:

How was the Obama ground game so strong this cycle? It wasn’t just OFA – it’s in the DNA of the left in Colorado. From environmental groups to labor unions and pure Democrat front groups like ProgressNow — and funded by donors with near bottomless bank accounts — liberals in Colorado have kept a constant campaign up for years. While the conservative movement and the Republican Party licks its wounds and fights amongst itself, the Left is already back at it.


SHOCK: Secretary Salazar Threatens To “Punch Out” A Colorado Reporter

UPDATE: Audio of Salazar’s threat against the reporter is now available. Check it out after the jump.

Yesterday we reported that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and his ten-gallon hat were apparently on their way out.

Today we learned that he isn’t taking his impending ouster well.

From Politico:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threatened to punch a reporter on a recent trip to Colorado, according to witnesses.

Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Colorado Springs Gazette, tried to ask Salazar about his appointments to the Bureau of Land Management and the wild horse population in the state. Specifically, Philipps had questions about the government’s relationship with a wild horse buyer who allegedly sold more than 1,700 horses to Mexican slaughterhouses…

According to Kathrens, Salazar took two questions from Philipps before disagreeing with his line of questioning.

“Don’t you ever … You know what, you do that again… I’ll punch you out,” Salazar reportedly told Philipps before ending the interview and walking off.

The alleged incident took place when Salazar was in Colorado on Election Day, on behalf of the Obama campaign.

“The secretary regrets the exchange,” Interior spokesman Blake Androff told POLITICO.

“These threats would have been inappropriate coming from anyone, but the fact that it came out of the mouth of the Secretary of the Interior is alarming,” Kathrens said in a statement. “I can’t believe that a top official in Obama’s cabinet could be so defensive.”



STFU: America-Loving Conservatives Should Take A Moment To Tell Secessionist Morons To Do Exactly That

Please.Shut.The.F$%^.Up.Secessionist.Morons. As America-loving conservatives, we have a simple message to those vacuous idiots who are petitioning for Colorado to secede from the United States of America because Obama won the election:

Get over it.

We’ll keep this short and sweet, as we don’t want to give the whack jobs any more of the attention they so clearly crave than is necessary to put them in their place.

When you lose an election you don’t take your ball and go home. You pick your broken a__ up off the ground and get back in the game.

Thankfully, it appears a good portion of the signatories aren’t even from Colorado, notes Westword’s Sam Levin :

A quick glance through the signatures on Colorado’s petition show that many of them are not residents of Colorado. In the most recent thirty at this writing, only three of them are listed as residents of Colorado — from Pueblo, Littleton and Denver.

As rock-ribbed conservative and Colorado Christian University President John Andrews told The Colorado Observer the petition effort is “infantile, absurd and politically suicidal….It sets a new world record for sore losers. Anyone who wants their state to secede from the union is someone whose brain has already seceded from their body.”

Do the conservative movement a favor folks, and tell the secessionist troglodytes to STFU.


WAITING: Will the SD19 Race Head to Recount?

The race between Republican Lang Sias and Democrat/union darling Evie Hudak was the closest Colorado race of the 2012 election.  As it stands, Hudak is leading by just 332 votes, but that’s not enough to trigger an automatic recount.  Some analysts believe that post-election ballot counting, which includes provisional ballots and overseas/military ballots, may tighten the race to within .5% and trigger an automatic recount. According to the Secretary of State:

“If the difference between the candidate receiving the highest number of votes and the candidate receiving the second-highest number of votes is less than ½ of 1% of the total votes cast for the candidate with the highest number of votes, there is a mandatory recount.”

The process is not terribly complex, but the Jefferson County Elections Division has provided an overview of the process.  Here a few key dates to remember when considering the status of the SD19 race:

November 14: Last day to accept voter cure letters, affidavits and copies of ID.  Also, last day to accept military and overseas ballots.  Currently, the Jeffco Elections division estimates that it has 300 to 600 resolution board ballots, 3,200 to 3,700 military and overseas ballots, and 7,300 to 7,600 provisional ballots.

While 7,300 to 7,600 provisional ballots sounds like a lot of ballots, not all provisional ballots are counted in their entirety.  Here are some guidelines for provisional ballots:



SHADOW PRESIDENT: Romney’s Deficit Reduction Plan Takes Center Stage

After months of calling Mitt Romney a heartless money-bagged scrooge with plans to raise taxes on the middle class in order to cut taxes for the rich, now Democrats in Washington are saying something very different…Mitt Romney’s plan makes sense.

From the New York Times this morning:

WASHINGTON — With both parties positioning for difficult negotiations to avert a fiscal crisis as Congress returns Tuesday for its lame-duck session, Democrats are latching on to an idea floated by Mitt Romney to raise taxes on the rich through a hard cap on income-tax deductions.

The proposal by Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, was envisioned to help pay for an across-the-board income-tax cut, a move ridiculed by President Barack Obama as window dressing to a “sketchy deal.” But many Democrats now see it as an important element of a potential deficit-reduction agreement — and one they can claim to be bipartisan.

The cap — never fully detailed by Romney — is similar to a longstanding proposal by Obama to limit income-tax deductions to 28 percent, even for affluent households that pay a 35 percent rate. But a firm cap of around $35,000 would hit the affluent even harder than Obama’s proposal, which has previously gotten nowhere in Congress.

“Let’s just say there’s a renewed interest,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., chairman of the Senate Budget Committee. “Part of it is people reflecting on Obama’s proposal, but when Romney said what he said, it just added fuel.”

“I was a little surprised Romney proposed a dollar cap when he did it,” Conrad added.

A key difference between Obama’s and Romney’s plans is Obama’s planned on limiting even charitable deductions, which would inevitably screw a good portion of America’s charities, colleges and non-profits who rely heavily on the wealthy to donate in exchange for a lessened tax burden.

Beyond the fact that it was Obama’s proposal that was demonstrably bad for those that help poor people, we can’t help but marvel at the sheer brazenness of Democrats in Washington being such disingenuous, dishonest scoundrels.

They slammed Romney’s plan as the worst economic plan since Mao’s Great Leap Forward, and only days after the dust has settled from the election are already looking to adopt it.

Kind of like when Obama slammed Hillary in the primary over the individual mandate and then made it the centerpiece of Obamacare, eh?


GENDER GAP ERASED: Colorado the Only Swing State to Jettison Gender Gap

The female vote was critical in helping to re-elect Barack Obama this year in all swing states…except Colorado, according to Rutgers University’s Center for American Women in Politics.  According to the press release, nationally, a majority of women (55%) voted for Obama, while a majority of men (52%) voted for Mitt Romney.  The press release further notes that:

“Defined as the difference in the proportions of women and men voting for the winning candidate, a sizable gender gap was evident in the election results.The gender gap was 10 percentage points in 2012, with 55 percent of women, but only 45 percent of men, voting for Obama. The gender gap in this year’s presidential race is larger than in any year except 1996, when it was 11 percentage points. There was a 7-point gender gap in the final vote in both 2004 and 2008. Obama won about the same proportion of women voters in 2012.”

Most interesting among the findings was what wasn’t there – the gender gap in Colorado evaporated in the 2012 election. When defined as Rutgers does above, as the difference between the proportions of women and men voting for the winning candidate, Colorado saw Obama’s voters as 50% women and 50% men.  Even Romney’s gender percentages were not terribly far apart with 46% of voters as female and 49% as male.

To put it in perspective, eight of the nine swing states had gender gaps.  Colorado was the one that didn’t.  The following is the gender gap in each swing state:  Iowa (15 points), New Hampshire (11 points), Nevada (10 points), Ohio (10 points), Wisconsin (10 points), Florida (7 points), Virginia (7 points), North Carolina (5 points), and Colorado (0 points).

Below is a chart showing how women and men voted in the nine swing states.  Colorado came pretty close to even across the board.

Colorado performed far differently than the remainder of the swing states.  Perhaps it’s because the “war on women” model was developed here and women are growing wearing of talking about their reproductive organs.  Or maybe, while Republicans were not successful this election, there were some groups on the right that fought back against the left’s outrageous attacks.  While Republicans still were outspent this election, the fact that they weren’t steamrolled this election like in 2010 is a testament to the power of fighting back.

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