SELECTIVE SLOBBERING: Denver Post Attacks Romney On Outsourcing Claim, Ignores Perlmutter Doing The Same

Regular readers of the Peak know we’re no fans of The Denver Post editorial board, which has seen its credibility in recent months plunge like the pressure system inside Superstorm Sandy.

An editorial yesterday further exposes Denver Post Publisher Dean Singleton’s puppets for the hacks they’ve become. The editorial rips into Romney for his Ohio ad claiming the Obama-bailed-out Chrysler was opening plants in China for Jeep manufacturing, calling it “shameful.”

What we find shameful is the blinding hypocrisy of the ed board. Just last month, Congressman Ed Perlmutter ran an ad in Colorado — you know, the state where the Post‘s readers live — making the exact same claim about Congressional challenger Joe Coors and CoorsTek opening plants in South Korea.

Did the Post editorial board pen a single column denouncing Perlmutter’s claims? Nope, not a word.

How does an ad in Ohio incense Dean Singleton so much the Post publishes an editorial about it, but virtually the exact same ad is run in Colorado and the Post doesn’t spill a drop of ink on it?

Why? Because Dean Singleton uses the Post editorials as his own political platform. He defends his friends and attacks their enemies. He’ll even publish undeniable lies to defend his preferred politicians.

There is no intellectual credibility there — just Obama-leg-humping and selective slobbering.


HATS OFF TO MADE IN USA: Colorado Company Debunks Internet Photo of Romney Hat

Last week, a photo of two hats from the presidential campaigns made its way around Facebook and the internet.  On the left was a supposed Mitt Romney hat “made in China” and on the right was an Obama campaign hat “made in the United States”.  This photo was meant to prove that Mitt Romney so likes to outsource jobs to China, he even has his campaign hats made there.  See?  See?  He’s a terrible American.  Except that he’s not and the hat was a fake.

The company charged with making Mitt Romney’s campaign hats, a local Colorado company, has responded to the charge on Facebook.  Rachel Polner, a Mitt Romney fan, and her family make the official Romney campaign hats.  A loyal Peak reader sent us Polner’s status update when they noticed it was going viral.  Here is what Polner had to say about the counterfeit hats that Obama fans used for the photo:

“This is a total and absolute fraud. It’s like comparing a real iPhone and a counterfeit one. The Romney/Ryan hat on the left was not authorized by the Romney campaign. It is bought by some greedy person that wants to make some extra bucks during the election. My guess is there were Obama hats there also made in China but because it doesn’t fit with the story this person wants to tell, they don’t show that. How do I know this you might ask? Well first of all, you will not find this hat anywhere on the official campaign store. Second, I actually make the official hats for the campaign and if you try to say that we’re not 100% USA made, well then I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona. Everybody can vote for whomever they choose but to use blatant lies to try to discredit a candidate and the people who work with that campaign is just dirty and unethical.”

Polner is right, the smear attempt is unethical.  Unfortunately, sometimes politics gets ugly.  But, for today, Polner is our hero for standing up to the left’s lies.  Hats off to you, Polner family!

But, will the Denver Post report on the slander of this Colorado family business?  …Bueller? …Bueller?


NOVEMBER 1: Colorado Republicans Continue To Lead Ballot Returns, Independents Start Showing Up

The Secretary of State has released the ballot returns through November 1, showing Republicans retaining a nearly three-point lead and independent voters starting to cast their votes at slightly higher rates.

Total ballots cast: 1,305,885

R – 493,457 (37.8%)

D – 457,337 (35.0%)

U – 341,920 (26.2%)

Five days out and it doesn’t appear the vaunted Obama ground game is coming to save the President in Colorado. The three-point lead in early balloting has held pretty steady throughout every ballot return report released.

Check out the full county-by-county breakdown of who has returned their ballot based on their political party registration here.

Republicans retain a healthy lead in all three major swing counties, with them up 6,437 in Jefferson County, 5,711 in Larimer County and 2,354 in Arapahoe County.

The latest Rasmussen poll on Colorado, released today (more on that later), has Romney up 50%-47% based on polling done Monday.


For those interested in the trends, check out previous ballot return reports from Oct. 31, Oct. 30, Oct. 29, Oct. 26, Oct. 25, Oct. 24 and Oct. 23.


PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PROTECTIONISM: Hire Unionized Public Employees, Not Veterans

Nearly every politician in Colorado has come out in favor of Amendment S, which gives state hiring preferences to veterans.  In fact, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and former Colorado Governor Bill Owens teamed up to record a radio ad in support of the measure, but advocates for the public employees unions don’t seem to have gotten the memo. As Denver Post’s Tim Hoover reported, ” critics say the measure would politicize state government by allowing for more top positions to be politically appointed rather than merit-based.”

A loyal reader shared an email, likely from one of these critics, with the Peak that levied several criticisms against Amendment S, among the criticisms of TommyRay Sena:

“if passed, Amendment S would give the governor more power to hire people in his administration by removing up to 330 positions from the protections of the state personnel system. The governor could also dismiss members of the state personnel board…. Hiring preferences for military veterans would be expanded.”

How awful.  The email also contained several opinion pieces that either have or will run against the measure; all were signed by Miller Hudson, who is described as such:



PRESIDENTIAL SCHEDULES: Find Out Where Romney And Ryan Will Be In Colorado In The Final Week

In the closing days of the 2012 race, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making their final swings through Colorado. Check out their schedules below — the only place in Colorado with a comprehensive campaign rally schedule for conservatives.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paul Ryan (with Country Music Star Lee Greenwood)

Location:                  Island Grove Event Center

425 North 15th Avenue

Greeley, Colorado

Doors Open:            9:15 AM MDT

Program Time:        11:45 AM MDT

Tickets:                     Tickets may be obtained by visiting

Friday, November 2, 2012



WORST SURROGATE OF THE CYCLE: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Says Obama Losing Wisconsin

If Obama campaign staff run another campaign in Colorado, there is one name not likely to show up on a surrogate list: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

While visiting Wisconsin this week on the Obama campaign’s behalf, Hancock stated that Obama would lose the state if the election were held right now.

This comes after Hancock went off-message at the Democratic National Convention telling KDVR’s Eli Stokols that the Obama campaign’s focus on Romney’s tax returns was a focus on things “that really don’t matter.”

The Denver Post‘s Jeremy Meyer finds this piece of gold from an Oct. 28 Washington Examiner story, reporting:

Hancock told the crowd that the state could be lost if Dems didn’t get out the early vote. Early voting started in Wisconsin on Oct. 22.

“We have not turned out the vote early,” Hancock told the newspaper. “The suburbs and rural parts of Wisconsin – the Republican base – are voting. President Obama’s base has yet to go vote. We’ve got to get our people to go vote.”

It seems safe to say Hancock shouldn’t be waiting by the phone for requests for his presence on the campaign trail anytime soon.


OVERRATED (CLAP, CLAP, CLAP): Obama’s Grandiose Ground Game Greatly Exaggerated

If the Peak reads another gushing news account about how the Obama ground game is going to push the President over the top, the Peak is gonna puke.

Because as the results of early voting start rolling in — here in Colorado, and elsewhere — it is clear that the vaunted Obama ground game is either:

A) Less than it is cracked up to be;

B) Good but not any better than Mitt Romney’s;

C) Another made-up Obama talking point that has no connection to reality;

D) All of the above

Or as those chanting hooligans at a college basketball game might say, Obama’s ground game is….



SEARCHING FOR BINDERS: President Clinton Stumps for Obama in CO

The Obama campaign must be worried about its appeal to the center as it brought in President Bill Clinton to stump for President Obama in the wake of Superstorm Sandy yesterday.  Perhaps Team Obama didn’t read the New York Times blog post about how Bill Clinton may be hurting Obama’s re-election campaign.  Following the first debate a meme went viral that Clinton was looking for Romney’s binders full of women (a reference to his womanizing ways), but perhaps Clinton should be looking for binders full of rally attendees instead.

Clinton’s stop at a Commerce City high school was a bust as the school was forced to pull a partition across the basketball court so attendance wouldn’t look as pathetic as it was.  According to Fox31 political reporter Eli Stokols, the campaign attributed the low attendance to the late notice of the rally, but maybe it’s something more.  Here are a few of our theories about why attendance might have been low.



OCTOBER 31: Is The Obama Ground Game Over-Rated? Colorado GOP’s Widening Turnout Lead Suggests, Yes.

UPDATE: The Secretary of State just sent out updated figures, slightly higher than those we reported earlier today. New numbers below.

Welcome to the Halloween edition of the Colorado Peak Politics ballot return report. It’s no trick, another day of ballot returns show Colorado Republicans are being treated to another day of positive numbers, extending their lead from 2.8% yesterday to 3% today.

It looks like the enthusiasm on the Republican side is swamping whatever advantage the much-ballyhooed Obama ground game has built.

According to the Secretary of State, ballot returns as of this fine morning are:



DIRTY MONEY: JeffCo Dems Give Thief’s Donations To Charity, “Have Nothing Further To Say”

Last week, after CBS4 broke the story that the Jefferson County “Democrat of the Year” had robbed a partially blind 71-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, we here at the Peak did a little digging. We reported that the thief in question, Estelle Carson, had donated $600 to the JeffCo Dems since 2010.

We wondered aloud whether Chris Kennedy, the Chair of the JeffCo Dems, was planning on returning the dirty money and asked CBS4 if they would investigate.

Well, investigate they did. Per CBS4‘s News Director, Tim Wieland on Twitter this morning:

It’s not clear what charity the county party donated to, but we find it strange they didn’t donate the money to the victim of their honored party member’s crimes.

Regardless of the continued moral deficiencies of the Jefferson County Democrats, credit is due to CBS4 for uncovering this distasteful drama and doggedly pursuing it until Chris Kennedy and his county party cleansed themselves of the stain of a thief who steals from disabled seniors.

Chalk one more journalistic win up to Colorado’s stellar local TV stations.

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