PRESIDENT “NOSE CANDY”: Enstrom Case Dismissed With Prejudice, But Obama Copped To Nose Narcotics

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A liberal 527 group pounced on Republican State House challenger Rick Enstrom for being given a summons for his business selling drug paraphernalia almost 30 years ago. Colorado Pols mocked Republicans for nominating such a despicable soul.

But the progressive attack masks the fact that a judge tossed the charges against Enstrom with prejudice, a move reserved for the rarest situations where charges are so weak as to be bogus.

But still the Left questions how such a candidate, even though totally exonerated, could ever make it through the vetting process.

Maybe progressives should review their own record on candidates who, far from being exonerated, actually cop to “nose candy” in their bio.

From President Obama’s autobiography:

I had learned not to care. I blew a few smoke rings, remembering those years. Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it.

There you have it — President Nose Candy. And Colorado liberals are outraged about an exonerated Enstrom?

4 more years, 4 more years, never mind that old photograph with me and a chalk stained nose, just give me 4 more years.


CONGRESSIONAL WIVES CLUB HITS TV: Coors Campaign Ties Perlmutter To Solyndra, Broken Ethics Pledge

Back in July we reported on a troubling trend – Coloradans losing their jobs in the energy sector while spouses of Colorado’s Congressional delegation were getting rich off the Green Lobby.

One fact we were the first in Colorado to report — that Democrat Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s then-wife was Solyndra’s first lobbyist — has now made its way onto TV screens across the Denver Metro area.

Last week the Coors campaign launched a brutally effective ad hitting Ed Perlmutter for his connection to the failed solar panel company that was raided by the FBI. Check it out here if you haven’t seen it yet:

The problem for Perlmutter here is the more he pushes back against this ad the deeper he’ll sink into ethical quick sand. Yes, Perlmutter is now divorced from said lobbyist-wife, but they were married at the time of her lobbying the US House, something that Perlmutter promised she wouldn’t do.

Compare this from a Denver Post editorial in 2006:

We were glad to hear Perlmutter say that his wife would not lobby him or any member of the U.S. House. That’s essential.

To official lobbying disclosures from 2008 that show that Deanna Perlmutter was lobbying the U.S. House over Solyndra’s loan application.

What does Ed Perlmutter have to say to voters in the 7th Congressional District about his broken lobbying ethics pledge?

Corruption was voters’ number one concern in 2006 — the year Perlmutter was elected to Congress. Could the issue that helped bring Perlmutter to Washington also send him packing?


PREJUDICED DISMISSAL: Allegations Against Rick Enstrom “Vexatious”, “Brought in Bad Faith”

Some have questioned whether or not HD23 Republican challenger Rick Enstrom has legal grounds for a libel suit against the Democratic 527 group that claims he was arrested for selling cocaine paraphernalia.

We won’t go into what it takes to demonstrate libel in a case like this, as we’re not lawyers, but part of the analysis by a judge would likely focus on the underlying issue: A summons for charges which were then dismissed with prejudice by a judge.

Enstrom was given a summons for a business he owned in the mid-80s related to alleged drug paraphernalia being sold. He was not arrested according to a letter from a District Attorney who handled his case, despite what the liberal 527′s mailer says. The charges were dismissed with prejudice.

So what does it mean for charges to be dismissed with prejudice?

Here’s how explains it:

A court has inherent power to dismiss an action with prejudice if it is vexatious, brought in bad faith, or when there has been a failure to prosecute within a reasonable time.

…In criminal prosecutions, dismissal with prejudice bars the government from prosecuting the accused later on the same charge.

Here’s a description of prejudiced dismissal from the law firm of Google and Associates:

With prejudice means that the district attorney can never EVER re file this case.

The judge bent the DA over his knee and paddled his little be-hind and told him he misapplied the law, overstepped his legal authority, and will never do this again to you.

The Denver Post, in an otherwise down-the-middle piece, failed to mention this fact.

Seems important to the validity of the allegations, eh?

Libel may be hard to prove when dealing with candidates for public office, but Max Tyler’s henchman may have earned that distinction.


WATCH PARTIES: Where Will You Watch 2012′s First Presidential Debate?

As Denver prepares to host the first 2012 presidential debate on Wednesday, October 3rd, invitations are flying for various debate watching and pre-debate parties, and there are plenty from which to choose.  Below are a few that we’ve seen, but if we’re missing any, feel free to let us know and we’ll update the post.

October 3

Lincoln Club Debate Watch Party

Features commentary from former Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams and political strategist Katy Atkinson

Where: CADA, 290 E. Speer Blvd., Denver

When: 6:30-9:00 p.m.

Cost: $10 per person, includes light refreshments

RSVP: Amanda Mountjoy, 303-333-0844 or

More information:



MANAGEMENT: Obama Campaign Setting Low Expectations for Debate

As the first Presidential debate approaches on Wednesday in Denver, the Obama campaign is dispatching its minions (yes, we’re talking about you, Allison Sherry) to manage expectations of his debate performance.

Here’s the blog post liberal apologist Denver Post reporter Allison Sherry wrote late last week:

Unfortunately, there’s just a few problems with this train of thought.  President Obama has been in the job for nearly four years now.  If he cannot adequately defend his job performance, that’s less a “debate prep” issue and more of a “failed policies” issue.  Isn’t he supposed to be the greatest teleprompter reader orator of all time?  Surely, he can defend the positions he’s taken on a bevy of issues because he’s lived through the decision-making process, right?  Right…?

Further, Obama spokesperson (whose quotes comprised the majority of the Sherry piece) had this to say about Obama’s prep time:

“The president will have some time to prepare and he’s been doing some studying, but it is certainly less than we have anticipated because of events in the Middle East, because of his busy travel schedule — because of just the constraints of governing,” said Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who was traveling to Virginia, according to pool reports. “So it is less than we originally planned.”

Cry us a river.  Every candidate has a busy travel schedule, and surely Obama’s power of incumbency can outweigh the “constraints of governing”.  (Conventional wisdom typically suggests that incumbents have a special advantage over challengers in terms of fundraising, voter visibility,  and the public resources incumbents often leverage for campaigning.)

Of course, if Obama finds governing to be “constraining” to his campaigning, we’re sure there are many jobs out there that wouldn’t cramp his style….

Notably, Obama’s spokesperson cites the crisis in the Middle East as taking away from his debate prep time. Psaki might have forgotten that the Middle East crisis is one of her boss’s own making.  In fact, a recent mini-documentary, “Perilous Times” suggests that Obama’s weak stance in the Middle East has emboldened our enemies abroad and made them less likely to compromise.

The film interviewed seven Middle East experts, including Itamar Marcus, of the Palestinian Media Watch, who noted:

“President Obama’s speech [in Egypt calling for a friendlier approach to relations with the Middle East] was taken with trememndous support by the Palestinian Authority and was probably the most damaging statements that has ever been said by an American president with regard to peace.”

So, again, forgive us if we’re not feeling particularly sympathetic regarding President Obama’s debate prep “dilemma”.  It’s time for him to own up to his failed policies and understand the great responsibility of the U.S. presidency.


MIND THE GAP: Dems Push Gender Gap But Married Gap Bigger Problem

Democrats coming through Colorado love to get the masses riled up about the gender gap – women don’t identify with Republicans, they say.  Not surprisingly, so-called “facts” from the left aren’t accurate.  The fact is that the real “gap” out there is among those who are married, and those who are not.  A recent Gallup poll bore this out:

According to Gallup, “marriage is a significant predictor of presidential vote choice even after income, age, race, gender, education, religiosity, region, and having minor children are statistically controlled for.”  While Gallup could not provide an explanation for the “marriage gap”, the accompanying explanation noted that ”it is entirely possible that marriage and the ensuing transformation of a person’s life that accompanies such an action have a profound impact on a person’s political philosophy.”

In “blue” states, the married population is smaller than the non-married population (e.g., in California, the percentage of males who are married is 48.2% and females who are married comprise 45.7%).  But, in a purple state like Colorado, the married population vs. the non-married population is far more equal.  According to the American Community Survey, 51.7% of adult males are married and 50.8% of adult females are married in Colorado.  Of course, in a reliably red state like Wyoming, the married population is much higher with 56.2% of men and 55.2% of women married.

Graphic by Randy Yelp, Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, of nine toss-up states (as described by the Cook Political Report), six have marriage rates over 50% - Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.  Just three have marriage rates below 50% -Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Whether these statistics point to a Romney victory remains to be seen.  That said, given past trends showing that married people are more likely to support the Republican candidate, the Obama camp probably wishes that 2/3 of the remaining tossup states weren’t habitated by more married people than singletons.


POTENTIAL LIBEL LAWSUIT? Democrats Attack HD23 Candidate Rick Enstrom With Egregious Lies

A mailer sent by a Democratic front group accuses HD23 Republican challenger Rick Enstrom of getting arrested for selling cocaine paraphernalia. It’s not true and Democrats might find themselves with a libel lawsuit on their hands over it.

In response to the slanderous accusations, the District Attorney at the time has written a letter on Enstrom’s behalf stating “Rick Enstrom was never arrested for any crime.”

You can read the rest of the letter here.

What happened apparently was a business of which Enstrom was listed as the Owner of Record was given a minor summons that was eventually dismissed with prejudice. Enstrom was never arrested for anything. He wasn’t even at the business at the time of the summons.

This is not the first time the front group — the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance — has been found pushing lies. Last week they sent a mailer with demonstrably wrong allegations against HD3 Republican challenger Brian Watson claiming he owed back taxes that were never his responsibility in the first place.

The problem for the front group is while it’s considered standard to stretch the truth in campaign mailers, you can’t flat out lie. Straight-up lies could land the liar a libel lawsuit.

Enstrom is challenging incumbent Democratic Rep. Max “Children Are Like Maggots” Tyler, who actually has a drug record — voting against driving while high only a few weeks ago.

Tyler is facing his first serious challenge since being appointed to the seat in 2009.

Enstrom’s challenge of Tyler has apparently scared the bejesus out of Democrats, forcing them to resort to slander and lies.

We doubt it will be enough to save the State Rep who compared disadvantaged children to maggots in order to defend the teacher’s union position of rejecting an education reform bill.



Ed Perlmutter’s platform is “I’m bringing home the pork.” At least, that was his key point in yesterday’s Arvada debate with Joe Coors.

Nearly every Perlmutter answer included pork barrel spending and special interest tax breaks.

This is an amazing campaign style for the Twenty-First Century. It was, after all, back in 1919 that pork barrel got its first scholarly review. Ed’s running a campaign well-suited for a century ago.

Perlmutter seems to believe that pork barrel spending trumps restoring fiscal sanity when voters are deciding who to back in this race.

In fairness, Ed did mention his plan for lowering the deficit across the next decade. But he carefully avoided mentioning that, according to one review, Perlmutter’s deficit plan includes nearly $2 trillion in tax hikes. And not a peep about this plan attacking tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions and pension plans.

Instead of curbing special interest spending, he champions it.

Instead of cutting spending … period … Perlmutter talked about the need to raise taxes. He was squishy about who’d get taxed. For sure, millionaires and maybe folks who earned less.

Perlmutter crowed about his support for laws mandating new levels of regulation across our economy.

Joe Coors reaction was priceless. He suggested that Ed couldn’t run a “lemonade stand” without government subsidies and a government program.

The Arvada Forum debate between Ed Perlmutter and Joe Coors was one of the best debates I’ve ever seen. Kudos to the organizers from the Jefferson County business community and moderator Rob Osborn for his question style that prevented the usual politician waffling.


RACIST ATTACK AD: Ed Perlmutter Employs Xenophobic Tactics To Hit Joe Coors

Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter has made a habit of attacking his GOP opponents as outsourcers over the last two cycles, playing to populist protectionist sentiment in his campaign commercials. This time, Perlmutter has crossed the line in attacking his challenger Joe Coors Jr by using a photo of a Korean American employee of CoorsTek in a campaign ad to scare voters fearful of losing their job to Asia.

Now the Korean American from the Perlmutter attack ad is hitting back. Reports Eli Stokols:

ARVADA – A day after a New Jersey gay couple filed a federal lawsuit over the group that used their engagement photo in a Colorado campaign mailer earlier this year, a Korean immigrant is upset that his image appears in a recent campaign commercial that seeks to paint his former boss as someone who has outsourced American jobs.

Eun Cha, 72, who took a job at the Coors brewery in 1977 after immigrating from South Korea and is now the president of CoorsTek Asia, is shown in a campaign ad from Congressman Ed Perlmutter alleging that Joe Coors, his Republican challenger, oversaw the outsourcing of American jobs to Asia.

In an interview Thursday with FOX31 Denver following the first debate of the race in Colorado’s Seventh Congressional District, Coors defined Cha as an “American citizen, resident in Westminster, paying taxes to the United States.

Cha “being politicized the way he is by my opponent’s campaign, is just sickening,” Coors told FOX31 Denver.

Cha, a Vietnam veteran, is not pleased his image was used to imply that his job was not that of an American.

It’s the use of an image of someone who looks foreign that is drawing the loudest criticism of Perlmutter. The brewing controversy has echoes of Republican US Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra’s commercial “Debbie Spend-it-Now” that Hoekstra eventually pulled down after a torrent of criticism.

Like Hoekstra, Perlmutter now is under fire for his racist tactics. Per The Colorado Observer



SAVIOR OR EMPTY CHAIR: Did HD3 Rep. Daniel Kagan Save or Shutter the Family Business?

When the Colorado Accountable Government Alliance sent out a mailer lobbing all sorts of accusations against Colorado House District Three candidate Brian Watson’s business dealings, House Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino batted clean up by offering to Fox31 that “Kagan saved his parents’ textile company and managed it for 10 years” and added, “His parents’ company in England was failing, he went back and rescued it.”

Well, not quite.

We took a closer look at Kagan’s business, Kagan Textiles, in the United Kingdom.  It would appear from the financial statements that the Kagan family (including his mother and brother, who also served as directors) dissolved – not saved – the family’s company.  In fact, during his time on the board of directors, Kagan liquidated nearly £20 million in company assets.

Kagan was appointed a director of Kagan Textiles from September 1, 1996. For the period ended January 31, 1996, gross revenue totaled approximately £493,000.  Of this amount, £417,000 was derived from rental revenue and interest income.  The cash the company had on January 31, 1996 was £605,000.  At the end of 2008, the company’s revenues were £684,320 and they had £13,580,191 cash on hand.

Selling off nearly £20 million in company assets doesn’t exactly equate to “rescuing” a company.  Those are the actions of someone who is dissolving the company, which Kagan did formally on July 19, 2011.  Further, to give you a concept of scale, in 2007, Kagan Textiles collected approximately £80,000 in gross rents and earned approximately £274,000 in interest, while the company recorded a £6,120,515 profit on the sale of fixed assets (e.g., real estate).

It was also interesting to note that around 2001, the principle purpose of the textile company changed significantly.  (See snippets from the financial statements below)


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