BUSTED: Brittany Pettersen Caught Coordinating with New Era

Colorado State House District 28 candidate Brittany Pettersen used to work (still works?) for New Era Colorado, a nonpartisan left wing youth recruitment organization, so we weren’t surprised to see on Twitter that the embattled candidate leveraged the very partisan “nonpartisan” group’s volunteers to walk precincts.  Unfortunately, that’s not allowed under the IRS rules.

According to the IRS, in order to be classified as a charitable organization eligible to received tax-deductible donations, such organization may not “participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.” “The term ‘candidate for public office’ is defined as an individual who offers himself, or is proposed by others, as a contested for an elective public office, whether such office be national, State, or local.” Rev. Rul. 2007-41, 2007-25 I.R.B. 1421 (June 18, 2008).

Translation – if an organization is considered a 501c3 nonprofit, it means that they’re tax-exempt.  That also means that they cannot coordinate with candidates.   And Brittany Pettersen should know that, having worked at New Era in the past.



BREAKING: Local Reporter Says Obama Refuses To Answer “Repeated Questions On Whether Requests For Help In Benghazi Were Denied”

UPDATE 2: See full video of the damning interview:

UPDATE: 9News has published verbatim excerpts of the interview, which you can find here.
A major news story is about to break, courtesy of 9News reporter Kyle Clark.

Earlier in the day, Clark asked on Twitter for questions to pose to the Commander-in-Chief. Our request: Benghazi. And specifically, was the President specifically made aware of a request for security backup by CIA officers on the scene.

And here is the big news. We haven’t seen the video yet, but Clark just tweeted a tease of the interview:





Try squaring that with Vice President Joe Biden’s comments during his presidential debate earlier this month:

“We weren’t told they wanted more security, we did not know they wanted more security,” the vice-president said.

This has all the makings of a big one. When the video is available, we will post it here.



NATIONAL JOKE: Joe Miklosi’s Horrific First Ad Mocked By The Cook Political Report

Congressional candidate Joe Miklosi has been the subject of much mockery in the Colorado media — from his bill to prevent alleged discrimination against biker gangs to being deemed a “Legislative Loser” by The Denver Post. Now Miklosi is getting ribbed in front of a much more national audience.

In an article by the nonpartisan, and highly regarded, Cook Political Report about strong ads helping vulnerable candidates, there is a bonus section dedicated to poking fun at one of the worst ads this cycle: Joe Miklosi’s.

The article is behind a paywall, but here’s the relevant section.

If you’re looking for proof some media consultants should keep their candidates away from scripts and cameras if they can’t act, look no further than Democratic state Rep. Joe Miklosi’s painful ad against GOP Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado’s 6th CD, which might be one of the reasons his favorable/unfavorable scores are worse than the incumbent’s in some polls.

Check out Miklosi’s monstrosity made for mockery after the jump:



(NO)SHOCK: Liberal Operatives Say Obama Leading…New Poll Showing Obama Ahead In CO Has All The Credibility Of A DNC Press Release

The Democratic political affairs firm OnSight…the same firm that houses top campaign operatives for U.S. Senator Mark Udall and Governor John Hickenlooper…released a poll yesterday saying that Barack Obama is leading in Colorado.

Is anyone surprised while every other poll has Romney surging, Democrats are trying to end that momentum with a half-baked poll of their own? Nahhhhhh.

But still the press treated the poll as credible.

From KDVR’s Eli Stokols:



Post attacks Gessler, coddles Morse

In case you missed it, the Denver Post editorial board doesn’t much like Secretary of State Scott Gessler. In its recent editorial it blasts Gessler for using his discretionary account for discretionary items that it doesn’t agree with. Amazingly, the editorial and coverage of this story in the Post remarkably dwarfs that of the scrutiny leveled against Senator John Morse.

The similarities between the two circumstances appeal almost identical but result in very different coverage. First, both stories were initiated by partisan groups, Ethics Watch (CEW) on the Left and Colorado Accountability Project (CAP) on the Right. CEW blasted Gessler and the Post wrote about it immediately, including two stories and an editorial, “Gessler needs to repay taxpayers.”

CAP attacked Morse for collecting more than $30,000 in undocumented per diem payments and the Post waited months before writing about it, even in the face of constant pressure from this blog. It finally wrote an editorial titled “Rule about legislators’ expenses still unclear.” It vaguely mentions Morse but does not attack him like it did Gessler.

Both instances show elected officials being reimbursed without documentation, Gessler $1,400 from cash funds and Morse $30,000 in taxpayer funds. Both examples are within the bounds 0f the law. The Morse editorial says, “The Senate ethics committee has suggested…that lawmakers be more specific when filling out forms about what they were doing…” and the Gessler editorial agrees the CEW complaints are frivolous.

But the editorial goes nuclear on Gessler calling him tone deaf and barely makes mention of Morse and his $30,000 windfall. The Gessler editorial could just have easily called for more clarification of discretionary account spending but instead chose to lecture him.

Sadly, the Post is showing its partisan stripes by blatantly attacking Gessler and slapping Morse’s wrist. But, of course, no bias in our local media.


OCTOBER 26: Republicans Continue 3 Point Lead In Ballots Returned

Another day, another ballot return figure showing promising figures for Mitt Romney and Republicans in Colorado.

The Secretary of State released figures for total ballots returned this morning. The figures are as follows:

Total ballots cast: 626,097

R: 244,264 (39.0%)

D: 225,850 (36.1%)

U: 149,877 (23.9%)

The most recent Colorado poll, a NBC/WSJ poll by Marist released yesterday, has Romney winning Independent/Unaffiliated voters.

On October 23, 2008 Democrats were at 40% of ballots returned to Republicans’ 33%. Oh, how the tides have turned.


See ballot return numbers from October 25 here, October 24 here, and October 23 here.

Check out the county-by-county breakdown of the early vote here.


OPTICAL ISSUES: Romney Turns Thousands Away At Red Rocks, Obama Sees 85,000 Not Show Up At Denver Rally

Two rallies this week in Colorado have provided a very stark and clear reminder of the difference between 2008 and 2012.

While Romney was forced to turn thousands away from his raucous Red Rocks rally, Obama saw a shocking drop off in his Denver rally, pulling over 100,000 people in 2008, but only 16,000 yesterday in Denver — and probably significantly less as that number was provided by the Obama campaign and not independently verified.

It’s not just this little ‘ol conservative blog making this point, but ABC News’ Jake Tapper:

Democrats were quick to complain that the 100,000 rally was on a Sunday, while the Denver rally was mid-week, but no amount of spin is going to be able to wash off a drop off of 85,000 people. Jake Tapper agrees:

It’s not only the Denver rally where the lack of enthusiasm can be felt. At CSU, Obama saw his rally of 45,000 in 2008 fall to merely 13,000 this year.

Go figure, Allison Sherry — the Democrat blogger for The Denver Post — didn’t mention the shocking crowd juxtaposition in her write up today of the Obama event. While Sherry willfully ignored the bad optics for Team Obama, for everyone else it was an unavoidable comparison.


CO ON TOP: Denver Ranks as Top Media Market for Presidential Ad Spending

A study by the Wesleyan Media Project released yesterday found that Denver’s television stations have run more presidential campaign ads than in any other market this month, further emphasizing Colorado’s importance in the 2012 Presidential election.  From October 1 through October 21, a total of 9,950 ads aired on broadcast TV for either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney.  The study estimates the ad costs to be around $13.7 million, the highest in the nation.

Following Denver, in terms of ad volume, was Las Vegas (#2), Tampa, Fla. (#3), Cleveland (#4) and Orlando (#5).

The report also highlighted that Obama had an ad-count advantage in 13 of the top 15 markets, including Denver.  The Obama campaign and pro-Obama groups ran 1,646 more ads and spent approximately $550,000 more in the Denver market in October than did Romney supporters.  And, yet, the Obama campaign is still falling behind challenger Mitt Romney.

But, Denver isn’t the only media market that has been targeted during this presidential campaign.  The Grand Junction media market has aired 5,378 presidential campaign ads and Colorado Springs media market has aired 4,788 presidential campaign ads this month.  Additionally, the newly-drawn boundaries that make CD6 more competitive have attracted top advertising dollar, ranking it 13th nationwide for the most TV ads.  Republican incumbent Mike Coffman is besting Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi with 2,104 ads as compared to 1,506, respectively.



OCT 25 BALLOT RETURNS: Republicans Grow Lead, Winning Absentee And Early Voting

Republicans in Colorado are continuing to outpace Democrats in early ballot returns, growing their lead with ballots returned as of this morning.

Surprisingly, Republicans are winning both the mail-in/absentee ballot returns AND early voting.

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source with access to ballot return numbers, the figures are as follows:


R: 187,824 (39.7%)

D: 171,971 (36.3%)

U: 108,421 (22.9%)

Mail-In/Absentee Ballots

R: 172,461

D: 158,139

U: 98,532

Early Voting

R: 15,363

D: 13,832

U: 9,889

As a reminder, the latest Denver Post poll of Colorado has Romney winning Unaffiliateds 43/39

Advantage, still Romney.


See the ballot returns from October 24 here and October 23 here.

Brandon Rittiman of 9News had a great analysis piece yesterday comparing 2008 turnout to 2012 turnout. What he found was Republicans have a 9 point-swing in their favor this year.


Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare gets another victim

Published on October 25, 2012 by

A friend of mine named Charles, is a 60 year old survivor of a horrible car accident which occured about 12 years ago.   His injuries required him to undergo a liver transplant.   He is also a survivor of Hepatitis C, which he recently beat with a newly developed therapy.  He is an independent businessman who has private health insurance, but his condition does require regular medical monitoring.  A few days ago he posted the following on his Facebook page:

After 8 years with my Internal Medicine Doctor I am searching for a new doctor. It seems that Medicare who is my secondary insurance, no longer pays their portion of the medical payments if you have private insurance under the new health care act. Now private insurance companies are following the Medicare examples and paying less. Medicare has changed how much and when they pay doctors. So Doctors are opting out of Medicare. My Doctor now has opted for a cash only practice like many doctors in my area as I am finding out in my search. So thank you Mr Obama for the lies and deceit telling me I can keep my doctor and nothing will change and shame on you AARP for adding to this deceit. So now no matter what you need their supplemental insurance to make it work and then you still have a out of pocket expense.

lot of wild promises were made, and absolutely no review of the bill was allowed, during the debate for Obamacare.  And now more and more people are finding that they have less health care coverage than they did before the ACA started taking effect.  Fewer doctors will be available for those who truly need them, and those who will be available will be overworked and underpaid.

And this all was a good idea why?

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