Has Joe Coors Guaranteed The Re-Election Of Mike Coffman & Scott Tipton?

If Joe Coors manages to pull off the upset of the season and defeat Congressman Edwin Perlmutter, Coors will more than likely be the only man in Congress responsible for the election of three different Republican Members of Congress…himself, Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton.

A Coors victory is anything but assured at this point, though it is still in the realm of the very possible. With Mitt Romney pulling ahead and Ed Perlmutter constantly on the defense, a Coors win looks like a 50-50 proposition to us.

The outcome hasn’t yet been determined for Perlmutter and Coors, but what is sure is that Mr. “I Am Not A Beer” has run such a fantastic race that it has forced Democratic donors and Democratic Independent Expenders to focus unexpectedly large sums of money defending a wobbly Perlmutter.

Just ask Sal Pace and Joe Miklosi. They will tell you. Every dollar spent by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority PAC attacking Joe Coors is a dollar that isn’t spent attacking Mike Coffman and Scott Tipton.



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STYLE DISASTER: Biden Blows Debate with Odd Behavior

There’s nothing funny about squashing the American Dream, Mr. Vice President

UPDATE: Revealing Politics has a brilliant video out on Biden’s inappropriate laugh. Check it out after the jump.

Yesterday, we wondered which Biden would show up to the VP debate tonight – master debater or drunk uncle?  Last night, Americans witnessed Biden the Bully in arguably the most disrepectful debate performance we’ve ever witnessed.  According to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace:   “I don’t believe I have ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan.”And, Wallace was not the only one who thought so.  continue…


TALE OF TWO BIDENS: Which Biden Will Debate Ryan Tonight?

Conservatives have been salivating over the prospect of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the so-called intellectual wing of the Republican Party, debating Joe Biden, the drunk uncle of politics.  And, it happens tonight.  Following Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s stellar performance against President Obama, Republicans are feeling mighty confident about the debate tonight.  Perhaps they’ve forgotten that Biden was a master debater in 2008.  According to Politico:

“Biden is flat-out the best debater in the 2012 campaign this side of Mitt Romney — more comfortable and limber at the lectern than his own boss, according to Democrats who get paid to prep candidates. And four years ago, he delivered what was arguably the most effective, and restrained, performance of his four-decade career against Sarah Palin in the 2008 vice presidential debate. … “

Despite the self-congratulatory predictions of those who are paid to prepare Biden for debate (we’re guessing former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is no longer helping), his performance is a distant memory when compared to his propensity to put his foot in his mouth on the campaign trail.  We’ve frequently documented his numerous gaffes (mostly because we find them entertaining).  As the Seattle Post Intelligencer eloquently noted:

“If political gaffe-making were an art, Vice President Joe Biden would be Pablo Picasso, a prolific artist going from one campaign stop to the next creating vibrant and colorful abstractions of all shapes and styles.”

Either way, this debate is predicted to be far more combative than Obama’s “Rocky Mountain High” performance from last week.  It all begins at 7:00 p.m. MT tonight.  In case you’re with friends, here’s a fun drinking game for your consideration.


SOURCE: Denver Post Poll To Be Released Tomorrow Shows Romney Advantage In Colorado

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source, tomorrow The Denver Post will release their second poll of the cycle and it will show Romney with the advantage in Colorado.

The last Post poll had a statistically tied race with Obama up 47-46 in Colorado, but with strong signs for Romney in the crosstabs, showing him closing the gender gap and performing stronger-than-expected with the Hispanic and youth vote.

Some liberals have speculated as to our inside source, all wrongly. Let us clear up who it wasn’t: It wasn’t Chuck Plunkett. It wasn’t Allison Sherry nor Curtis Hubbard — though we hear they’re big fans of ours.


TAXMAN COMETH: Why Does Everyone But Linda Newell Have to Pay Taxes?

Everyone knows how much Democrats love to raise taxes to pay for their pet projects, and Linda Newell is no exception.  But, what voters might not know is that she hikes everyone else’s taxes, but doesn’t bother to pay her own.  It seems a little unfair, doesn’t it?

A loyal Peak reader sent us this mailer he received highlighting Linda Newell’s failure to pay $30,000 in taxes.  In fact, she was so late in paying her taxes that the Internal Revenue Service issued a lien against her for $29,235, as did the State of California’s Department of Revenue in the amount of $1,140.  The actual tax lien shows that the Newells didn’t pay income taxes from 1987 through 1994.

Here is a copy of the tax lien:



ANALYSIS: Romney Starts With 25,000 Vote Head Start In Colorado

When absentee ballots hit mailboxes next week, the unofficial scoreboard will read…Mitt Romney 25,000, Barack Obama 0.

The press fawns regularly over Obama-nation’s ballyhooed ground game. In some ways, deservedly. The Obama ground operation was legendarily effective in this state in 2008. Then again, give any operative $5 million for Get Out The Vote…as was roughly the case here in Colorado in 2010…and you will get a lot of doors knocked.

But this advantage in “ground game” ain’t what it used to be. And there is proof…the advantage that Republicans have built over Democrats in boosting the roles of voters who will vote this year via absentee ballot.

Absentee ballots are tantamount to votes in the bank. They are easy to chase, and they are bound to get cast. Both parties and their proxies have made it a priority to convert as many voters as possible to absentee voters for these reasons.

Now the punchline…Republicans and conservative groups have a real advantage in the number of absentee voters.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, Republican and conservative groundforces have banked nearly 25,000 more Republican absentee voters than have their Democratic counterparts.



“ON THE WRONG SIDE”: Max Tyler Hit Hard On TV For Voting Against Driving While High

We warned you right after he did it. Last month, when Rep. Max Tyler voted against driving while high we said it was going to come back to bite him.

Well, consider Max “Children Are Like Maggots” Tyler bitten:



NOT BETTER OFF: WashPo Chart Shows Colorado Families Declining Income

Ronald Reagan made famous the question “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”  The Washington Post (we know, we’re shocked too) has delivered yet another piece of evidence suggesting that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago – our incomes have fallen nationally and, specifically, in Colorado.  The chart below outlines swing state income decreases.

From the end of 2008 through the end of 2011,  Coloradans lost $4,333 in yearly income.  The median income  in Colorado is $55,387, as of the end of 2011.  This means that Coloradans lost approximately 8% in income over the last nearly four years.  It could be worse, we could be Nevada.  At the end of 2008, the median income was $58,833, and plummeted to $48,927 by the end of 2011.  (And, that includes the raises Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn gave his employees.)  That is an incredible 17% loss (or, a nearly $10,000 loss ) in income for Nevadans.

While Colorado’s numbers are poor and Nevada’s numbers are just appalling, the United States as a whole hasn’t fared quite as badly.  At the end of 2008, the median income, nationally, was $54,197.  At the end of 2011, it was just $50,502.  This loss represents a 7% or $3,695 in income.

For Coloradans, that 8% translates to decreased savings.  It’s recommended that one saves at least 10% of income (and maybe more), which means that Coloradans’ personal savings are nearly entirely wiped out.  Good thing social security is solvent for retirement.  Oh….  Right.




The battle for control of the State House is “Fast and Furious” (without, we hope, the gun-running).

It isn’t just the fact that Republicans control the House currently by a one vote margin. It is also that – given the gerrymander they rammed through with the connivance of the Supreme Court – the Democrats probably overestimated the likelihood that 2012 would be identical to 2008.

The collapse of Obama’s numbers after the first presidential debate shows the Dems goofed on that one.

My view is that the 2010 election, below the two top races, is a potentially valid indicator for directional change (shifting political advantage from the Democrats to the Republicans). With that in mind, I did some number crunching. Current 2012 active voter registration and down-ticket 2010 results were my basis. I used recent partisan differences in voter enthusiasm and drop-off as factors. One “geek” point: my results do have a handsome R-squared of 45%. This, to me, suggests that the changes of 2010 have persisted in Colorado.

Control of the State House rests with just a few races. This list includes both districts that have political statistics that are close to even plus names on the Republican Party’s “Trailblazer” list. Omitting the “safe Republican” seats, here’s my list, ranked starting with the most likely Republican victory. (I exclude Trailblazers Jennifer George and Paul Brown as shoo-in winners, based only on the numbers, however.)

  • Pigott, HD 33 (Broomfield)
  • Watson, HD 3 (Littleton)
  • Ramirez, HD 29 (Arvada)
  • McConnell, HD 26 (Eagle/Routt)
  • Attwood, HD 28, (Lakewood)
  • Acree, HD 40 (Aurora)
  • Enstrom, HD 23 (Lakewood)
  • Hilliard, HD 11 (Longmont)
  • Vande Krol, HD 35 (Westminster)
  • Leydendecker, HD 24 (Golden)

Don’t make too much of the exact order. Acree and Attwood are effectively tied, as are Enstrom and Hilliard.

One caution: I have not taken into account the financial status of these candidates nor of their opponents’ fundraising. Before you make a bar bet, look those up.

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