UNDER PRESSURE: Did The Independence Institute Prompt The Denver Post Story On Green Energy Failures?

Last week the Independence Institute launched a billboard across the street from the Denver Post building, shaming them for ignoring a major political scandal in Abound Solar’s collapse. In this morning’s paper, a story appears detailing the extensive failure of green energy firms in Colorado. Coincidence?

We can’t be sure one is tied to the other, but one thing is certainly true: the Independence Institute and investigative reporter Todd Shepherd have led the charge to peel back the rhetoric around “green energy” and look at the issue without rose-colored glasses.

Knowing that, it’s rather interesting to us that the Post story completely ignores any mention of Shepherd or the Independence Institute’s work. The slight seems especially intended as the author quotes a DC-based think tank on green energy, rather than calling up the local experts over at i2i.



COLORADO RASMUSSEN POLL: Romney 50 – Obama 46, Five Point Shift Towards Romney

Another Colorado poll, another sign Romney’s post-Denver debate momentum continues. Rasmussen is out with a poll today showing Romney up 50-46 over Obama, marking a five-point shift in Romney’s direction from Rasmussen’s last Colorado poll on October 7.

The October 7 Rasmussen poll had Obama winning 49-48.

Romney’s lead in today’s Rasmussen poll comes from a 12-point lead among male voters, while Obama clings to a thin 3-point lead among female voters. There’s a gender gap, to be sure, but not the kind the press and liberals have been talking about for the last couple of months.

The sample in today’s Rasmussen poll is 36D/40R/23U, significantly different from the Oct. 7 Rasmussen poll with a 30D/35R/30U sample.

According to a Colorado Peak Politics source, as of this morning approximately 36,000 Republicans had returned their ballots to 29,000 Democrats and 20,000 Unaffiliateds. It’s early, and hard to draw too many conclusions from, but that turnout seems to suggest today’s Rasmussen sample could be correct.

As we’ve been saying for months, we expect the Colorado electorate on Nov. 6 to have more Republicans than Democrats, despite left-wing pollster PPP’s suggestion that Democrats will magically turnout in higher numbers than they ever have in history.

Regardless of the perennial party ID fight, no matter how you slice it, Romney’s momentum in Colorado is real and continuing. Will it be enough to push him over the top? We’ll know in a little more than two weeks.


FORECLOSURES: What Do CO’s High Numbers Show?

RealtyTrac , a national real estate database that tracks foreclosure information, recently published third quarter foreclosure statistics that showed a so-called five-year low in foreclosures – a talking point the Obama campaign has fully embraced.

But, the foreclosure stats in swing state Colorado are doing the Obama campaign no favors. The stats ranked Colorado tenth among all 50 states in foreclosure rate.  At one in every 216 homes in the foreclosure process, it is evident that the much awaited housing recovery has not yet found its way to many parts of Colorado.

Some of these problems can be linked to weaker wage earnings in Colorado than the nation as a whole. A report published by the Colorado Division of Housing on September 28, 2012 showed year over year Q2 earnings from wages up just 2.9% in Colorado, versus an increase of 3.4% nationally.

Weak wage earnings, coupled with rising prices at the gas pump, grocery store, and child care center, have left many Colorado families with difficult decisions to make regarding the reduced purchasing power of their stagnate wages.  With the average foreclosure process taking hundreds of days, a decision to put off the mortgage payment is often less painful that forgoing other necessities.  Not exactly the change that many Coloradoans were seeking four years ago.


LOOK-A-LIKE, PART DEUX: 9 Colorado Legislators Who Resemble Stars Of The Screen

Last week, after the Obama campaign made Big Bird their “Issue of the Week” we decided to unveil a (bipartisan) series of photos of “8 Colorado Legislators Who Look Like Muppets and Cartoons.

Today we’re back with part two of the series, this time with 9 legislators who resemble characters from some of our favorite movies and TV shows.

We’ll start off with our favorite, due to high reader demand.



DOUBLE EDGED SWORD: Unemployment Improves, But Not Enough

There’s good news and bad news today in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Local Area Unemployment Statistics, released this morning.  The good news is that unemployment fell to eight percent in September.  The bad news is found in the fine print:

  • According to the press release, the increase resulted from ”in large part by greater than  expected seasonal gains in private and public sector educational services.” So, not exactly private sector growth.
  • Colorado’s unemployment rate, which kept pace with the national average for some time, now remains higher than the national average.
  • The largest Colorado decline was in the manufacturing sector, the sector that Obama has touted for months as his focus.
  • The West (including Colorado) continued to record the highest regional unemployment rate in September (9.1%); although, this may have  been driven by Nevada’s persistently high unemployment rate of 11.8% in September.

While Colorado was one of the states that decreased its unemployment numbers, several states saw increases in the unemployed, including Michigan (-13,000), Ohio (-12,800) and Oregon (-7,900).  Ohio’s decrease cannot bode well for Obama’s campaign as Ohio is quickly becoming the most sought-after of swing states.

And, of course, there was that pesky article about Colorado counties with greater than 20% unemployment.  We could hardly blame President Obama if he was, in fact, considering pulling out of Colorado.  But, it would be unfortunate for all of his down ticket candidates.


DEAN SINGLETON HEARTS OBAMA, STILL: Post Endorses Obama, Brushing Aside The Bold Promises From Their Own Endorsement In ’08

Frequenters of the Peak aren’t surprised that Dean Singleton, err The Denver Post, endorsed Barack Obama today. Singleton all but humped the President’s leg at an Associated Press event earlier this year.


Denver Post publisher Singleton’s big words for Obama then make his endorsement of Obama little surprise now. Singleton clearly is smitten by Obama like a school girl. What the hell…this is America. Singleton is free to be smitten by whomever he pleases.

But as you consider the Post‘s endorsement this time, be sure not to forget the big words that the Post used back in 2008 to endorse Obama, promising he would be a bipartisan leader who would lead us to the Promised Land of Prosperity. Almost none of it was realized.

From the article entitled “Barack Obama for president: He’s the right man to lead America back to prosperity“:



DEM-ON-DEM VIOLENCE: Former Democrat Kathleen Curry Under Assault From Democrat Front Group

The Democrat front group “Colorado Accountable Government Alliance” finds itself under fire again for underhanded tactics.

This time, former Democrat-turned-Independent candidate for HD61, Kathleen Curry, emailed supporters to let them know three separate District Attorneys are investigating the group for using “false information to influence voters.”

Democrats have reason to fear Curry, who has the ability to act as a spoiler in the three-way race with incumbent Democrat Millie Hamner and Republican challenger Debra Irvine. Curry lost by only 300 votes in 2010 when she was a write-in candidate. Add that to the fact that Hamner has struggled to get supporters to even show up at recent rallies, and you begin to understand why the Democrats are going nasty on Kathleen Curry.

From Curry’s email:



ROMNEY/RYAN RED ROCKS RALLY: Rare Joint Appearance Next Tuesday In Jefferson County

Barack Obama built Greek columns for his Denver Democratic National Convention in 2008. When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan arrive together next Tuesday in Morrison they will be seeking to soak up the raw atmosphere provided by Colorado’s natural beauty at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

In a rare joint appearance, the Republican ticket is coming to Colorado to rev up the Republican base and hit the essential swing vote in the heart of Jefferson County.

Romney is on the upswing in Colorado according to every public poll in the last couple of weeks, taking the lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls over a week ago.

Details about where, when and how to get tickets after the jump:



ANOTHER ADCO SCANDAL: County Commish Candidate Tedesco Lied About Police Record

Another day, another Adams County scandal.  What’s in the water up there anyway?  This morning, investigative reporter Brian Maass broke the story that Democratic Adams County Commissioner Candidate Charles Tedesco was caught lying about his two DUIs to CBS4 News.  From the investigation:

“…Before [Tedesco] changed his name, in 1989, the Northglenn Police Department arrested Hillsberry (Tedesco), noting that his blood alcohol level registered .153. He later pleaded guilty to driving while impaired. Then in 1993, he was again arrested for DUI, this time by Federal Heights police. He was sentenced to 15 days in jail and apparently served 9 days of the 15 day sentence.”

Despite his arrest record, this is what Tedesco told CBS4:

“’I visited the jail but I’ve never been arrested,’ Tedesco responded. He went on to say he went on a tour of the Adams County Jail about a month earlier, but that was his only experience behind bars.”

Unfortunately, this type of lying is exactly the sort of thing that landed Adams County the dubious honor of being the center of corruption.  According to Democratic lawyers for hire Colorado Ethics Watch, “Adams County was the unquestioned epicenter of ethics problems in Colorado in 2011.”  Adams County Reform Project spokesperson, Michelle Lyng, was critical of Tedesco’s serious lapse in judgment:

“Had [Tedesco] not lied, this wouldn’t be a story; however, Mr. Tedesco is exhibiting the very same lack of personal integrity that has branded Adams County among the most corrupt counties in America.  Adams County residents deserve a commissioner who is forthright with the voters – certainly someone with far better judgment than Mr. Tedesco.”

To recap, there were five Adams County officials who have been called out for ethical breaches.  While Tedesco is not yet a commissioner, this would make six.  This is just another example of Democrats’ inability to lead in Adams County.  It sort of makes you wonder what we’d find if we looked closer at other Democratic officials, doesn’t it?


WHITE FLAG: Is Barack Obama’s Campaign Looking At Abandoning Colorado?

An article in yesterday’s National Journal revealed a potentially game-changing scenario for Democrats in Colorado — is Barack Obama’s campaign looking at abandoning Colorado?

Reports National Journal‘s Major Garret:

What also became clear after the dust began to settle from the rumble on Long Island was the electoral map has narrowed and Obama’s team, while conceding nothing publicly, is circling the wagons around OhioIowaNew Hampshire, and Nevada. [Obama Senior Advisor David] Plouffe said that Obama remains strong in all four states, but he would not discuss the specifics of internal polling or voter-contact analytics, saying only that Obama has “significant leads” in all four places.

It is uncharacteristic of Team Obama to concede any terrain, but Plouffe offered no such assurances about Obama’s position in North CarolinaVirginia, or Florida. Romney advisers have seen big gains in all three states and now consider wins likely, although not guaranteed, in all three. They are similarly upbeat about prospects in Colorado but not confident enough to predict victory. That Plouffe left Colorado off his list of states where Obama’s leading and can withstand a Romney surge might be telling. [Peak emphasis]

The Romney surge in Colorado is real, as both the recent Denver Post poll found as well as the RealClearPolitics polling roundup that gives Romney a slim 0.7% lead over Obama.

We doubt there will be any obvious signs of an Obama pull out in the near term, if indeed that’s what Team Hopenchange is contemplating. We’re not even sure that the possibility is real — after all, we and most observers have thought the race in Colorado would come down to the wire.

Still, the mere possibility that Plouffe allowed the National Journal to float — without any pushback publicly so far — is fascinating.

If Obama were to abandon Colorado, that could spell D-O-O-M for down-ticket Democrats.

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