COWARD: Dunlap Murder Victim’s Family Faults Hickenlooper

We can’t imagine how difficult it would be to lose someone to violence the way the Crowell family did in the Chuck E. Cheese murders committed by Nathan Dunlap.  Last night, murder victim Sylvia Crowell’s family told CBS4 that they believe that Gov. John Hickenlooper’s temporary reprieve was cowardly. From the interview:

“‘I think that’s the coward’s way out, and I view John Hickenlooper as a coward,’ said Bob Crowell, whose daughter Sylvia, 19, was among those killed in the Dec. 14, 1993, slaying of four employees at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese restaurant.”

This comes on the heels of his daughter April Crowell’s commentary on the Peak‘s Facebook page earlier this summer when she said:

“By all means, vote for the guy who allowed my sister’s murderer to continue breathing air. Dunlap/Hickenlooper 2014″

See the photo below.

The problem with Hickenlooper’s non-decision is two-fold.  First, the justice system spoke.  It was fair.  Dunlap killed those four people – that is not in question.  He had a trial by jury and he was sentenced.  He offered a half-assed apology letter, saying “even though it is difficult for me to say I’m sorry, I am sorry.” It’s difficult for Dunlap to say he’s sorry?  He should be begging – we repeat begging – for forgiveness for the evil acts that he’s done.  Nonetheless, why should Hickenlooper overrule the will of the people?

The next issue is that now Hickenlooper is attempting to silence critics of this cowardly decision by calling them out for playing politics with a man’s life.  No, sir, that was you.  As Sylvia Crowell’s father noted:

“Crowell chastised the governor for saying his opponents are playing ‘political football’ with the issue.

‘Look who’s doing it: Hickenlooper,’ he said, calling the governor’s stance ‘dirty pool.’”

We just want to know – where was Sylvia Crowell’s temporary reprieve from Nathan Dunlap?  Where was the mercy for her life?

Earlier this week, we joined others in calling for Hickenlooper to make a decision about Dunlap prior to the election.  Coloradans deserve to know where this candidate stands.  But, more importantly, we deserve to know that Hickenlooper stands for Colorado, not some shadowy liberal agenda.


THE REAL WAR: Udall Talking Birth Control While Women’s Unemployment Goes Up

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’m here to mansplain everything to you”

Sen. Mark Udall has gone all in hoping women care more about government giving them birth control than actually working.  Job numbers for women through the month of July shows 227,000 more women added to the unemployment rolls, causing the unemployment rate for women to jump from 5.9% to 6.2%. The increase in women’s unemployment was three-times the increase in the unemployment rate overall, showing women are more hurt by President Obama and Udall’s failed economic schemes than men..  As statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show:

The number of unemployed women 16 years and over increased by 227,000 in July.  The unemployment rate for women grew from 5.9 percent to 6.2 percent. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Despite this increase in women’s unemployment rate, Udall—who has declared himself the champion for all things women—has done little to foster a better job and economic environment for them.  Instead, Udall has ran a campaign largely on the derogatory theme that women care for little else than birth control.  We look forward to Udall mansplaining to Colorado women everywhere why birth control should be their number one priority even as fewer of them can find good jobs.

Of the millions of dollars Udall has already spent across multiple ads, despite heavily targeting women, all Udall spends his time talking about is birth control.  Never has he taken a chance in his ads targeting women to talk about what he has done to improve the economy for them, nor has he talked to them about how he voted for Obamacare.  Should the woman who no longer has the health insurance plan she liked, nor the ability to keep the doctor she has come to trust throughout the years be more concerned with that or whether Udall wants government more focused on birth control?

The 6.2% unemployment rate looks even worse for women when one considers the labor force participation rate for women is still well below the 59.5% it was when Udall assumed office.  Not only are more women unemployed, but less women overall are looking for work because they are so discouraged by horrible job market Udall has helped to create.  But, remember PeakNation™, according to Udall, those issues are unimportant to women.

It’s obvious Udall really doesn’t care about Colorado women or the issues they are most concerned about.  He would rather they be simple-minded, one-issue voters who eagerly ignore that he voted with President Obama 99% of the time and how it’s helping to bring more regulations, bureaucrats, and government into our economy and women’s decisions on birth control.  Udall is the real war on women.


WATCH HER: Marijo Tinlin Named One of 14 Races to Watch By RSLC

Marijo Tinlin, Candidate for HD33

Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Future Majority Project included Republican Marijo Tinlin, who is challenging Democrat Rep. Dianne Primavera in State House District 33, to it’s “14 in ’14 Races to Watch” list.  The announcement came as part of the Future Majority Project Summit in Santa Fe.

Tinlin is the only candidate of the 14 to watch from Colorado.  In case you don’t know Tinlin, she is a self-described “wife, mom, a small business owner and author of ‘How to Raise an American Patriot.’”  Tinlin and her husband run a small consulting firm that assists entrepreneurs in launching their businesses.  Learn more here:

She also has completed humanitarian missions in Afghanistan and Uganda.  Part of her mission in Uganda involved helping to install a water purification system and training staff on a health and hygiene program.

In contrast, Primavera’s best-known achievement is naming the Western Painted Turtle the official state reptile. Of course, she’s also known for her support of the dirty dozen tax increases, as well as her role in a campaign finance complaint.  The other funny thing is – she’s owned a dog grooming business for nearly 30 years, yet it doesn’t seem to be registered with the Secretary of State’s office.  (Maybe she should call Tinlin for advice on how to set up her business.)

The Future Majority Project set a goal to identify 200 “new diverse candidates” in the 2013-2014 election cycle.  The “Right Women, Right Now” initiative also set a goal of supporting 300 new women candidates.  Each initiative successfully not only met its goal, but surpassed it. FMP identified 558 women through “Right Women, Right Now” and 244 diverse candidates across the country.  Ultimately, the goal is to elect 75 diverse candidates and 150 female candidates.


DECISION BEFORE ELECTION: Taking Politics Out Of Death Penalty In Hickenlooper’s Hands

“Look at me having it both ways”

Following up on yesterday’s news that Gov. John Hickenlooper is willing to commute ChuckECheese murderer Nathan Dunlap’s death sentence as a lame-duck governor should Hick lose his reelection, The Gazette points out in an editorial that Hick is the only one politicizing the situation.  And, it is well within Hick’s power to take politics completely out of the situation.  As The Gazette writes:

Gov. John Hickenlooper should decide right away whether Nathan Dunlap lives or dies. No more should this man’s life be a political football…

No one has politicized Dunlap more than Hickenlooper. He wouldn’t grant clemency because doing so would annoy his base. He punted. Now, if Republicans want to make an issue of it, Hickenlooper will change his decision. He’ll reclaim the ball and forfeit the game, granting full clemency the moment he has no more chance of winning. [the Peak’s emphasis]

The Coward-in-Chief for Colorado claims he hasn’t changed his mind on the issue, that he still favors making no permanent decision on the issue rather than just having it settled once and for all.  As his campaign spokesman said in a statement:

“He expressed his position on the clemency issue in May of 2013 when he signed the executive order on this matter, and his position has not changed since then,”

Yet, completely lacking in the position Hick expressed then was the revelation that he was 100% anti-death penalty, a position he has only acknowledged over the past few weeks.  How can a man who claims to be 100% against the death penalty leave a man on death row given the fact that his successor as Governor has publically stated he will support the Colorado justice system’s decision in this endeavor when he wins?  If Hick thinks the death penalty is so wrong, there is no way he will allow this sin of omission to burden his conscience the rest of his life.  We agree with The Gazette when they say Hickenlooper needs to make a decision sooner rather than later:

Governor, you can’t be a leader who won’t make tough decisions. This attempt to have it both ways turns Dunlap and his victims into political sport. But this isn’t a game. If the governor wants clemency, he should grant it now – before the election. Voters deserve to know Dunlap’s fate before they determine the governor’s future. They deserve the truth. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Yet, waiting for Hickenlooper to show any type of strong leadership skills is like waiting for the Rockies to turn it around this season: it just ain’t going to happen.


SET UP TO FAIL: Oil and Gas Task Force Members Not Even Announced Yet, and Already Running Out of Time

News reports have recently highlighted the high volume of people who’ve applied to be on the oil and gas task force.  Over 250 names for only 18 spots.  That is some stiff competition, and it is no doubt taking extra time to sift through everyone’s applications.  

This delay in announcing the commission’s makeup has got us wondering…  will those who ultimately end up serving even have enough time to complete their work before recommendations are due to the legislature in 2015? 

Consider the timeline…

The oil and gas task force has to make recommendation to the legislature in time for the 2015 session, which starts in January.  We already know they won’t have much time to hold hearings in November and December because of the election and the holidays.  Assuming members are announced this week, that only leaves 2 full months – September and October – and a few weeks around the holidays.  Let’s be generous and say they’ll have about 12 – 14 weeks to hold hearings and reach the high bar of a two-thirds consensus on all recommendations.

That’s not nearly enough time to hold meaningful hearings around the state, listen to public comment and do the necessary research on this complicated topic.  Then there is the task of digesting all this information before even turning it into tangible recommendations.

Sounds nearly impossible to do that in three months, and just reinforces how phony this whole thing really is.  Gov. Hickenlooper and Rep. Jared Polis needed a quick fix to get through the election, and establishing this task force was their answer.  Whether they want the members of this commission to reach a consensus and succeed is an entirely different story.


“GREENER” PASTURES: Venture Capitalists Skip Colorado Despite Educated Workforce and Innovative Startups

To killing innovation with government regulation!

A new report by the Colorado Innovation Network pinpointed what average Coloradans have sensed for some time – investment is just not flowing into Colorado.  The Denver Business Journal highlighted this negative trend:

“The state comes out on top for startup and job creation, but venture capital investment in the state has been declining steady since 2012, causing the state to lag behind its peers. Nationally, VC has been growing.

‘Colorado companies are doing well at obtaining federal grants, yet they need to improve their ability to attract interest from the venture capital community,’ the report notes….

‘The future economic growth of Colorado will depend on the state’s ability to promote innovation in an environment conducive to its development and adoption,’ said Mitra Best, U.S. innovation leader at PwC and COIN member.”

Best’s quote is telling.  As necessity is the mother of invention, Coloradans are a scrappy group, often doing whatever it takes to make ends meet in the economic downturn.  So, it’s not surprising to hear that Coloradans are finding new and innovative ways to earn a living.  The report, which compared Colorado to nine competitor states, basically said that we have all the ingredients for a robust and innovative economy, but yet, our business environment is holding us back.

Part of the VC problem may simply be our regulatory regime and lack of leadership.  Investors have watched Democrats attempt to chase out at least three entire industries for no reason except that the industries offend liberals’ delicate sensibilities.  First, Democrats in the state legislature, emboldened by support from former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, and milquetoast leadership from Governor John Hickenlooper, passed some of the most extreme anti-gun laws in the country. These actions caused several manufacturers in the industry to pack up and leave Colorado.

Then, there’s mining, which the Environmental Protection Agency has made public enemy number one.  Colorado leads production in this arena.  Where was Hickenlooper in defending this important industry?

Most recently, Jared Polis has embarked on a tireless crusade to kill one of the bright spots in our economy, the oil and gas industry, almost for mere sport – simply because Polis didn’t appreciate that his neighbor fracked his own land. Polis claimed that the industry needed additional regulation when Colorado is one of the most tightly-regulated states in the nation. Polis’ threatened regulations could have shut down 60% of the energy production in the state.

And, of course, there are the 25,000 or so pages of regulation added in Hickenlooper’s administration alone.

The question isn’t why aren’t venture capitalists investing in Colorado, but why would a venture capitalist invest in such a turbulent environment?


GOLF BUDDIES: Will Sen. Udall Condemn Obama for Callous Golf After Foley Beheading Presser?

Photo courtesy of America Rising PAC via Google

Folks, this story isn’t going away.  Apparently, just minutes after President Obama gave his speech about the beheading of James Foley by the group formerly known as ISIS, he quickly returned to the golf course to play another round of golf with friends including former pro-basketball player Alonzo Mourning, Glenn Hutchins, founder of private equity shop Silver Lake Partners, and healthcare lobbyist Cyrus Walker. The incident sparked outrage for its lack of decorum following the death of an American citizen.  Given how callous this was, we have to wonder if Obama’s favorite golf buddy, Sen. Mark Udall will condemn the President for being so insensitive.

Not only was Obama’s golf game insensitive, but it also speaks to his utter lack of interest in national security.  Liz Cheney, daughter of vice president Dick Cheney, observed via Twitter that “Obama is more dedicated to golfing than he is to defending the nation.”

And, even the French (the French!) are criticizing Obama’s move. According to The Wall Street Journal, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had some pointed words for the President:

“I know in Western countries, this is vacation period. But when people are dying, you must return from vacation.”

But, what about Mark Udall?  He’s the only Democratic member of Congress to golf with the president, and perhaps the only one who loves the game as much.  Will Mark Udall stand with the President as he has 99% of the time?  Or, will an American’s death cause Udall to (finally) break rank with the President?

What’s it going to be Senator?


CLEMENCY AFTER ELECTION: Hickenlooper’s Craven Move To Hide From Voters

Craven, craven, craven

What else is Gov. John Hickenlooper not telling Coloradans?  Complete Colorado has exclusive audio of Hickenlooper once again telling a reporter in confidence something he has never revealed to the average Coloradan.  This time Hickenlooper reveals that win or lose come November he’ll be granting Nathan Dunlap clemency.  As Complete writes:

In an interview with CNN earlier this year, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper suggested that if he does not win reelection, he could use his executive powers to overhaul Colorado’s death row with clemency

Hickenlooper interrupts.  ”And, you know, if that becomes a political issue, in that context within a campaign, um, obviously there’s a period of time between the election and, and the end of the year where individuals can make decisions, such as a governor can.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

As Kelly Maher over at Compass Colorado points out in a statement:

The irony, of course, is that the one person who made the execution of one of Colorado’s most vile killers a “political football” is Hickenlooper himself.

Much like President Obama and Sen. Mark Udall on the Keystone XL pipeline, it is Hick who has inserted politics into the death penalty here in Colorado.  He has done this by choosing to ignore a decision made by a jury of average Coloradans, upheld on three separate occasions by Colorado’s Supreme Court.  If it wasn’t for Hickenlooper inserting politics into the process by refusing to allow the execution to proceed or by exercising his right as Governor to commute the sentence, politics would never have come to bear here.  Instead, Hickenlooper’s refusal to be a leader where he would take a stance or make a definite decision on Dunlap has left waters murky that definitely shouldn’t be.

Last week, Hickenlooper admitted he’s now anti-death penalty.  Despite this admission, Hickenlooper has refused to commute Dunlap’s sentence yet.  Is Hickenlooper not willing to stand by what he believes and let the Colorado voters’ decide accordingly?  What kind of political posturing is that?  It’s clear it is more important to Hickenlooper to be reelected than to be a strong, principled leader that Colorado deserves.  The man  who claims to not be your average politician, has proven he’s much more cynical and craven than your average politician; most of them have the decency at least to not hide from voters what they feel is clearly wrong.  It’s apparent now the only thing Hickenlooper strongly believes in is the furthering of his own ambitions.


NAM NAM NAM: New Outside Group Attacks Udall For Backing Extreme Regulations

“I promise, these regulations are great for Colorado”

As if the Colorado campaign airwaves weren’t already crowded enough, the National Association of Manufactures launched a new radio spot aimed at attacking Sen. Mark Udall for his support of President Obama’s stringent EPA regulations.

NAM represents a new group hopping into Colorado’s Senatorial race, but unlike most of the outside groups already playing in the race between Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner, NAM has been around a long time.  Founded in 1895, the National Association of Manufacturers has long been the largest manufacturing industrial trade association.  Udall’s campaign can’t be pleased to know not only will they have to fend off newcomers like Crossroads GPS and Americans For Prosperity, but, now also, the old guard as well.

The timing of more outside groups piling on Udall couldn’t come at a worse time for him and his campaign as Udall’s biggest ally, San Franciscan Tom Steyer, reveals his own extremist agenda has had a hard time gaining traction, raising less than a million dollars from anyone other than himself.  This is far short of the $50 million Steyer bragged about bringing in when he started really meddling in politics this past spring.

Listen to the ad here, with a transcript of it below:

Protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility, and Colorado manufacturers take that responsibility seriously.  We’re working hard to be responsible members of our community, while at the same time helping to grow our economy and create new jobs.  But, now, politicians and special interests in Washington are trying to impose unrealistic new ozone regulations on Coloradans that will do little to improve our environment.  What they will do is put a stop to all the economic progress we’ve worked so hard to achieve, causing almost 25,000 job losses every year, and costing over a billion dollars more just to drive our cars and trucks over the next 23 years.  Letting Washington bureaucrats run our energy policy is not responsible government, and it’s not why Colorado sent Senator Mark Udall to Washington.  Call Senator Mark Udall today at 303-650-7820.  Tell him to stand up for Colorado manufacturing and say no to unrealistic and costly new energy regulations.


WINGNUT WHO? Cory Booker Forgets That Udall Is “Most Liberal” Candidate in Competitive Races

So, what you’re saying is that Udall is the wingnut?

Over the weekend, Sen. Cory Booker stumped for vulnerable Sen. Mark Udall.  According to Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post‘s Spot blog, Booker described Gardner as a wingnut, but the problem is that it’s actually Udall who is on the fringe. From the Post:

“Booker described Gardner as a ‘wingnut’ and said the reason the country is interested in Udall’s race is because ‘so goes Colorado in November, so goes America.’”

But, just last month, the New York Times had this to say about Udall:

“Per our numbers, the biggest ideological gap between candidates is in Colorado. Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year.”

The New York Times isn’t exactly a shill for the right either.  But, the facts are the facts.  Udall is only one or two of politicians in competitive races who continue to oppose the Keystone Pipeline, for example.  Udall sided with fellow wingnut Tom Steyer and his radical environmental policies.  The stimulus?  Udall noted that a lot of good projects were cut from the bloated, wasteful program. Translation: he wanted a bigger program. Then, there was the Obamacare issue.

Booker can lob all the lies and half-truths from the left he wants, but Udall’s record of voting with Obama 99% of the time speaks for itself.

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