DESPERATE DISTRACTION: How To Make A Pro-Udall Attack Ad

“Man, I’m loving these Chicago-style politics”

The Senate Majority PAC— the pro-Udall, pro-Democrat outfit—released an ad today that utters the word “rape” five times in just 30 seconds.  You know that narrative Colorado Democrats were trying to push this morning that Sen. Mark Udall was actually up by seven points in this race? Yeah, that’s dead.  An incumbent leading by that much would never have such a shrill ad put out on the behalf by an outside group.  This instead smacks of a old, worn out candidate trying his damnedest to hang on by his finger nails.

This is an ad one would more expect out New York or Chicago, where they could give a damn about any sort of civility and only worry about winning no matter the costs.  New York or Chicago style politics have no place in Colorado, where more often than not, the things that unite us greatly overshadow whatever divides us.  State Senator Ellen Roberts echoes this sentiment when she released this statement on the ad:

“There is such a thing as going too far in political advertising and Senator Udall and his allies have done it in this new ad. Rape victims should not be used as a political football and the fact that Senator Udall and his allies are content with exploiting rape victims to win reelection should cost him the support of women for using tragic circumstances as a tool for his gain. This ad lies about Cory Gardner three times in thirty seconds and uses the word ‘rape’ five times to lie about the Congressman’s record. It’s extremely disappointing to see a Senator from Colorado and his allies resort to these shameful and divisive tactics in an attempt to further his political ambitions. The ad should be removed from Colorado’s airwaves immediately.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Mark Udall continues to show he might have been gone to DC as a Coloradan, but his extreme liberal voting record and now his bitter, tactless need to win at all costs show he certainly stopped being one somewhere along the line.


NO OFFICER, THOSE AREN’T MY TAXES: Complete Colorado Finds Polis Not Paying His Full Taxes

For all the love Democrats espouse for high taxes and big government, when it comes time for them to put their money where their mouth is, they all reveal they hate paying taxes just as much as the rest of us Americans do.  So, it shouldn’t come as a shocker when Complete Colorado began to investigate the taxes Rep. Jared Polis pays on his now open portal to hell because of fracking vacation home, they didn’t exactly line up.  As Complete Colorado reports:

U.S. Representative Jared Polis (D-Boulder) may be underpaying taxes on a portion of his beloved Weld County property, but it’s difficult to say that definitively.

Polis’ office has not returned a request for comment, and the Weld County Assessor’s office gave a cryptic response to our inquiry.

Complete goes on to explain the different type of designations that are attached to various parts of Polis’ numerous acres.  More specifically, how a misdesignated piece of land may be allowing Polis to pay taxes at a rate 9x cheaper than what it actually should be.  This appears to be a clear case of “Taxes for thee, but not for me.”  We don’t blame Polis; it’s downright American to try to pay as little taxes as possible (we promise taxman, our business write-off of our new Pina colada machine is completely legit).  What we do find incredibly dishonest is the hypocrisy of Polis’ actions when matched with his words.  Democrats should stand by what they preach.  If higher taxes is a policy they want to pursue, they should not look to weasel out of paying their own taxes.

The last laugh goes to Complete on this issue, as the subsequent actions by Polis makes it quite obvious Complete was barking up the right tree:

UPDATE: Just as we published this piece, we did another check of the numbers on the Weld County website. It now appears the discrepancy in tax evaluations has been cured, likely after we contacted Polis’ office on Wednesday, or when we contacted the assessor’s office in early June. The ‘dry farmland’ which was previously given an assessed value of $200 is now assessed at $1,600. Was it our investigation that forced the change? We’ll try to find out.

For as inhospitable as the land now is around Polis’ second home, we’re surprised he’s actually kept it almost a year after Polis declared himself that his “Colorado dream” was over.  Guess he still likes it enough to be willing to pay even more taxes on it.


EVERYTHING BUT EDUCATION: Teachers Union Proposals Expose Leftist Propaganda

The Wall Street Journal ran a particularly interesting editorial on the National Education Association’s meeting here in Denver.  As it turns out, many of the items on the agenda had little to do with education and everything to do with propagandizing of left-leaning politics.

Here are the examples (and their proposed costs!) from the Journal:

  • Demanding Education Secretary Arne Duncan be fired: $2,500 (approved)
  • NEA Support for International Day of Peace campaign: Cost unknown (approved)
  • Educate members on why fracking is bad: $9,750 (someone tell Polis he doesn’t have to spend tens of millions) (approved)
  • Press release to boycott Staples in solidarity with the postal workers union as the U.S. Postal Service has contracted work to Staples: $5,000 (approved)
  • Creating a list of books that have “LGBTQ gender and nonconforming themes”: $6,500 (approved)
  • Promotion of “clean energy” in curriculum: $10,760 (approved)
  • Union president should send letter to Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder denouncing the NFL team name’s “institutional racism”: Cost unknown (sent to committee for further discussion)
  • Support for reparations for “the lingering impact of slavery” and “subtle Jim Crow policies and thinking” inclucing “unconscious bias” (sent to committee for further discussion)

Perhaps what was most interesting was what the union voted down:

“…a  proposal that would require the NEA’s board to provide written justification for executive officers’ raises, and another that urged the NEA to “bargain in good faith” with its internal union, the Association of Field Service Employees (AFSE), thus exemplifying “the behavior we advocate for in negotiations.”

So, the union refused transparency on officers’ raises and refused a proposal to negotiate in “good faith” with the union’s internal union (who knew there were unions within unions?).  While the Journal article offers explanations for unions’ declining numbers, these two examples should be more than enough to show why teachers are thinking twice before jumping in bed with unions.


PEAKING TOO EARLY: Prognosticators Downgrade Udall Despite Outlier Poll

“How many debates did my campaign sign me up for?”

It’s been an odd day so far for polls and prognosticators when it comes to Colorado.  A new NBC/Marist poll has Sen. Mark Udall with his biggest lead in the Senate race since Rep. Cory Gardner got in the race.  Yet, at the same time, one of the big national prognosticators, Stu Rothenberg, has downgraded Udall in the race from “likely Dem” to “toss-up/tilt Dem.”  Rothenberg certainly seems nonplussed with the Marist poll and most other political observers are agreeing with him.  Harry Enten, the senior political writer at FiveThirtyEight, tweeted this out:

Enten goes on to point out why this poll feels so out of step (and why Democrats are rallying so hard around it): it doesn’t fit the feeling of the race on the ground.


Question: does an incumbent who is up by seven have one of the most bizarre weeks where he goes out of his way to avoid his own fundraiser that the sitting President of the United States shows up for?  Does an incumbent who is up by seven do everything in his power to make the race about wedge issues when the American economy actually contracted the first quarter of an election year?

The Colorado Left (and some national Lefties as well) are pushing this poll hard because it is the first possible good news Udall has had in a long time.  But, truth be told, they are really clinging so hard to it because it might be their last chance to change the narrative of the race before Udall is completely swept away.

Much has been made about Marist using all registered voters versus just likely voters (a huge caveat especially in a non-Presidential year), and Marist assuming a 16% Hispanic electorate (even in the 2012 Presidential year, Colorado Hispanics made up only 14% of Colorado’s electorate), but even without those, the basic facts of this race haven’t changed.  Udall has a deeply flawed, far left, six-year record in the Senate that has him tripping over himself left and right running from it.  His close relationship with President Obama, once an asset when Obama was popular, has become a mill stone around his neck as Obama’s popularity in Colorado continues to plunge.  His opponent, Gardner, is well-liked and highly thought of— Rothenberg goes even as far to say Gardner’s “energy and sunny disposition will help make him broadly appealing.”

The time is ticking down on Udall.  If he doesn’t put this race away by the time Labor Day rolls around, if he doesn’t put this race away by the first time him and Gardner step on a stage across from each other, he will lose.  His record is too far left for a state like Colorado, and he has demonstrated he has an amazing ability to fumble even the simplest of questions.  Gardner with his sunny disposition will put him to the sword for it, and all while doing it with a smile.

Mark it down PeakNation™, this outlier poll was just the high water mark of Udall’s reelection campaign, and he still couldn’t break 50%.


FRACTIVISTS FLOP: Minus Outside Money And People, Fractivists Fail In CO

Colorado Community Rights Network, a fractivists group pushing an extreme anti-fracking initiative this fall, determined it would be impossible for them to gather enough signatures in time to qualify for the ballot.  As The Gazette’s Megan Schrader reported:

The first of several proposed ballot questions to increase local regulation over the oil and gas industry threw in the towel early Monday admitting the group was unlikely to collect almost 86,000 signatures by the Aug. 4 deadline.

The Colorado Community Rights Network was relying almost exclusively on volunteers to collect signatures to put a question on the November ballot asking voters whether local communities should be able to regulate industries that threaten a community’s health or safety. [the Peak’s emphasis]

PeakNation™, that is one down, and more to go.  What should be most encouraging to us on the commonsense side of things—and, what should be most terrifying for fractivists pushing their extremists’ agenda—is that CCRN were determined to use an (almost) all-volunteer network to gather their signatures.  In other words: your average Coloradan.  Yet, not only did they fail, they failed by such a wide margin that they quit the race with more than three weeks left to go.  This shows the average Coloradan has no stomach for this anti-business, anti-Colorado, far-Left agenda.  The only hope fractivists have in Colorado is to ship in out-of-state people, while, simultaneously also pumping in gobs of out-of-state money.

All that talk about “local control” is officially dead.  We’re now more likely to see Mark Ruffalo collecting signatures, than a Coloradan who’s not getting paid to.

One aspect of this battle that hasn’t gotten much attention is fractivist fatigue.  Fractivists certainly don’t have the facts on their side.  Their doomsday scenarios have no science behind them, and the only faucets being lit on fire are nearly 2,000 miles away in Pennsylvania where swamp gas is known to naturally happen.  Fracitivists’ failure to capture the Colorado electorate this year will only make it harder in the future, as Colorado’s strong fracking safety record becomes more and more well known.  This is not to say fractivists still won’t be able to pick off a community or two in the future (how could they not when you got a place like the People’s Republic of Boulder where they don’t have pet owners, but rather pet “guardians.”  We at the Peak are still eagerly waiting for the first Yorkie emancipation), but never will they have a better time to blind the entire state of Colorado to their extremists’ position.  If they don’t make it this year, they won’t make it any year.

Rep. Jared Polis can’t be looking forward to kissing his millions goodbye in this boondoggle.  If he actually sees this all the way through to the end, he might have to start accepting that Congresional salary he’s been refusing all these years.

The fact that the fractivists’ initiatives are dying off under their own weight, makes it that much more incredible that Gov. John Hickenlooper is still being held hostage by Polis.  Surely, if Hick had any sort of actual leadership ability he wouldn’t be at the mercy of someone who has no solid ground to stand on.  Then again, the Governor’s mansion did get some beer taps installed this last spring, so we can’t be sure he even knows it’s summer already.


BIG TENT: GOP State Legislative Candidates Highlighted by RSLC

The Republican Party in Colorado is gaining on Democrats when it comes to nominating candidates that represent Colorado’s diverse heritage.   Two of Colorado’s top targeted legislative races both feature minority GOP candidates and have made the list of “14 in ’14 Races to Watch” put out by the Republican State Leadership Committee:

Martinez Humenik

  • Beth Martinez Humenik, Colorado Senate District 24

JulieMarie Shepherd

  • JulieMarie Shepherd, Colorado House District 40 

Beth Martinez Humenick is running against former Rep. Judy Solano for the seat being vacated by term-limited Sen. Lois Tochtrop.  Martinez Humenick’s grandparents came to America during the Mexican Revolution to give their family a better life and have proudly lived here since.    The Adams-county based seat has always been a middle-of-the-road bellwether for Colorado.  Even though Tochtrop is a Democrat, she leans right on many issues including guns and energy and has often been a swing vote in the Senate.  Whoever wins this seat can’t be viewed as a rubber stamp for their party, which puts Solano at a major disadvantage.  Martinez Humenick is a real trailblazer and her focus on education, the economy, roads and healthcare puts her ideologically in-line with the constituents she is hoping to represent.

JulieMarie Shepherd is challenging Democrat Rep. John Buckner for his Aurora-based seat.  She has already distinguished herself in the community and is an at-large member of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education.  Shepherd is young, energetic and hungry to make a difference.  Buckner has also tried to distinguish himself on education, but he is very much seen as being ‘old guard’ and enjoys close ties to the teachers union.  In order to win this competitive seat, candidates will have to bring fresh ideas to the table and be able to connect with the changing face of the district.

Both Martinez Humenick and Shepherd will benefit from the RSLC’s recognition since national attention means more money will flow into those races.

CORRECTION: This post has been corrected to reflect that JulieMarie Shepherd is not of Hispanic descent.  



PeakFeed: Hick Calls Obama “The Change We Need”

Last week, much ado was made over Mark Udall’s refusal to be seen with President Barack Obama due to Obama’s abysmal poll numbers.  Many compared Udall’s praise for Obama back in the day when he was popular to Udall’s current game of hide and seek.  But, Udall wasn’t the only politician praising Obama in 2008.  Embattled Gov. John Hickenlooper also had some pretty noteworthy praise for then-Sen. Obama.  Just watch:

From the video:

Change, Change has served me well, it’s served Denver well over its 150 year history, and change is the only thing that can restart our nation’s economy and realign our nation’s compass.

We simply cannot afford to continue down the same old path with the same old, tired policies, and the same old, tired politics.

Barack Obama represents the change we need. The new ideas and leadership to transform America’s challenges into opportunities.  Barack Obama inspires us to work harder….

To his credit, Hickenlooper actually appeared with Obama. Perhaps Obama makes some want to work harder (at their golf game), but his change has been disastrous for our country.  Let’s just chalk Hick’s sycophantic speech up to another lapse in judgment, shall we?


DROP THE INITIATIVES: Democrats Turn Up Heat on Polis, Dangle DCCC

Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado job killer

Democrats are begging their own Rep. Jared Polis to back off his proposed ballot initiatives for fear they may cost them the U.S. Senate, but nothing, not even a reported call from President Barack Obama has been enough to convince Polis to back the truck up.  Of course, Polis is well known for not caring about anything or anyone other than himself.  Even a former Howard “Send Republicans to Russia” Dean fears that the initiatives could be toxic to Democrats this election cycle, according to Time:

“The concern among many Democrats is that the ballot initiatives that we’re talking about are very very appealing the farther left you go; troubling at the center; and on the right, they are turn out machines,” says Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist and Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign manager. “If you’re in a safe district, you’re not concerned. But if you’re a Democrat that has to win statewide these things look a lot different.”

And, that is where Rep. Nancy Pelosi comes in.  Polis is actively campaigning for a huge promotion, the leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  That’s basically the same job that Sen. Michael Bennet has on the Senate side.  That means that Polis would be in charge of helping Democratic Congressional candidates make it across the finish line. This would be a big freaking deal.

The Beltway Buzz says that Nancy Pelosi is trying to talk Polis out of the initiatives.  Is this the carrot that she’s dangling to force his retreat?

Will Polis roll the fractivists and his “great concern” about his garage turned guest house the pace of oil and gas development just for a chance to be Pelosi’s top deputy?  Or, does Polis actually want to affect policy in a way that would protect communities from the “nightmare” of high-paying jobs and responsible energy production?  Was this all a vanity campaign that Polis will shelve in order to become Pelosi’s campaign pimp?

Or, does Polis really care about oil and gas in Colorado?  Better yet – does Polis really care about Coloradans?  We suspect we know the answer to that.


CONFIRMED: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Obama

“Say it with me O-BA-MA”

A vote for Sen. Mark Udall is essentially a vote for President Obama.  That’s the association Udall was hiding from all week long.  But, that association is hard to hide from when facts everywhere continue to back it up.  It’s long been known and cited that Udall votes with Obama 99% of the time.  Not only is this the worst percentage among vulnerable Senate Democrats, it actually puts him square in the company of the bluest of blue Senators; Senators like California deep blue liberal Barbara Boxer, progressives’ favorite Elizabeth Warren (actually to the left of her 97%), New York liberal Kirsten Gillibrand, and everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Harry Reid.

Now, earlier this week the wonks over at FiveThirtyEight crunched some numbers to rate the Senate candidates of the most competitive races this year.  What should come as no shock to any Coloradan who has been paying attention, Mark Udall was ranked the most liberal.  By looking at a candidate’s votes, their statements, and their donors, FiveThirtyEight could find no more liberal Senator than Udall.  As they write:

Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year. [the Peak’s emphasis]

At the same time, out of ten races, Gardner falls right in the middle of them as the sixth most moderate.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, just look at the respective campaigns they have run.  While Udall is off at the beck and call of an eco-extremist, Gardner has been pushing for a commonsense policy on the Keystone XL pipeline which over 60% of Coloradans agree with.  While Udall wants to give more power to Obama to interfere in the daily lives of Coloradans, Gardner has been standing up for Coloradans against Obama.  While Udall is busy writing letters and climbing mountains, Gardner is actually getting legislation passed.

Here’s the bottom line in this race: Udall has refused to stand up to Obama and the disastrous path Obama has taken America on, not just domestically, but internationally as well.  This failure by Udall isn’t because he lacks the will (have you heard, he hikes mountains), rather he lacks the desire.  This is because Udall is just as liberal as Obama if not more so.  If Colorado sends Udall back to Washington, D.C. for another six years, it is a clear endorsement from Coloradans that we approve of what Obama is doing.  Knowing the fierce independent spirit of Coloradans, we know this is clearly not the case.

If there was any doubt where Udall stands on Obama, these really sweet words should clear it all up:


BIG GOV JOHN: CO State Government Bloats Out Under Hickenlooper

“Pass me another beer, I got a state to run into the ground.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper and his administration are quick to trumpet any list that has Colorado at or near the top in job growth.  Yet, one list of job growth Hickenlooper has never talked about is the unprecedented expansion of state government that has taken place under his failed leadership.  For all his empty rhetoric about being a centrist, Hickenlooper at one point had the Colorado state government expanding at a rate greater than 10% for nine straight months (January 2013- September 2013).  Not even failed liberal states like California or Illinois could come close to this feat.  Is there any doubt left that Hickenlooper is anything other than a tax-big, spend-big, big government liberal?

Even now, with the most recent job numbers from May, looking back over the past 12-month average, Colorado is number one in the country for state government growth at an astounding 6.81%.  The next closest state government doesn’t even come close, being an almost two full percentage points less at 4.92%.  Meanwhile, Colorado nearly doubles Iowa (3.70%) who sits at number three.  Remember PeakNation™, this unprecedented growth of state government for Colorado is taking place at the same time nearly 20 other states are still shrinking their state governments to be more efficient.

In 2013 alone, the Colorado state government expanded at an absurd rate of 10.45% for the entire year.  No one else in the country was remotely close to this, as the next closest state came in at merely 4.15%.

Hickenlooper likes to claim him and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg don’t talk about guns (Hick lies, they do), but maybe among one of their many conversations Bloomberg tutored Hick on how to expand nanny-state government.  With over 25,000 pages of new codes and regulations since he has come into office, it only makes sense Hickenlooper would have to bloat out the state bureaucracy to write and enforce all that new red tape.

Hickenlooper has no problem grabbing and trying to own any positive economic number for Colorado; yet, the one area of growth he is directly responsible for, the growth of the state government bureaucracy, he has never once cited.  Is he ashamed of what he has done, or, does he just realize Coloradans will not tolerate a man who has gone so far to destroy our mountain-west, independent spirit?

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