DID HICK FORGET TO PAY POLS’ BILLS TOO? ColoradoPols’ Account Has Been Suspended

Ooops.  Looks like somebody forgot to pay something because ColoradoPols website is down.  Maybe Hick forgot to pay for that service, too.  We almost feel bad for them – this is about the worst nightmare we could imagine as a media outlet.  If they didn’t have a “case of the Mondays” before, we bet they do now.

Maybe now that Jared Polis sold environmentalists down the river for who knows what, he can use his extra cash that he would have spent on ballot initiatives to bail out ColoradoPols?



CHECKING-IN: State’s New Computer System Still a Train Wreck

Six weeks after the glitch-ridden launch of Colorado’s new computer system that manages $20 billion of taxpayer revenue, things are still not going well. 

At the beginning of July, we highlighted a Fox 31 investigation and a Complete Colorado report that found the system overhaul – directed by Gov. John Hickenlooper’s Office of Information and Technology – was a “disaster in the making.” Since then, departments and agencies across the board have experienced payment-processing problems as a result of this new system.

7News recently featured a story about how Hickenlooper’s computer system is also affecting the Unclaimed Property Office, which is responsible for returning lost or forgotten property (mostly cash) to the people of Colorado.  Like many others in the state, this agency is experiencing a major backlog.  According to the 7News report, Unclaimed Property is just the tip of the iceberg – state disbursements for contractors and rent have also been delayed.

It is worth noting that Unclaimed Property, which falls under the purview of Treasurer Walker Stapleton, is working to correct the backlog.  That’s more than can be said for other areas of state government where Hickenlooper, by contrast, has been noticeably silent on the issue.

The way we see it is that Hickenlooper either knew this system was not ready for prime time and didn’t care, or he wasn’t paying enough attention to the tenuous transition.  Either way, this episode has demonstrated that Hick does not have the fundamental leadership skills required to run the state.  If his administration can’t handle basic responsibilities like paying bills and making sure the trains run on time, then he should find another job.



GLASS HOUSES: Romanoff Asks Supporters to Sign Petition to Stop Negative Campaigning

What? Me? Run a dirty campaign?

When an astute reader emailed us a link to liberal Sixth Congressional District candidate, Andrew Romanoff’s tweet suggesting that U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman follow Andy’s lead in refraining from personal attacks, we thought perhaps it was a joke.  But, here is the tweet:

The link leads to a petition that idiots Coloradans can sign.  The reason this is funny?  Romanoff is known for running dirty, nasty campaigns filled with personal attacks. It was so bad, in fact, that in 2010, now-Senator Michael Bennet had this to say about Romanoff’s campaigning:

From the beginning of the ad:

“The Denver Post speaks out, calling Andrew Romanoff’s TV attacks ‘sleazy, misleading, and below the belt. We don’t need another politician willing to grossly distort reality.’”

The Denver Post article in question also called Romanoff’s ad “cynical politics at its worst”. So, when Andy Romanoff’s campaign asks a war veteran to follow his lead in running a clean campaign, we just have to laugh.  It’s almost as bad as asking a group of immigration activists to follow someone’s lead and, then, leaving them with a mess to clean up.  That was Andrew Romanoff, too.

Wethinks Romanoff might not know the definition of “lead”.  Even worse, Romanoff’s attacks are  examples of gross hypocrisy.  We’d offer the age-old saying that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but he sold his last house to fund his failing campaign in 2010, so not sure if that would apply here….


FINLEY TO THE RESCUE: Denver Post Writer Willfully Ignores Facts of Fracking Study

If only Finley thought so deeply about this study as he appears to be doing in this photo…. Photo courtesy of BruceFinley.com

Radical environmentalists’ favorite Colorado reporter, Bruce Finley of The Denver Post, published a piece that suggested that Colorado ranked second in the country for the amount of diesel used in fracking fluid, which is illegal in many states.

Here’s the deal. Finley’s piece, based on a report by the Environmental Integrity Project, is grossly misleading (Greg Moore, will Finley be punished yet?).  That stat is only the beginning.  Finley says that 9,173 gallons of diesel fuel have been used in fracking activities.  The dirty secret is 9,171 came from one well and the remaining two gallons of kerosene were spread out over 14 wells.  For those of you at home who were not math majors (Betsy Markey, we’re looking at you), that’s approximately 36 ounces, or three bottles of beer, per well.

The average concentration for those 14 wells, based on EIP’s data table, was literally about 0.00006 percent of the total fluid. For the one with most of the diesel use, the diesel accounted for one percent of the total fracturing fluid, which was over 400,000 gallons.

Then, there’s the tricky scenario where the definition of diesel is murky.  Operators weren’t flouting the law, as the study claims, because the substance they used to frack, kerosene, wasn’t considered a diesel fuel until February 2014, after most of the wells had been drilled. The report, in essence, is retroactively changing the definition of diesel fuel in order to ding more operations.

According to Energy in Depth:

“Out of 280 supposed ‘diesel fracks’ in EIP’s report, 273 of them simply cannot be accurately described as such.”

The Environmental Protection Agency’s original concern with the use of diesel fuel in fracking was due to its use as a primary ingredient in fracking fluid.  The fracking that happens now contains perhaps a fraction of a percent of kerosene and only as an anti-corrosion agent, not the main liquid in fracking fluid. But, again, there has never been an instance of fracking contaminating drinking water – not with kerosene or any other ingredient.

The report also is missing context as FracFocus, the well database that the report relies upon, contains information about 77,500 wells.  This report has singled out 351 wells, which is just 0.5% of the wells listed. And, even these 351 wells listed have not used diesel fuel inappropriately.

If the bulk of the report is untrue, why does the media even pay any attention to this garbage?  As it turns out, EIP’s comms director is Tom Pelton, who also happens to host an environmental show on NPR.

But, Finley mentions none of this. Instead, he swallowed whole the story from EIP.  If this instance was the first time he’s obfuscated the truth in the name of environmentalism, perhaps we’d offer the tip that a healthy sense of skepticism would go a long way.  But, this is a well-established pattern with Finley, and it’s not fair to his readers.


DAMAGE CONTROL: Udall’s Top Spox Tells Whopper Of Lie

“They told me he was supposed to be good at his job.”

Is it time for Sen. Mark Udall to add another press person?  One would think between the three he already has, they wouldn’t commit the kind of mistakes you would expect from a dog catcher’s campaign.  Today, in a completely epic fail, Udall’s spokesman Chris Harris, a Kansas City via Washington D.C. transplant unleased this blatant lie:

.@CoryGardnerCO voted AGAINST bill to re-open government that included $450 million for flood relief. http://t.co/JWdg86ABwA #copolitics

— Chris Harris (@chris_p_harris) August 15, 2014


The problem is that Gardner not only voted for that bill, but he was also one of the major advocates pushing it.  Udall even praised Gardner in a press release on the bill.  Don’t worry PeakNation™, plenty of screenshots out there of this one just in case Harris wants to go back and delete his boneheaded, blatant lie.

How bad is Udall’s spokesman’s mistake?  The entire Colorado Left took to twitter in full damage mode shortly after it went out, trying to spin this a hundred ways and distract.  Perhaps if Udall had a record he could run on, his campaign spokesman would have to resort to such extremes to try to help his boss.  Instead, now Harris not only looks like he’s trying to exploit the tragedy of last year’s floods for political gain, now he has to explain why his own boss praised Gardner on this bill.  From Udall’s own press release:

Colorado U.S. Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, Congressmen Ed Perlmutter, Jared Polis, and Cory Gardner, Governor John Hickenlooper, and local officials gathered today in Coal Creek Canyon to highlight the emergency transportation funding newly available to help rebuild and repair roads, bridges, and highways damaged in recent flooding…

…While Washington shut down, Colorado’s Congressional delegation — House members and Senators, Democrats and Republicans — worked together to secure a provision to lift the cap on how much emergency transportation funding Colorado can access. The delegation spent weeks urging their colleagues to pass the measure. It was included in the Senate’s bipartisan agreement to end the shutdown and avoid a default. [the Peak's emphasis]

Udall’s office even goes on to quote Gardner later in the press release.

What to make of all of this?  That full desperation is setting in on Udall’s campaign.  Millions of dollars in attack ads against Gardner has yet to move the needle at all in the race, so Udall’s campaign has moved on to the exploitation of last year’s devastating floods that ravaged Colorado.  It must be all too easy for an out-of-stater like Harris to make political hay from those tragic rains that destroyed too many Coloradans lives.  For Udall to be okay with this guy being the mouthpiece of his campaign just shows how there is nothing off-limits for Udall when it comes to the pursuit of his political ambitions.


BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Udall’s Lip-Service On Sage Grouse Hurts CO

“I’m only to happen to bend to Obama’s will.”

Sen. Mark Udall was in Gunnison this week, getting a lesson on how listing the Gunnison sage grouse as an endangered species would harm the economies of Gunnison and large parts of the Western Slope.  Now, we’re sure he made all sorts of promises, and said all sorts of nice words, like that he would fight to make sure President Obama didn’t harm a place Obama’s most likely never been to.  But, as we’ve illustrated many times, and as the people over at Breitbart do once again, Udall’s actions fall very far short of whatever he might say:

Colorado Democrat Senator Mark Udall is talking a good game (bird) when it comes to an issue with significant economic ramifications for the West, including in Colorado; however, his actions, unlike his words suggest there is good reason for concern. (the Peak‘s emphasis)

Breitbart goes on to speak about a Wall Street Journal article that illustrates how Obama acting in coordination with Green Activists and his Department of Interior could use the listing of Gunnison sage grouse as a way to prohibit development throughout western Colorado.  Not only would this be a huge infringement by over-bearing Washington Bureaucrats on rural Coloradans, but it would also be an economy killer.  Any sort of activity aimed to produce more jobs and grow the economy would almost certainly have to run through a new slew of red tape aimed at choking off all individual initiative or innovation.  Obama’s government has a history of taking a very broad view when it comes to impact of ecological systems.  Anything from you coming within thousands of miles of disturbing nesting grounds (approximately), to you looking at one of the birds funny usually results in eco-extremists getting butt-hurt and the federal government yelling at you for being a bad person.

Once again Udall’s actions paint a very different story then his words:

Udall could have voted to prevent the above from happening in the foreseeable future, instead, he’s claiming the threat is required to make local officials act to protect the bird. That position assumes the local officials and state citizens that vote them in and out of office are incapable of acting responsibly without being threatened from the federal government. So much for all politics being local.

It should come as no surprise that Obama has put off any final decision on the Gunnison sage grouse until after midterm elections.  It’s only all too easy to connect the dots that no one from Gunnison or the Western Slope is going to want to vote for Udall after he bows to whatever Obama and the eco-extremists want to do to Colorado once again.


WHY SO SHY? Udall Blocks Trackers from a Women’s Event

Today, reports surfaced on Twitter that embattled U.S. Senator Mark Udall (again) kicked out not one but two trackers from an event at which he was speaking, the Women’s Forum on Economic Opportunity.  The fact that he was speaking at all at such a forum after paying women in his office so much less than men is hilarious.  It would almost be like football player, Michael Vick, jailed for dog fighting, speaking at a PETA conference.

Nonetheless, trackers from Revealing Politics and America Rising were each kicked out after successfully RSVPing for the event. See the successful RSVP of one of the trackers here to the right.

And, then, here is a tweet from Revealing Politics below.

The question we have is – what is Mark Udall hiding and why is he so unwilling to go on record at this event?  What could he possibly be saying in there?  Or, is he simply afraid that the women, once inside, might turn on him and shout him down over equal pay the way Hickenlooper was shot down by his base at the convention for supporting fracking?

Anyone who attended this forum – what on earth happened in there that was so controversial?


MORE DAYS OF SUNSHINE: Initiative to Open Teachers Union Collective Bargaining Negotiations Makes 2014 Ballot

What is the teachers union hiding?

Yesterday might have been a stressful day for teachers unions across the state.  The Secretary of State certified an initiative that would require school boards to let the public observe collective bargaining negotiations, also known as Prop 104.

To make the ballot, the initiative’s supporters had to turn in 86,100 valid signatures.  The Independence Institute turned in 129,850, and a sample test of the signatures projected that the initiative would have had around 94,903 valid signatures, more than enough to place it on the ballot.

Jon Caldara, head of the Independence Institute, offered The Colorado Statesman this rationale for the ballot initiative in June:

“For years we have been working on transparency and trying to make what government does more accessible to taxpayers and to interested parties, and since there are about 11 other states that have these open meetings for negotiations, we decided it’s about time that Colorado do this.  If the legislature won’t open up government, then we believe the citizens will.”

Another reason this is necessary is because collective bargaining negotiations would be public if they involved three or more or a quorum of the school board, but often these negotiations are held far from the public’s eye when the negotiations are handled by administrative staff.

We would think that the unions would be all for this type of thing.  After all, if the negotiations are fair and reasonable from their end, we would think they’d endorse Prop 104.  So, Union Bosses, we’ll be waiting for your press release. Oh, wait.  The Colorado Education Association already came out against the initiative?

That’s odd.  What wouldn’t they want the public to see?


DOUBLE VISION: Dem Professional Class Already Mailing This Election In

We don’t know what is more sad and depressing for Colorado Democrats: the embarrassing plagiarizing of themselves or the fact that they think these attacks against Rep. Cory Gardner are strong enough to bear repeating.

Brandon Rittiman over at 9News places two Democratic ads attacking Gardner next to each other.  Lo and behold, the Democratic operatives who made these ads couldn’t even be bothered to cast two actors, and just used the same one.  Further, the tone, the pace, the rhetoric, even the kitchen where the ad takes place are all the same.  Hopefully, one of the Democratic outside groups who paid for these ads saved its receipt; they should be able to demand a refund for such shoddy work.

To add to the embarrassment of the entire situation, the attacks leveled against Gardner in these ads are mostly distortions or just outright lies.  The fact that they are attacking Gardner for tax breaks that Sen. Mark Udall himself has voted for, shows just how desperate the Colorado Left has gotten in trying to lower Gardner’s numbers to Udall’s level.

Have a look for yourself here: continue…


NEW CAMPAIGN STRATEGY?: Democrat Yells At Small Children


“Hey you kids!  Get off my lawn out of my parade!”  That’s at least the gist of a small piece of news from the southwest corner of the state, as Rep. Mike McLachlan (D-59th) takes the unorthodox political tactic of yelling at small children at a parade.  Is this just his attempt at being avant-garde?  Was kissing babies just too passé for him?  As a letter to the Pine River Times reads:

I had the misfortune of witnessing 59th district representative Mike McLachlan treat two small kids who were riding dirt bikes in the parade very rude. McLachlan was admonishing the kids by telling them that it was illegal to ride the dirt bikes on the street. He was very condescending as well.

McLachlan then turned to their father (who was on a mountain bike supervising the kids) and began to admonish him with the same condescension.

As luck and coincidence would have it, we were also lucky enough to stumble upon a McLachlan internal campaign memo that laid out his re-election strategy in bullet points:

  • Yell at small children
  • Punt puppies
  • Be sure to call every female voter under the age of 40 I meet as “toots”
  • Streak through the quad
  • Canvass on Fort Lewis campus, ask students if public education failed them since they now go to a “safety” school
  • Fill pockets with grape jelly that way every hand I shake ends up sticky
  • Demand RevealingPolitics give me a tracker, because I am that goddam important
  • Tout my 99% voting record with Obama
  • Make sure all Ft. Lewis students know I think Goonies is overrated
  • Move to a new district I’ve never lived in before just to get elected
  • Unveil my new campaign slogan, “Durango is nice, but Boulder is better”
  • Replace campaign manager with Magic 8-ball (works for Hick!)
  • Divorce wife, marry 20-something
  • Check that last one… because why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.  Amirite?
  • Fundraising idea: Challenge Hick to a drinking contest
  • Find more small children to yell at


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