PeakFeed: Hick Calls Obama “The Change We Need”

Last week, much ado was made over Mark Udall’s refusal to be seen with President Barack Obama due to Obama’s abysmal poll numbers.  Many compared Udall’s praise for Obama back in the day when he was popular to Udall’s current game of hide and seek.  But, Udall wasn’t the only politician praising Obama in 2008.  Embattled Gov. John Hickenlooper also had some pretty noteworthy praise for then-Sen. Obama.  Just watch:

From the video:

Change, Change has served me well, it’s served Denver well over its 150 year history, and change is the only thing that can restart our nation’s economy and realign our nation’s compass.

We simply cannot afford to continue down the same old path with the same old, tired policies, and the same old, tired politics.

Barack Obama represents the change we need. The new ideas and leadership to transform America’s challenges into opportunities.  Barack Obama inspires us to work harder….

To his credit, Hickenlooper actually appeared with Obama. Perhaps Obama makes some want to work harder (at their golf game), but his change has been disastrous for our country.  Let’s just chalk Hick’s sycophantic speech up to another lapse in judgment, shall we?


DROP THE INITIATIVES: Democrats Turn Up Heat on Polis, Dangle DCCC

Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado job killer

Democrats are begging their own Rep. Jared Polis to back off his proposed ballot initiatives for fear they may cost them the U.S. Senate, but nothing, not even a reported call from President Barack Obama has been enough to convince Polis to back the truck up.  Of course, Polis is well known for not caring about anything or anyone other than himself.  Even a former Howard “Send Republicans to Russia” Dean fears that the initiatives could be toxic to Democrats this election cycle, according to Time:

“The concern among many Democrats is that the ballot initiatives that we’re talking about are very very appealing the farther left you go; troubling at the center; and on the right, they are turn out machines,” says Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist and Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign manager. “If you’re in a safe district, you’re not concerned. But if you’re a Democrat that has to win statewide these things look a lot different.”

And, that is where Rep. Nancy Pelosi comes in.  Polis is actively campaigning for a huge promotion, the leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  That’s basically the same job that Sen. Michael Bennet has on the Senate side.  That means that Polis would be in charge of helping Democratic Congressional candidates make it across the finish line. This would be a big freaking deal.

The Beltway Buzz says that Nancy Pelosi is trying to talk Polis out of the initiatives.  Is this the carrot that she’s dangling to force his retreat?

Will Polis roll the fractivists and his “great concern” about his garage turned guest house the pace of oil and gas development just for a chance to be Pelosi’s top deputy?  Or, does Polis actually want to affect policy in a way that would protect communities from the “nightmare” of high-paying jobs and responsible energy production?  Was this all a vanity campaign that Polis will shelve in order to become Pelosi’s campaign pimp?

Or, does Polis really care about oil and gas in Colorado?  Better yet – does Polis really care about Coloradans?  We suspect we know the answer to that.


CONFIRMED: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Obama

“Say it with me O-BA-MA”

A vote for Sen. Mark Udall is essentially a vote for President Obama.  That’s the association Udall was hiding from all week long.  But, that association is hard to hide from when facts everywhere continue to back it up.  It’s long been known and cited that Udall votes with Obama 99% of the time.  Not only is this the worst percentage among vulnerable Senate Democrats, it actually puts him square in the company of the bluest of blue Senators; Senators like California deep blue liberal Barbara Boxer, progressives’ favorite Elizabeth Warren (actually to the left of her 97%), New York liberal Kirsten Gillibrand, and everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Harry Reid.

Now, earlier this week the wonks over at FiveThirtyEight crunched some numbers to rate the Senate candidates of the most competitive races this year.  What should come as no shock to any Coloradan who has been paying attention, Mark Udall was ranked the most liberal.  By looking at a candidate’s votes, their statements, and their donors, FiveThirtyEight could find no more liberal Senator than Udall.  As they write:

Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year. [the Peak’s emphasis]

At the same time, out of ten races, Gardner falls right in the middle of them as the sixth most moderate.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, just look at the respective campaigns they have run.  While Udall is off at the beck and call of an eco-extremist, Gardner has been pushing for a commonsense policy on the Keystone XL pipeline which over 60% of Coloradans agree with.  While Udall wants to give more power to Obama to interfere in the daily lives of Coloradans, Gardner has been standing up for Coloradans against Obama.  While Udall is busy writing letters and climbing mountains, Gardner is actually getting legislation passed.

Here’s the bottom line in this race: Udall has refused to stand up to Obama and the disastrous path Obama has taken America on, not just domestically, but internationally as well.  This failure by Udall isn’t because he lacks the will (have you heard, he hikes mountains), rather he lacks the desire.  This is because Udall is just as liberal as Obama if not more so.  If Colorado sends Udall back to Washington, D.C. for another six years, it is a clear endorsement from Coloradans that we approve of what Obama is doing.  Knowing the fierce independent spirit of Coloradans, we know this is clearly not the case.

If there was any doubt where Udall stands on Obama, these really sweet words should clear it all up:


BIG GOV JOHN: CO State Government Bloats Out Under Hickenlooper

“Pass me another beer, I got a state to run into the ground.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper and his administration are quick to trumpet any list that has Colorado at or near the top in job growth.  Yet, one list of job growth Hickenlooper has never talked about is the unprecedented expansion of state government that has taken place under his failed leadership.  For all his empty rhetoric about being a centrist, Hickenlooper at one point had the Colorado state government expanding at a rate greater than 10% for nine straight months (January 2013- September 2013).  Not even failed liberal states like California or Illinois could come close to this feat.  Is there any doubt left that Hickenlooper is anything other than a tax-big, spend-big, big government liberal?

Even now, with the most recent job numbers from May, looking back over the past 12-month average, Colorado is number one in the country for state government growth at an astounding 6.81%.  The next closest state government doesn’t even come close, being an almost two full percentage points less at 4.92%.  Meanwhile, Colorado nearly doubles Iowa (3.70%) who sits at number three.  Remember PeakNation™, this unprecedented growth of state government for Colorado is taking place at the same time nearly 20 other states are still shrinking their state governments to be more efficient.

In 2013 alone, the Colorado state government expanded at an absurd rate of 10.45% for the entire year.  No one else in the country was remotely close to this, as the next closest state came in at merely 4.15%.

Hickenlooper likes to claim him and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg don’t talk about guns (Hick lies, they do), but maybe among one of their many conversations Bloomberg tutored Hick on how to expand nanny-state government.  With over 25,000 pages of new codes and regulations since he has come into office, it only makes sense Hickenlooper would have to bloat out the state bureaucracy to write and enforce all that new red tape.

Hickenlooper has no problem grabbing and trying to own any positive economic number for Colorado; yet, the one area of growth he is directly responsible for, the growth of the state government bureaucracy, he has never once cited.  Is he ashamed of what he has done, or, does he just realize Coloradans will not tolerate a man who has gone so far to destroy our mountain-west, independent spirit?


PeakFeed: Complete Colorado’s Todd Shepherd Investigates Allegations That Colorado Springs Has No Roads

Yesterday, Coloradans learned from former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that its second and seventh-largest cities, Colorado Springs and Pueblo, respectively, didn’t have roads.  Reporter Todd Shepherd launched an investigation into this surprising allegation.  His report is below.


CRUSHING IT: Gardner Releases Q2 Fundraising

Welp, it’s safe to say that Sen. Mark Udall is officially having the worst week in Washington. First, Udall spends the day wallowing in a PR nightmare of his own making for missing a joint fundraising event with President Obama.  

And now, Udall gets slammed with the news that his GOP opponent Cory Gardner raised $2.71 million in the second quarter of this year and has more than $3.4 million cash on hand.  Udall won’t even respond to reporter requests for his Q2 numbers, saying they’ll be out next week. 

Dave Catanese, a reporter with U.S. News and World Report, described Gardner’s fundraising news best with this tweet:




DOA: Hick’s Bid To Appease Polis Appears Dead

“and the beer taste so good when it hits your lips”

We wonder if while Gov. John Hickenlooper was shooting pool and, (wait for it), drinking beer with President Obama the other night, Hickenlooper asked Obama for any advice on how to advance legislation.  Just kidding, between those two and watch-me-write-another-letter Udall, they couldn’t pass gas even after eating at Obama’s fav, Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Hickenlooper’s failed leadership with the special session meant to appease Rep. Jared Polis has been so incompetent, even Democratic lobbyists are throwing up their hands in disgust and resigning.  Despite that, Hick hasn’t even hit rock-bottom.  Denver Business Journal’s Ed Sealover reveals the State Senate is not all that impressed with Hickenlooper right now, as two key Democrat Senators hold out for bipartisan support:

Sen. Lois Tochtrop, D-Thornton, said she would need to see more people backing the proposal before she is willing to support it. And she wants at least some Republican backing for the bill if she is to vote for it, she added.

Until we get bipartisan support, I’m not ready to move,” Tochtrop said.

Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, said she too would need to see some bipartisan support to advance a bill… [the Peak’s emphasis]

Amazingly enough—or really not at all, Hickenlooper in a sign of his amazing leadership abilities has failed to invite a single Senate Republican to any of the negotiations going on for the special session for the Jared Polis appeasement fracking compromise bill.  Because nothing says “I’m a centrist” like ignoring an entire party in a two-party system.  Sen. Minority Leader Bill Cadman nails it when he says:

But [Cadman] criticized the current negotiation process — in which he said he was not invited to be involved — as one that seems only meant to mollify Polis rather than examine the best policies for the state.

“We are at our core interested in doing what’s best for Colorado,” Cadman said. “I think it’s really time for people in Colorado to stand up for Colorado, and Governor Hickenlooper needs to stop being pushed around by Jared Polis.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

It’s a Hick-22: he has the Democratic votes to go alone without Republicans, so he blatantly ignores the Republicans, only to find out the Democrats he needs to join him won’t do so unless some Republicans do as well.  Well, he seems so eager to kiss-up to Polis, surely he can turn all those groveling skills to the Republicans now.  We’re sure Republicans and Coloradans all over are willing to definitely take Hick at his word nowadays.

If that all fails, we hear Michael Bloomberg is always willing to take Hick’s calls and share with Hick some sage advice about his own deep knowledge about our great state.


HOLLYWOOD FAIL: CNN’s Dunlap Documentary Going to Bolster GOP, Hurt Hick

From hosting high-dollar fundraisers to mainstreaming liberal-ideology, Hollywood is all about doing favors for Democrats.   However, a new CNN documentary series that rehashes the case of Nathan Dunlap and takes a critical view of the death penalty sounds like it is going to finally backfire on Hollywood lefties.

Nathan Dunlap mug shot

The series is produced by Robert Redford and narrated by Susan Sarandon, an outspoken critic of capital punishment.  So, there is no chance that this series is “unbiased” in how it portrays use of the death penalty.

To be fair, if the documentary weren’t on CNN, we would expect that Redford and Sarandon might be successful in using Hollywood’s knack for story telling to change a few minds.  However, no one watches CNN.  That means the only parts of the CNN documentary that Colorado voters will end up seeing are the snippets that find their way into an ad attacking Gov. John Hickenlooper for letting Dunlap off the hook.

Let’s not forget that at the time of Dunlap’s crime it was the worst mass murder in Colorado history, and the killer was notably remorseless for taking the lives of four people.  Those horrific details are what people remember, and that’s something Hollywood’s influence will never change.


PeakFeed: Gardner Nails Udall on His Obama Liability

Yesterday must have been a bad day for liberal Sen. Mark Udall, who is running faster than Prefontaine from his association with failed President Barack Obama. First, Udall refused to appear at Obama’s public speech in Cheesman Park, and then, Udall canceled plans to attend his own fundraiser that Obama was headlining.  Well, today is not getting much better for the embattled Senator with his opponent’s release of a new ad called “Liability”.

The ad features the so-bad-it’s-memorable February 2014 interview between Udall and CNN‘s Dana Bash, who asked Udall three times whether he would campaign with President Obama.  Each time, Udall sidesteps the question, saying that it will depend on schedule.  The Gardner campaign overlaid Udall’s inconsistencies and ties to Obama as he’s trying to side step the truth.  This one hurts, doesn’t it, Senator?

Take a gander:



BLOOMBERG AGAIN: Colorado Springs and Pueblo Have No Roads?

What do you mean Colorado Springs and Pueblo have roads?

In a ridiculous interview published by Rolling Stone yesterday, Colorado’s Surrogate Governor (h/t Team Beauprez) Michael Bloomberg basically called Colorado Springs and Pueblo bassackwards because the cities recalled far left Senators responsible for passing his disastrous gun legislation.  Here’s what he said that was mysteriously yanked down yesterday:

“In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state senators in a part of Colorado where I don’t think there’s roads. It’s as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I’m sorry for that. We tried to help ‘em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you’re saving a lot of lives.”

Has Bloomberg ever been to either Colorado Springs or Pueblo?  While neither are anywhere near the size of New York City, neither town is exactly…rural.  Colorado Springs is actually the second largest city in Colorado.  Further, according to Colorado Springs’ city government, “the City’s Streets Division is responsible for servicing over 7,431 lane miles of roadway, extending over a 194 square mile area.”  And what about Pueblo? According to its city government, it has 1,200 miles of roads, thankyouverymuch.

But, this isn’t about technicalities.  This is about a mindset.  Michael Bloomberg, with his nannystate ways, thinks he knows better than Coloradans, and this statement proves that he has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to Colorado.  Even worse is his condescension of the will of the voters in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  The recalled Senators represented the worst in our legislative system – members who placed the priorities of special interests before the will of the very people they were meant to represent.

But what’s truly terrible is that Governor Hickenlooper has absconded his responsibilities as Governor to a man who is so dismissive of Coloradans.

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