GAME PLAYING: Udall Votes to Advance Sportsmen Bill

UPDATE: Sportsmen Bill, like so many of Udall’s bills, died.  Cue talk to security watchdog and mountain climbing.  No, really, is Mark Udall having the worst week in Washington or what?

Last night, the U.S. Senate voted to move forward with what’s being called the “Sportsmen Bill”, which according to Politico, “would boost hunters and anglers through an array of provisions such as helping to build shooting ranges and loosening federal regulations on lead fishing tackle and bullets.”  Politico also noted that this bill was meant to help at-risk Senators, like Mark Udall, who is co-sponsoring the bill:

“The package is a political boon to the host of red-state Democrats up for reelection this year, including the bill’s chief Democratic sponsor, North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan. Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the bill’s main Republican author.”

A co-sponsor of a bill on bullets does not a Second Amendment advocate make. Unfortunately, for Mark Udall, his preference for overreaching gun legislation is well documented. From our post in March 2013 when Senate Democrats abandoned their so-called assault weapons ban:

But Perlmutter wasn’t the only Colorado legislator who supported the assault weapons ban.  Democrat U.S. Senator Mark Udall also told Fox31′s Eli Stokols that he supported the assault weapons ban back in January:

“I’ve come to the conclusion that military style weapons really don’t have any place in our society.  We ought to reinstate the assault weapons ban that served us well for 10 years from 1994 to 2004.”

We only can imagine the conversations now between Udall and the Democrats who asked him to support their over-the-top bill and, then, left him twisting in the wind.

So, while the Sportsman Bill may free up federal regulations on lead bullets, let’s all remember that Mark Udall was all too eager to jump on the “assault weapons ban” bandwagon just over a year ago.

CLASS ACT: Gardner Conduct During Government Shutdown Admirable

In a move that surprises no one, another D.C. insider is trying to cash in with a lucrative book deal.  This time it is POLITICO reporter Ken Vogel with a book titled, “Big Money: 2.5 Billion Dollars, One Suspicious Vehicle, and a Pimp – on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics.”

Vogel tries to call out Rep. Cory Gardner for attending an event during the partial government shutdown.  But thing is, so what?  Gardner attended an event he had previously committed to, and as his spokesman made clear, it wasn’t a fundraiser.  Don’t we want members of Congress who keep their promises? 

You know what else Gardner did during the government shutdown?  He spent 16 days alone in his office answering the phones, and he donated the roughly $7,700 of salary he would have collected during the 16-day partial shutdown to charity.  And don’t confuse Gardner with rich members of Congress, like Sen. Michael Bennet, who also donated his salary.  Bennet has so much money he could do that job for free and still never missed a family Christmas in Vail.

Gardner isn’t one of the rich guys who ran for Congress out of boredom or to check something off a bucket list.  He is still making student loan payments and trying to pay off his mortgage like the rest of us.  We’re guessing that donating his salary wasn’t just a symbolic gesture for Gardner.  His family felt it.

So if anybody wants to talk about how Cory Gardner conducted himself during the government shutdown, don’t forget to mention the stuff that actually matters.


PeakFeed: Politico Names The Denver Post’s Bartels a “Media Star”

Photo credit: Lynn Bartels’ Facebook page

National political rag, Politico, has acknowledged what we’ve known for some time – The Denver Post‘s political reporter, Lynn Bartels, is the grand dame of Colorado politics.  Politico named a few local media stars who are covering top races across the country.  Here’s what the publication said about Bartels:

“‘She works her sources almost every waking hour,’ Bartels’ editor, Chuck Plunkett, said. ‘She’s just hungry for knowing what’s going on in Colorado politics.’

Between the focus on energy issues and the Senate race ripe for a Republican pickup, the national media is ‘parachuting in’ Bartels said, putting a spotlight on the race. But Bartels still has her handle on the contest: She was the first to break the news that Gardner would run.”

Politico also named Fox31‘s Eli Stokols and CBS4‘s Shaun Boyd as reporters to watch.  Reporters named in other states include: Alaska’s Lisa Demer of the Anchorage Daily News, North Carolina’s John Frank of the Raleigh News & Observer, and Louisiana’s Jeremy Alford and the late John Maginnis of


TOO EXTREME FOR COLORADO: Udall Right at Home With Extreme Liberal Blog Daily Kos

You’d be forgiven if you missed a little article in Politico Magazine this week PeakNation™. Its authors were decrying how the founder of The Daily Kos, an extreme left blog, was celebrating the decimation of moderate Democrats in Congress over the past few years.

In a remarkable post yesterday, [Markos] Moulitsas, founder and publisher of the progressive community site DailyKos, celebrates the departure from the Senate of 10 moderate Democrats over the last decade, and makes clear his hope that Senators Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Mary Landrieu (D-La.) lose their tough reelection battles this year. He doesn’t name some other moderates in tight races, like Mark Begich (D-Alaska) and Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), but his logic suggests that he’d be only too happy to say goodbye to them as well. [the Peak emphasis]

What is remarkable about the Daily Kos article isn’t so much what’s in it, but what’s not.  Or, who’s not.  This is a blog post devoted entirely to celebrating the destruction of moderate Democrats, and the hope the rest of the Democrats’ moderates meet their end soon, and there is not a single mention of Senator Mark Udall, who desperately wants to be a moderate. continue…


HAMMER DROPS: Americans for Prosperity About to Unload on Udall, Udall Left Between Rock and Hard Place

Senator Mark Udall’s Rasmussen poll numbers published last week  might be as good as it gets for the embattled Senator.  Starting this week, Americans For Prosperity are going up on TV with this ad for a buy of $500,000 that will run over the next three weeks as reported by Politico.  This will be paired with a simultaneous buy for the Colorado Springs TV market to the tune of $340,000.  The Professional Left has already come out hard against the ad trying to disparage it in any way they can.  Noticeably absent in their many critiques is the content.  It’s not so much who is saying the words, as the words themselves:

From the ad:

“And millions of people have lost their health insurance.  Millions of people can’t see their own doctor.  And millions are paying more and getting less.”

Bang the table and shout at the top of your lungs Lefties because these statements are true and Udall is fully culpable for each of them.

We’ve linked to earlier AFP ads that have gone up around the country to great effect saying at the time:

We’re betting Senator Mark Udall is praying Americans For Prosperity runs out of money before the organization gets a chance to unleash these devastating ads against him in Colorado.

Not only has AFP not run out of money, but it seems Udall has jumped quite a few other vulnerable Democratic U.S. Senators in line as an AFP target.  We can’t blame them as bad news on Obamacare and various miscues have taken Udall’s re-election chances from bad to worse.

This has left Udall in need of drastic measures.  On one hand, he can go all in after this week’s bedtime story and whore himself out to billionaire Tom Steyer in hopes Steyer’s eco-dollars can combat AFP’s money.   While this will endear Udall to the far left (and his wife), polls have shown the majority of Coloradans are in favor of building the Keystone XL pipeline, something Steyer refuses to support in any form.  On the other hand, he can try to neutralize Keystone XL by pulling a Ken Salazar, but this route kisses Steyer’s dollars goodbye and makes for some awkward backtracking (not to mention it reserves him a spot sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future).

Looking around and realizing there’s nothing but bad options is a sure sign of a failing campaign.


CENTENNIAL STATE SIDE-STEP: Udall Dodges Questions as Artfully as a Fat Guy in a Tutu

Liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s family has been in politics for over 100 years and this is how he dances around a question?  Who knew he had two political left feet?

After seeing the devastating impact of Obamacare in the special election in Florida on Tuesday, vulnerable Democrats around the country are scrambling in every direction.  Some who figure they’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t, have doubled down saying not only would they vote for Obamacare again, they don’t think it went far enough (*cough* Romanoff *cough*).  Yet, others are throwing themselves on the ground faster than a gigolo at a church revival, begging repentance and promising change in their heart after seeing the light.  Udall?  Well he’s the one with so much fear in his eyes he doesn’t know whether to go left or right, and just stands paralyzed by fear like a deer in headlights.  As Politico reports it: continue…


PANIC! Dem Donors Abandon House to Save Senate at all Costs

It’s good thing Andrew Romanoff raised all that money in 2013 because rumblings from Washington say that Democrat donors are triaging their fundraising because they realize how disastrous 2014 will be for them and, instead of wasting money by tilting at windmills in the House, they will shift all their focus to a handful of Senate races to keep the upper chamber from Republican hands.

(Hmph, PeakNation™ can you think of any Senate race that most thought was safe last year but has since gone into a nosedive???)  According to Politico:

With Democrats’ grasp on the Senate increasingly tenuous — and the House all but beyond reach — some top party donors and strategists are moving to do something in the midterm election as painful as it is coldblooded: Admit the House can’t be won and go all in to save the Senate. [the Peak emphasis]



10-POINT SWING: CNN/ORC Poll Shows Dems Lose 2014 Congressional Advantage

As recently as last month, Democrats held a 50% to 42% advantage on the generic ballot.  Not anymore, thanks to the abysmal failure of Obamacare.  A CNN/ORC survey released today shows that the GOP has taken the lead on the generic ballot 49% to 47%.

The survey asked respondents to choose between a Democrat or Republican in the respondents’ congressional district without specifically naming a candidate.  ORC International conducted the poll on November 18 through 20.  The telephone included responses by 843 adult Americans, of which 740 were registered voters.  The survey has a margin of error of +/- 3.5%. continue…


PeakFeed: Politico Calls Hick Re-Elect A Nail Biter

Governor Hickenlooper may like to joke about his collapsing poll numbers, but Politico suggests his newfound political peril is no laughing matter.

In an article about the gubernatorial races across the country in 2014, Hickenlooper is singled out as a Democrat governor with a tough re-election ahead of him.

Referencing the latest Quinnipiac poll of Colorado that found Hickenlooper’s numbers collapsing faster than Greece’s credit score, Politico suggests Hick’s 2014 re-election could be a “nail biter.”

Per Politico‘s James Hohmann:

In Colorado, for example, Hickenlooper was one of the nation’s most popular governors not long ago. A push for background checks in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting and a temporary reprieve for a man on death row brought his numbers back to earth. He’s still favored to win reelection, but one recent poll suggests it will be a nail-biter.


TOP 2014 RACE: Coffman vs. Romanoff

A recent article in Politico has called Colorado’s Sixth Congressional race between current Republican U.S. Representative Mike Coffman and Democrat Andrew Romanoff the toughest in the state for 2014 and, possibly, the toughest in the nation for the off-year election.  The article cites the Rothenberg Political Report which calls the district a “pure toss up”.

Politico cites Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Brandon Lorenz as saying, “Andrew is one of the top fundraising challengers in the country on either side of the aisle.  He is going to absolutely have the money he needs to win this race.”

That said, Romanoff’s recent entry into the race should have meant that he was plucking “low-hanging” fundraising dollars and yet Coffman still out-raised Romanoff last reporting cycle.  Coffman has fundraising powerhouse Starboard behind him, which the article failed to mention.

While the article was a little light on Republican opinions, it did quote former U.S. Representative Tom Tancredo, who represented the district prior to Coffman.  He called the race a “really, really big money battle”.

Political commentator Eric Sondermann also offered his insight:

“I suspect the district will largely follow the national trend line.  If Romanoff either has a neutral breeze or a slight breeze at his back, he can win that seat. My question is: Can he win that seat if there’s a head wind? And I’m not sure that he can.”

And, that’s true, but Coffman won in 2012 even as Obama took 53% of the vote in CD6. He also won in the bloodbath of 2006 in a statewide race, proving that he’s not your average endangered Republican. A former combat veteran, Coffman knows how to survive a firefight. Romanoff might need more than a neutral or slight breeze to take CD6.

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