ATTABOY: Udall Promotes Bipartisan Seating Arrangement, His Most Significant Senatorial Accomplishment

Just in time for the president’s State of the Union Address tonight, liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall is reminding us that he hatched the idea of mixed seating in the House chamber for the event.  Unfortunately for Udall, this fact also reminds us that he has not accomplished much else of legislative importance in approximately five years as a United States Senator.

On both the senator’s campaign site and official government webpage, Udall is pushing what he calls a “new tradition” of members sitting with a colleague from the other party.  Udall believes that this will somehow smooth things in the rancorous halls of Congress.  Maybe people seeing this rich tapestry of Democrats and Republicans side by side will help them forget that the Democrats rammed the farcically-named Affordable Care Act through both houses of Congress without a single Republican vote.  Or, perhaps people will forget Obama’s recent threats that if he does not get his way – “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.” continue…


LAUGHING AT LIBERALS: AFL-CIO Colorado Might Need A Tip Or Two On YouTube

Big Labor might have millions of dollars at their disposal, and an army of paid canvassers harassing people at their worksites, but what they don’t apparently have in Colorado is a lick of skill at getting videos to go viral.

A couple days ago, AFL-CIO Colorado released a lame-ass YouTube video of their staff doing the already-dead-meme Harlem Shake in support of a union payback bill in the Legislature. They tweeted it out no less than 7 times and even got The Denver Post‘s Lynn Bartels to embed it in a Spot blog post.

Despite their massive political infrastructure and the helping hand of Colorado’s top political scribe, in the three days the video has been out they’ve received a whopping….99 views.

Congratulations, AFL-CIO Colorado. That might be the lowest amount of views on any Harlem Shake video anywhere on the internet.

Mike Cerbo, was it really worth wearing a feather boa for 99 views?


IRANIAN HOSTAGE REDUX? American Embassies Under Assault, But America Not Targeted Says White House

(Credit: White House Flickr)

American embassies from Tunis to San’aa are under assault today from angry mobs of Islamists allegedly protesting a poorly made YouTube film that offends the Prophet Mohammed.

Reports from a variety of outlets, including a potential bombshell by the UK’s Independent, make clear these are targeted assaults organized by anti-American groups, not simply a grassroots reaction to an offensively (bad) movie.

But the Obama administration continues to cling to the notion that all of these assaults on American embassies are not actually directed at America. So says White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

CARNEY: We also need to understand that this is a fairly volatile situation and it is in response not to United States policy, and not to, obviously, the administration, or the American people, but it is in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be be reprehensible and disgusting. That in no way justifies any violent reaction to it, but this is not a case of protests directed at the United States writ large or at U.S. policy, this is in response to a video that is offensive to Muslims.

With reports of 400 attackers with RPGs and AK-47s storming the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing the ambassador, attacking the State Department’s safe house and making off with sensitive documents, it strains credulity to call it a response to an internet video.

The Obama administration is increasingly coming off as Carter-esque in their handling of this situation. If the Independent’s report holds up that they had warning 48 hours prior to the attacks and did nothing, we honestly don’t see how Obama can hope to win re-election.

How were American embassies and consulates not on high alert on the anniversary of 9/11?


FLASHBACK: In July 2009 Obama Said He’s Responsible For Fixing The Economy — “Give It To Me”

A video clip of President Obama demanding responsibility for the economy has recently been unearthed and is likely to show up on your TV screen in the not-so-distant future. In July 2009, Obama bragged about how he was proud to own the economy, about how it was his responsibility to fix the economy. He goes to so far as to demand "give it to me."

Well, Mr. President, conservatives are more than happy to oblige. 

Per the transcript:

“My administration has a job to do as well. That job is to get this economy back on its feet. That’s my job, and it’s a job I gladly accept. I love these folks who helped get us in this mess and then suddenly say, “Well this is Obama’s economy.” That’s fine. GIVE IT TO ME. My job is to solve problems, not to stand on the sidelines and carp and gripe. So, I welcome the job. I want the responsibility.” — President Obama, July 14, 2009

With unemployment rising nationally and in Colorado, we’re sure conservatives and swing voters alike are more than glad to place the blame right where the President directed.  


GREAT MOMENTS IN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY: America’s “Fourth Greatest” President Strikes Again

Or rather, American Crossroads strikes again:


BRANDON SHAFFER VS GODZILLA: Latest Installment Of Viral Video Series Appears Online

In the latest installment of the viral video series starring Senate President Brandon Shaffer, Godzilla makes an appearance to do battle with the Congressional candidate-turned-toaster. As we've said multiple times before, we have absolutely no idea who is creating these videos, but they crack us up every time.

And they're causing headaches for Shaffer's campaign in Youtube search results.

The latest video has Godzilla taking on Toaster Shaffer in an epic duel. It's almost as good as Beavis and Butthead Do America


IS THE UNTHINKABLE, WELL, THINKABLE? Will Weissmann’s Efforts Be Enough To Dislodge Jared Polis?

Corruption is one of the top campaign killers in American politics. Not necessarily outright corruption, but the mere appearance of corruption has been enough to topple plenty of politicians' careers. 

Just look at 2006, where corruption was the number one issue in national exit polls. A number of powerful and high profile incumbents lost, after Democrats tried to tag them all with the stain of disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 

People tend to believe corruption allegations leveled against politicians because most people believe that politicians tend to be corrupt.

The allegations harm both Republicans and Democrats, Chairmen and backbenchers alike.

Take Democrat Congressman William Jefferson from Louisiana. After the FBI found $90,000 in cash in Jefferson's freezer, he was tarnished so badly that Republican Joseph Cao defeated him in an overwhelmingly Democrat district in 2008. 

No seat is safe enough to protect incumbents seen as corrupt.

That is why a new Jib-Jab-style spot for Eric Weissmann targeting the crooked and corrupt Jared Polis has got us thinking.  

If you haven’t seen the spot, check it out here:

Is the unthinkable, well, thinkable?  

Could Polis's well documented insider-trading and nest-feathering actually put CD2 in play?  

With campaign ads as inventive and effective as the Weissmann spot, could a well funded GOP challenger knock Polis off?

Remember, it was another self-funding Boulder businessman, Bob Greenlee, who nearly defeated Mark Udall back in 1998 for the CD2 seat. 

The difference this year is Jared Polis is no Mark Udall when it comes to campaigns — he may have a lot of money, but severely lacks Udall's political savvy. Udall also wasn't confronting allegations of insider trading when Greenlee nearly ended his political career before it began.

Whether it's Senator Kevin Lundberg or Boulder businessman Eric Weissman, the line of attack linking Polis with political corruption will be powerful. 

It will take a sustained and smartly orchestrated campaign to damage Jared Polis enough to make him vulernable. 

We're not sure Polis is yet beatable, but Weissmann's latest viral video has got us thinking. Maybe CD2 isn't a safe seat for Polis after all. 


SEO SHENANIGANS: Brandon Shaffer Has A YouTube Problem

A few months ago a Google Alert email popped up for Senate President Brandon Shaffer. A video naming him had appeared on Youtube, though when we clicked on it, it wasn't what anyone might expect. First of all, it was in Japanese. Secondly, Brandon Shaffer's gigantic head had been lopped off his body and reattached to a toaster. In another video it was on a fish, with the South Park version of Kanye West singing “I’m a gay fish” in the background.

Before we go any further, let us first state that we have no idea where in the Sam Hill the videos came from. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. They're hilarious. And oddly addictive. 

It's clear whomever put them together was trying to mess with Shaffer's Congressional bid, as they are tagged with words intended to show up in internet searches about Shaffer's 4th CD campaign. 

Based on a search in Youtube for "Brandon Shaffer," they're working. Extremely well.

Of the top 12 videos that show up in the search, only four could be considered helpful to Shaffer. The rest are spoof videos and Kelly Maher catching Shaffer voting against TABOR and comparing himself to a sexual assault victim. Also not helpful.

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the interwebs, with only Google surpassing it. 

Now videos with Brandon Shaffer as a toaster or gay fish aren't going to cause anyone to vote against him. But it certainly has seemed to stop pro-Shaffer videos from punching through in search results. 

We happened upon the latest installment of the Shaffer spoofs when we searched "Brandon Shaffer redistricting" in Google yesterday. 

Check it out:

The videos make no sense, but they don’t have to. They’re the search engine equivalent of packing a Shaffer phone bank with homeless people just there for the free food.

In the end, they seem fitting. Just as Shaffer’s quixotic Congressional bid has become a complete joke, so is any attempt for persuadable voters to find out much about him.  

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