PeakPolygraph: Fact-Checking Udall’s Claim As “Mainstream”

Udall is as mainstream as this picture isn’t photoshopped

The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels is touring with Sen. Mark Udall in Steamboat today, and has already tweeted this little nugget:

Campaigning in Steamboat, @MarkUdall calls himself “mainstream,” says @CoryGardnerCO is “extreme.” #copolitics

— Lynn Bartels (@lynn_bartels) August 12, 2014


But, as Udall has said many times, never judge anyone by their words, rather, judge them by their actions.  PeakNation™, let’s see how well Udall’s actions support his claim of being “mainstream.”

Defining mainstream in Colorado is pretty easy; with a third Dems, a third GOP, and a third independents, we’re about as middle of the road as you can get with an emphasis on a live and let live, fierce independence.  But, independent thinking is the complete opposite of what Udall has displayed since entering the Senate.  Dating back to 2009, Udall’s support for President Obama’s agenda has been little better than a rubber stamp.  According to CQ Udall has voted with Obama 97% (2009), 95% (2010), 95% (2011), 97% (2012), and 99% (2013).  Those scores are higher than even the average support Udall’s fellow Democrats give Obama, meaning Udall is to the Left of his Leftist party.

If we eliminate unanimous senate votes that might inflate such scores, Udall looks even worse.  When the vote records are adjusted to only account for votes where Obama stated a position, but support for the bill fell below 80%, Udall’s support for Obama is even more apparent: 98% (2009), 95% (2010), 91.1% (2011), 97.9% (2012), 98.5% (2013).  Which should be most worrying to Coloradans is the fact that even as Obama’s support has plummeted among us, Udall hasn’t followed and is supporting him more and more.

But, it’s not only for Obama that Udall sells-out mainstream Coloradans.  On the Keystone XL pipeline, a clear majority of Coloradans support it, by almost 2 to 1.  Yet, Udall rather listen to one eco-extremist Californian on this issue than an overwhelming number of Coloradans.  At this point, are we even sure Udall knows the definition of mainstream?  We mean, of all the threatened Senate Democratic incumbents, he is the only one who doesn’t support the Keystone XL pipeline.  How can you claim to be mainstream, when all the people in the same boat as you are closer to the middle?

Even the folks over at FiveThirtyEight have singled out Udall as the most liberal Senator fighting for his job:

Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year.

PeakPolygraph verdict:  Sen. Mark Udall’s statement that he is “mainstream” doesn’t even pass his own test of judging based off of actions, not words.  In fact, by almost every quantifiable measure, Udall has spent the past six years getting more liberal, putting him far out of the mainstream of Colorado.  This is even easier to see when you look at the actions of his own campaign:  Instead of running a positive campaign of touting what he has accomplished for Colorado over the past six years, Mark Udall is running one of the most politically cynical attack campaigns in Colorado history where he looks to win reelection by distortion and lies.  If Udall believes that’s mainstream, it just goes to show how long ago he left it.


THE OBAMA DISEASE: Hickenlooper Incredulous At Those Who Question His Infallibility

“How dare you disbelieve it doesn’t smell like roses.”

What’s worse than a politician?  A politician who thinks he’s not a politician.  PeakNation™, right now we have a whiner-in-chief commander in chief who believes people only disagree with him because they personally don’t like him.  All criticism of him has to do with who he is, not what he does.  Disagreement with him has nothing to do with a trillion dollar, red-tape filled, bureaucratic-creating, inefficient bill that affects every American and directly interferes with 1/6th of our economy—which, in the end, only got the uninsured level to the same point a thriving economy was able to accomplish on its own.  Much to our dismay here in Colorado, it appears our own Governor, John D. Hickenlooper has caught the same disease.

Hickenlooper has long thought his shit doesn’t stink he’s above the political fray; that when he passes a bill all experts around him tell him is unenforceable, it’s only because they are trying to score political points.  With him being above such shallow deficiencies of character, he truly is more prophet than politician: bringing the truth from on high and delivering it to us low mortals who care about such trivial things like paying our bills.

Such arrogance from Hickenlooper was again on full display last night when he responded that any criticism of him comes from those who are merely playing politics, and could in no way be related to worrying about our electricity bills skyrocketing.  As Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post writes:

On Tuesday afternoon, Republican Bob Beauprez, who wants to unseat Hickenlooper in November, appeared at a Denver rally protesting EPA power plant proposals and once again repeating his mantra about the lack of leadership in Colorado.

When asked about the charge, Hickenlooper shrugged.

“It’s a political season,” he said. “If I say ‘up,’ they’re going to say ‘down.’ If I say ‘left’ they’re going to say ‘right.’” [the Peak’s emphasis]

Yep, Hick, it’s all about you.  It has nothing to do with a unilateral power grab by the EPA that some estimate will increase our electricity bills by nearly 50%, while doing away with 24,000 good-paying, Colorado jobs related to the coal-industry.  Yep, Hick, it’s all about you, you smug, arrogant liberal.

It is now quite clear Hickenlooper has a full-blown case of Obama Disease: where all disagreement with him comes not from a place of legitimate concern, but rather, just a case of us plebeians trying to bring him down to our slimy level.  Heaven forbid the thought that Hickenlooper might not be as omnipotent as he thinks himself to be.

It’s time for Colorado to have a Governor whose arrogance doesn’t poison all political debate.


BAGGAGE: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Harry Reid, WaPo Writes

“If you win, I win.”

The Washington Post has an interesting article today, which shouldn’t bring too much joy to Sen. Mark Udall’s campaign (then again, not much is nowadays).  In the article The WaPo basically states if either Colorado or Iowa goes Republican, Sen. Harry Reid’s reign as the leader of the Senate is essentially over.  Yep, you can add “a vote for Udall is a vote for Harry Reid” to the already-known “a vote for Udall is a vote for Obama.”

Now remember, Republicans thought they had a clear path to the six Senate seats needed for a victory even without these states… it’s hard to see how the Democrats could hold the Senate if they lose either — and surely if they lose both — Iowa and Colorado. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Even if Udall hadn’t spent the last six years doing essentially nothing for Coloradans, he’d still have a hard time winning reelection when all signs point to him being basically a clone of Harry Reid and Obama.  (Maybe clone isn’t the right word… lovechild?)

To boot, the liberal WaPo has also taken notice of how strong of an opponent Udall has in Rep. Cory Gardner:

Colorado Republicans got a high-quality candidate when Garner not only decided to run but cleared out other Republican opposition. He’s been on the offensive — battering Udall on Obamacare and on the Keystone XL Pipeline. [the Peak’s emphasis]

We’re not exactly sure who “Garner” is, but surely the WaPo will learn how to spell GarDner’s name when he goes from being one of 435, to just one of 100.

The fact that Udall and his liberal outside groups have already tossed millions of dollars against Gardner trying to tear him down, and yet, the view from a liberal paper is that Gardner is still on the offensive, has got to be a gut punch to them.  Udall’s already pretty much thrown the kitchen sink at Gardner, and it hasn’t been enough.  With Udall only having blanks left to fire, we are beginning to wonder when the outside money will begin to dry up.  We know liberals love to spend other people’s money, but when it comes to their own, they can be quite stingy; and, a lost cause is a lost cause.

As for Gardner, The WaPo lays out what he needs to do to take this lead through election day:

…both Republicans will need to keep on the offensive, rebut the onslaught of attack ads coming their way and present a responsible, positive set of policies they’d be willing to support. If they do, one or both of them are likely to win (both incumbents are well below 50 percent). And with that will go the Democratic majority. [the Peak’s emphasis]

Say it with us PeakNation™: “and with that will go the Democratic majority.”


PeakFeed: Hick Calls Obama “The Change We Need”

Last week, much ado was made over Mark Udall’s refusal to be seen with President Barack Obama due to Obama’s abysmal poll numbers.  Many compared Udall’s praise for Obama back in the day when he was popular to Udall’s current game of hide and seek.  But, Udall wasn’t the only politician praising Obama in 2008.  Embattled Gov. John Hickenlooper also had some pretty noteworthy praise for then-Sen. Obama.  Just watch:

From the video:

Change, Change has served me well, it’s served Denver well over its 150 year history, and change is the only thing that can restart our nation’s economy and realign our nation’s compass.

We simply cannot afford to continue down the same old path with the same old, tired policies, and the same old, tired politics.

Barack Obama represents the change we need. The new ideas and leadership to transform America’s challenges into opportunities.  Barack Obama inspires us to work harder….

To his credit, Hickenlooper actually appeared with Obama. Perhaps Obama makes some want to work harder (at their golf game), but his change has been disastrous for our country.  Let’s just chalk Hick’s sycophantic speech up to another lapse in judgment, shall we?


DROP THE INITIATIVES: Democrats Turn Up Heat on Polis, Dangle DCCC

Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado job killer

Democrats are begging their own Rep. Jared Polis to back off his proposed ballot initiatives for fear they may cost them the U.S. Senate, but nothing, not even a reported call from President Barack Obama has been enough to convince Polis to back the truck up.  Of course, Polis is well known for not caring about anything or anyone other than himself.  Even a former Howard “Send Republicans to Russia” Dean fears that the initiatives could be toxic to Democrats this election cycle, according to Time:

“The concern among many Democrats is that the ballot initiatives that we’re talking about are very very appealing the farther left you go; troubling at the center; and on the right, they are turn out machines,” says Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist and Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign manager. “If you’re in a safe district, you’re not concerned. But if you’re a Democrat that has to win statewide these things look a lot different.”

And, that is where Rep. Nancy Pelosi comes in.  Polis is actively campaigning for a huge promotion, the leader of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  That’s basically the same job that Sen. Michael Bennet has on the Senate side.  That means that Polis would be in charge of helping Democratic Congressional candidates make it across the finish line. This would be a big freaking deal.

The Beltway Buzz says that Nancy Pelosi is trying to talk Polis out of the initiatives.  Is this the carrot that she’s dangling to force his retreat?

Will Polis roll the fractivists and his “great concern” about his garage turned guest house the pace of oil and gas development just for a chance to be Pelosi’s top deputy?  Or, does Polis actually want to affect policy in a way that would protect communities from the “nightmare” of high-paying jobs and responsible energy production?  Was this all a vanity campaign that Polis will shelve in order to become Pelosi’s campaign pimp?

Or, does Polis really care about oil and gas in Colorado?  Better yet – does Polis really care about Coloradans?  We suspect we know the answer to that.


CONFIRMED: A Vote For Udall Is A Vote For Obama

“Say it with me O-BA-MA”

A vote for Sen. Mark Udall is essentially a vote for President Obama.  That’s the association Udall was hiding from all week long.  But, that association is hard to hide from when facts everywhere continue to back it up.  It’s long been known and cited that Udall votes with Obama 99% of the time.  Not only is this the worst percentage among vulnerable Senate Democrats, it actually puts him square in the company of the bluest of blue Senators; Senators like California deep blue liberal Barbara Boxer, progressives’ favorite Elizabeth Warren (actually to the left of her 97%), New York liberal Kirsten Gillibrand, and everyone’s favorite curmudgeon Harry Reid.

Now, earlier this week the wonks over at FiveThirtyEight crunched some numbers to rate the Senate candidates of the most competitive races this year.  What should come as no shock to any Coloradan who has been paying attention, Mark Udall was ranked the most liberal.  By looking at a candidate’s votes, their statements, and their donors, FiveThirtyEight could find no more liberal Senator than Udall.  As they write:

Democrat Mark Udall is rated as the most liberal of the candidates running in a competitive Senate race this year. [the Peak’s emphasis]

At the same time, out of ten races, Gardner falls right in the middle of them as the sixth most moderate.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, just look at the respective campaigns they have run.  While Udall is off at the beck and call of an eco-extremist, Gardner has been pushing for a commonsense policy on the Keystone XL pipeline which over 60% of Coloradans agree with.  While Udall wants to give more power to Obama to interfere in the daily lives of Coloradans, Gardner has been standing up for Coloradans against Obama.  While Udall is busy writing letters and climbing mountains, Gardner is actually getting legislation passed.

Here’s the bottom line in this race: Udall has refused to stand up to Obama and the disastrous path Obama has taken America on, not just domestically, but internationally as well.  This failure by Udall isn’t because he lacks the will (have you heard, he hikes mountains), rather he lacks the desire.  This is because Udall is just as liberal as Obama if not more so.  If Colorado sends Udall back to Washington, D.C. for another six years, it is a clear endorsement from Coloradans that we approve of what Obama is doing.  Knowing the fierce independent spirit of Coloradans, we know this is clearly not the case.

If there was any doubt where Udall stands on Obama, these really sweet words should clear it all up:


PeakFeed: Gardner Nails Udall on His Obama Liability

Yesterday must have been a bad day for liberal Sen. Mark Udall, who is running faster than Prefontaine from his association with failed President Barack Obama. First, Udall refused to appear at Obama’s public speech in Cheesman Park, and then, Udall canceled plans to attend his own fundraiser that Obama was headlining.  Well, today is not getting much better for the embattled Senator with his opponent’s release of a new ad called “Liability”.

The ad features the so-bad-it’s-memorable February 2014 interview between Udall and CNN‘s Dana Bash, who asked Udall three times whether he would campaign with President Obama.  Each time, Udall sidesteps the question, saying that it will depend on schedule.  The Gardner campaign overlaid Udall’s inconsistencies and ties to Obama as he’s trying to side step the truth.  This one hurts, doesn’t it, Senator?

Take a gander:



RUNNING SCARED: Udall Skips Own Fundraiser Rather Than Appear with Obama

Udall refused three times to answer CNN reporter Dana Bash’s question about whether Obama will campaign with him.

UPDATE 3: Julian Castro was confirmed as the next HUD Secretary by a wide margin in the Senate – 71-26.  Good thing Udall was there to be that critical swing vote.

UPDATE 2: Sen. Michael Bennet also will not appear at the fundraiser.  The fundraiser will jointly benefit Bennet’s DSCC as well as Udall’s rocky campaign.

UPDATE 1: It’s unclear why Sen. Udall thought it necessary to stay back for the vote to confirm Julian Castro as HUD Secretary as he’s expected to be easily confirmed. From the Politico HUDDLE email this morning:

“OBAMA’S TEXAS VISIT comes on the same day the Senate will vote on the nomination of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to become secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Castro, a rising Democratic star and the twin brother of Rep. Joaquin Castro, is expected to easily win confirmation.” (the Peak emphasis)

Embattled Senator Mark Udall, originally slated to appear at a fundraiser this afternoon with President Obama, has now canceled his plans citing that he needs to stay behind to vote on the nominated HUD Secretary, Julian Castro.  C’mon.  You really expect us to buy this?

After all the bad press Udall has received leading up to today for his willingness to appear with Obama to scoop up cash, but not stand on stage with him, Udall is just asking for another media smack down by not even attending his own fundraiser.  Up until last night, Udall was scheduled to arrive in Denver at approximately 10:30 a.m. this morning.

Of course, Udall is not alone in his unwillingness to appear with the President whose poll numbers have plummeted recently.

Democratic candidate Andrew Romanoff is claiming that he was not invited to the Cheesman Park speech, which is why he will not attend.  Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper had a scheduling conflict, but played pool with the President last night.

But, across the country, liberal Senators in tough races have skipped appearing with the President. Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) says he has no interest in campaigning with the President (at least he’s honest).  Democratic Senators Kay Hagan of North Carolina and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana also made headlines for skipping Obama events in their own state.

Senator Udall can run, but he can’t hide from the fact that he voted for President Obama’s agenda 99% of the time.


PeakFeed: Will Hickenlooper Miss Obama To Lead Foreign Riots?

PeakNation™, truth is stranger than fiction.  In the video below KMGH-CO reports on how Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper, and Prof. Carpet Bagger Andrew Romanoff are each avoiding President Obama when he stops in Colorado later tonight and tomorrow.  Things get weird around the 28 second mark when KMGH-CO throws up a tri-split screen with Udall on the left (of course he would be), Romanoff on the right (for once in his life), which means Hickenlooper is in the middle.  Now, we don’t know for sure, this could be footage of Hickenlooper leading Denverites in their traditional post-championship riot, but since we haven’t won anything in a while (Thanks Obama!), perhaps Hick went overseas to get his bloodlust riot fix.  We can’t be sure if this is what a scene looks like before Hickenlooper has invited everyone to sit down and have a beer, or after he has joined them in having a few too many.


CHARITY: The Peak Passes Hat Around To Pay For Udall Flight

So many options!

UPDATE: A loyal reader pointed us in the direction of this post from a Cheesman Park neighborhood association that confirmed President Obama would speak at 10:15 a.m.  So, there you have it PeakNation™, all of the available options below would get Sen. Udall back to Colorado in time to hear his BFF speak.  So, can we all acknowledge that Udall just doesn’t want to appear with Obama?

We’re not complete monsters over here at the Peak, so when we heard the breaking news that Sen. Mark Udall would not be able to see his best buddy President Obama speak in Denver our shrunken hearts grew three times larger.  We passed a hat around the office and we’re pleased to say we’ve raised enough money to get Udall a one-way ticket from the Washington, D.C. area that will put him back in Denver in time to see Obama speak.

Now, of course, we haven’t completely changed, we still think a one-size fits all mentality is a barbarous way to live, so let’s lay out all the options Udall has for getting back before Obama starts speaking:

  • Starting at 6:00 p.m., Udall could take a Southwest flight out of Reagan that would put him in Denver by 9:30 p.m.
  • An almost identical Southwest flight leaves from Reagan at 6:40 p.m. and gets Udall into Denver by 10:30 p.m.
  • If Udall is still occupied at those times, there is always an 8:45 p.m. direct Southwest flight from Baltimore that gets him in by 10:45 p.m.  Sure, some staffer will have to drive Udall the 45 minutes to BWI, but it’s not like that staffer is getting paid to actually get legislation passed.
  • Now, if things are really crazy during lobbyist cocktail hour votes, there is a direct United flight that leaves Dulles at 10:10 p.m. and gets Udall into Denver by 11:53 p.m.

We also understand, not everyone is a night person, so here are some morning options for Udall:

  • A 5:15 a.m. US Airways flight from Baltimore will put Udall in Denver by 9:06 a.m.
  • A 5:40 a.m. US Airways flight from Reagan will put Udall in Denver at 9:06 a.m.
  • A 7:19 a.m. direct United flight from Baltimore will put Udall in Denver at 9:07 a.m.
  • A 6:00 a.m. Delta flight from Reagan will put Udall in Denver at 9:47 a.m.  This is cutting it a little closer to Obama’s speech time, but worst-case scenario, Udall could still catch part of it.
  • A direct 6:00 a.m. Southwest flight from Dulles will get Udall in at 7:45 a.m., which would probably be even enough time to grab breakfast with Obama.

Udall, just have one of your people reach out to us to let us know which one of these nine options we can get for so you can get back in time to see your best friend Obama’s speech.  Hell, Obama himself is flying out here Tuesday night on his own private jet; you sure you haven’t checked with him to hitch a ride?  It’s the least he can do for you after you’ve rubberstamped his entire agenda.

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