ETHICAL DILEMMA: Will Zenzinger Fundraiser Go On Under Threat of Special Session?

Rachel Zenzinger

Peak readers will be familiar with the name Rachel Zenzinger.  Yes.  The same Rachel Zenzinger who was appointed to replace embattled Democratic gun-control goofball State Sen. Evie Hudak, who resigned her seat late last year under pressure of recall by voters in her district.

But, Zenzinger is in a tough race, herself. Senate District 19 (Hudak’s old seat) has long been a swing district and, even, the entrenched Hudak won by less than 600 votes.

With Zenzinger up for her first real election in November, Democratic operatives are going all out to squeeze campaign cash for her from state lobbyists.  Problem is this – the continuing threat of Gov. Hickenlooper calling lawmakers back for a special session has put a wrench in the Zenzinger fundraising machine.

A widely-spread rumor has Hickenlooper’s staff asking Democratic legislators to hold next week on their calendar for a potential special session.  Problem for Zenzinger is that Hick’s proposed special session dates conflict with a high-dollar, campaign cash dash hosted by Democratic operatives and lobbyists Scott Chase and Travis Berry of PoliticalWorks.

State law clearly prohibits legislators from taking campaign money from lobbyists while the General Assembly is in regular session.  What is less clear is whether Democrats Chase and Berry would press forward with the Zenzinger fundraiser if the legislature is in special session.  Or maybe it won’t matter.  Of the lobbyists surveyed by the Peak, none reported that he or she would attend a legislative candidate fundraiser if the legislature was in special session.

We at the Peak would guess that even Zenzinger, Chase, and Berry would be worried about taking fistfulls of cash while Zenzinger is casting her vote.

Here’s where you come in, PeakNation™. If you know where the Zenzinger fundraiser is being held, drop us a line at  We’d love to be there – with our camera!  Say cheese!


LAUGHINGSTOCK: JeffCo Dems Make Mockery of Hudak’s Constituents

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: A lady walks into a legislature, elected by a very narrow margin, but she says damn them to hell and starts legislating like she’s the reincarnate of Jimmy Carter (wait, Carter’s still alive!).  Needless to say, this makes her constituents absolutely furious, and they decide she has to go!  Well the lady is still so enthralled by her self-righteous crusade to save the people from themselves that instead of listening to their wishes (probably figured, “hell, I haven’t done it the whole time I’ve been here, why should I start now?”) she elects to make back-door deals to wring as much political power out of her position before she’s deposed, resulting in her circumventing the democratic process allowing her fellow cronies to stay in power.

Ready for the punch line?  continue…


PEAKNATION VOTED: Our Top Ten Stories of 2013

Happy New Year, PeakNation™. This has been a spectacular year for the Peak and we have only you to thank.  In preparation for the 2014 legislative season, feel fee to take a stroll through memory lane below at the top ten stories by number of clicks of 2013.  It’s pretty safe to say, based on the stories, that the big political story of 2013 was the Democrats’ gun grab in the state legislature.  But, posts about Colorado’s historic recalls and the related shenanigans from the left rated highly as well.

Have a safe and happy night.  Our New Year’s resolution this year is to be nicer, kinder, gentler.  Just kidding. We cannot wait for the 2014 legislative session and election – it’s going to be amazing.

10) CIVIL WAR: Hudak Agrees To Resign If Recall Goes Forward, Allegedly Demands Johnston Get Blacklisted In Return

9) GOOD RIDDANCE, EVIE: Senator Hudak Resigns To Avoid Recall

8) DUDE, WHERE’S YOUR PLAN? Coloradans Losing Health Insurance Over Obamacare, Colorado Media Silent

7) BITTER MAN: Morse Falsely Attacks Pueblo Recall Organizer As “Unemployed Plumber”

6) YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID: Congresswoman Diana DeGette Becomes The Latest Colorado Democrat Embarrassed Nationally By Her Own Words

5) DID KYLE CLARK KILL MAG BAN? 3 Takeaways From 9News’ Debunking of Bungled Up Mag Ban

4) FOLLOW THE MONEY: Initiative 22 Funders in the Spotlight

3) EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Video Shows Giron Protesters Being Secretly Paid In Cash, Harassing Recall Organizers

2) GUN CONTROL BACKTRACK: As Salazar Fallout Mushrooms, Hick Expresses Doubt About High Capacity Magazine Ban

1) REPUGNANT OBTUSENESS: Democrats Ask Manufacturers of High Capacity Magazines to Stay and Make Their “Baby-Killing” Products Here, Only Sell Them Somewhere Else


FAUX INDEPENDENT: As Predicted, Thiry Jumps into the Political Fray

Photo courtesy of Linhart PR web site

Some people say that independents are really liberals who don’t want to admit it.  Never was that more true in the case of DaVita CEO Kent Thiry, who recently unveiled his scheme to change Colorado’s primary system.  According to a report in The Denver Post:

”The ballot question would be: Should Colorado adopt a two-stage election system in which every registered voter can vote in each stage for any candidate on the ballot in their voting district?’ Ross said in the invite.”

Sounds amazing, you think?  Think again.  If folks were upset about how the race between now-resigned Sen. Evie Hudak and amazing candidate Lang Sias went down – some blame the libertarian spoiler – imagine how much chaos would ensue if Democrats could vote in Republicans’ elections (and vice versa).  As the Chairman of the Colorado Dems Rick Palacio told The Post, “it’s ripe for shenanigans.”  And, he would know.

PeakNation™ may recall that we profiled Thiry and his political shenanigans about a month ago.  Then, we noted that he may have an eye on political office.  Our sources tell us that the purpose of this initiative is to pave the way for his gubernatorial campaign – as an independent.  This ballot scheme is just the first step. continue…


PROPHECY FULFILLED: Union Hack Sen. Andy Kerr to Assume Leadership on Sen. Ed Committee

Nearly a month ago, we predicted that if the Evie Hudak recall team got close to recalling Hudak and replacing her with a Republican, Hudak had a deal with Democratic Senate President Morgan Carroll to prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate.  Hudak would resign and a union asset would be inserted to lead the Senate Education Committee, instead of presumed successor and owner of Amendment 66/S.B. 13-213, Sen. Micheal Johnston.  Our source told us this asset would be liberal Sen. Andy Kerr. From last month’s post:

“But Hudak, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the teachers union, wants a say in her successor on the Senate Education Committee we hear. In exchange for her resigning, Senate President Morgan Carroll has allegedly promised to appoint another union goon to head the committee over Senator Michael Johnston (D-Denver), a leading education reform supporter. Our sources say Hudak would prefer Senator Andy Kerr.”

The day before Thanksgiving, Hudak resigned.  Lo and behold, what did we hear today?  Sen. Andy Kerr will now chair the Senate Education Committee.  We’re not exactly saying “we told you so”, but maybe we’re saying “damn, it’s fun to be right”.  Stay tuned, PeakNation™, for more prophecies.


BACKFIRE: Governor’s New Media Adviser Compares Gun Rights to Ham Sandwiches?

UPDATE: Noting that Alan Salazar, Hick’s strategery chief, retweeted the bizarre proclamation, Colorado’s gubernatorial candidates weighed in via The Colorado Observer.  Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo said that the tweet “seem[ed] to claim that ‘there is no Second Amendment’ and called on the governor to explain the message”, observing:

“The tweet implies that the governor looks at gun rights in the same way as [Potter] does, and unless the governor says something to the contrary, that’s what we have to conclude.”

Fellow gubernatorial candidate and state senator, Greg Brophy, said, “It’s an indication of how deeply their animosity toward gun rights and the Second Amendment goes.  I don’t think it’s a fluke that he’s the gun-control governor or that his staff is hostile to gun rights, and we get glimpses of it occasionally, like with this tweet.”

Max Potter was brought onto Governor John Hickenlooper’s communications staff as a “senior media adviser” at a time when Hick was under intense pressure due to the blow back created by his signature gun control legislation.  That makes the fact that Potter fired off a bizarre anti-gun tweet on Sunday evening comparing gun rights to “#hamsandwichrights” and “#lightbulbrights” seem like a waste of money a bit counterproductive.  Usually media specialists who work for governors don’t publicly tweet senseless and offensive messages.  #protip


While we appreciate the unfiltered glimpse into the mind of this senior Hickenlooper staffer (the governor’s office emphasized that Potter’s $130,000 taxpayer-funded salary was a “significant pay cut” from what he earned at 5280 – how classy), the citizens of Colorado don’t consider government infringement on their constitutional rights a laughing matter.  Exhibit A:  John Morse.  Exhibit B:  Angela Giron.  Exhibit C:  Evie Hudak. continue…


IT’S OFFICIAL: Rachel Zenzinger Replaces Sen. Evie Hudak

In case you couldn’t take the morning off work to attend the swearing-in of now-state Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, we’ve done you solid by recreating the event as told by Twitter via Storify for you.  While we’re sure there will be plenty of time for policy disagreements, today is a big day for Zenzinger and we’re human enough to congratulate her.  See what you missed below. continue…


REPLACED: Vacancy Committee Selects Zenzinger to Fill Hudak’s Seat

Tonight, 66 delegates voted to replace the most disrespectful politician in Colorado far left extremist and former state Sen. Evie Hudak with Rachel Zenzinger, Hudak henchwoman and Arvada City Councilwoman.  Zenzinger beat Gagliardi with 39 votes to 27, respectively.  The choice was between Zenzinger and former state Rep. Sara Gagliardi, a SEIU union hack.  Given their special interest ties, neither candidate was a good option for Colorado’s families.

Zenzinger will replace Hudak, who resigned last month in order to avoid the recall she richly deserved.

While Gagliardi was endorsed by Rep. Tracy Kraft Tharp, who many thought would seek the nomination, Zenzinger was a favorite of Hudak herself.  She also secured the endorsement of Sen. Mary Hodge (D-Tin Foil Hats).  Liberals have tried to spin Zenzinger as a “fresh face” in the legislature as opposed to Gagliardi, who previously served as a state rep., but the truth is that Zenzinger has been a political wannabe for some time.  Zenzinger served as Hodge’s aide and Hudak’s campaign manager in 2012.  She’s also been passed over several times and it’s finally her turn.

Or is it? continue…


OVERHEARD IN DENVER: Hudak to Be 2014 Candidate

A PeakNation™ tipster sent us a rumor overheard this week in Denver – that Evie Hudak would be the 2014 nominee… for her former seat.  This may come as a surprise to former state Rep. Sara Gagliardi and Arvada City Councilwoman Rachel Zenzinger, both of whom who are vying to be nominated to the Senate seat formerly held by Hudak.

The legalities around Hudak resuming another seat are murky.  Term limit laws dictate that a legislator can’t run for more than two consecutive terms, but it’s never been tested as most just consider it two terms total.

Just yesterday The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee questioned whether Gagliardi was positioning herself as a moderate in order to be elected in 2014.

But, maybe it doesn’t matter how Gagliardi positions herself if she’s just keeping the seat warm for Hudak.  We wonder if Gagliardi and Zenzinger understand how temporary their role would be.


BACK FOR MORE? New Issue Committee Seeks Ballot Initiative to Ban Concealed Carry on College Campuses

UPDATE: We cited a Westword story that claimed Toltz’s family owns the Dependable Cleaners.  While this is technically true as the Toltz family does own the Dependable Cleaners chain, Ken Toltz is estranged from the Toltz family.  You can call off your boycotts of Dependable Cleaners, PeakNation™.  Steve Toltz called the Michael Brown Show today to clarify the relationship and assure his customers that he is not supportive of his brother’s activities – financially or otherwise.  Listen to the exchange below:

Apparently, the spanking that Democrats received when they tried to ban concealed carry on college campuses last legislative session no longer stings as badly as it did then.  A new issue committee, ironically named Safe Campus Colorado, filed late last month would seek to put on the ballot an initiative to “amend the current concealed carry law to exclude college campuses from the concealed carry law.”

The registered agent for this ill-conceived committee is none other than Ken Toltz, the well-funded, but failed, 6th Congressional District Democratic candidate whose family owns the Dependable Cleaners chain.  Toltz also is known for cashing in on Obama’s inauguration via

What’s puzzling is that Toltz would volunteer to venture into those dangerous waters.  While the Democrats in the state legislature shoved through five bills relating to gun control, the college campus concealed carry ban was the bill they couldn’t force feed Coloradans.  The bill was pulled by its sponsor, extremist Democratic state Sen. Rollie Heath, after the debate turned ugly for Democrats. During the debate, several rape victims testified and about-to-be-recalled newly-resigned former state Sen. Evie Hudak condescendingly told victims that “the statistics are not on your side”, causing a national uproar. continue…

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