NEW FRONT? Will Partisan Politics Enter Battle Over Ownership of Denver Post?

With the news breaking yesterday that Digital First Media was shelving its project that would “save” newspapers, many of the papers that Digital First Media owns were left in limbo; among them our very own Denver Post.  This turn of events has started the rumor mill, and we turn to The Colorado Springs Business Journal for the best of them:

Will the Post find a billionaire angel investor ? Moguls local and national have acquired the Boston Globe (John Henry), the Washington Post (Jeff Bezos) and the Colorado Springs Gazette (Phil Anschutz). [the Peak emphasis]

That’s the true question on everyone’s mind, and, as The Denver Post is really the only choice of paper for those in the metro Denver area (and in turn, the majority of Colorado’s population), ownership of it bequeaths the buyer a large megaphone to speak to all of Colorado.  No longer is there a Rocky Mountain News (pause for a brief moment of silence in remembrance) for people to pick up if they find the reporting at The Post slanted too far to the left one way or another.

Editorially, The Post leans leftward, supporting action on climate change, gun control and environmental protection. Yet it rarely strays into the farther shores of liberalism and regularly runs conservative columnists such as Vincent Carroll and Mike Rosen.

HA!  That’s like saying CU is now a moderate campus because they have a conservative chair.  There’s a reason you can name the conservative voices at The Post off the top of your head. continue…


A THOUSAND WORDS: Frack Ban Longed for by Fractivists Would Decimate Colorado Jobs, GDP

For liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall and the other Democrats weighing whether to stand with Boulder Congressman Jared Polis or the Colorado business community in the emerging war over hydraulic fracturing, this infographic should help give a nudge…or should we say, a shove.

Frack bans kill jobs.

When the political press posse moves past around the clock coverage of the personhood initiative, we expect they will ask Udall whether he is with Polis or Colorado business.  If Polis gets his way, there will be a lot of person hoods without jobs.


POLIS’ UNFORCED ERROR: Strategists in Both Parties Believe Anti-Fracking Measure Could Doom Democrats in November

Much noise has been made by strategists on both sides of the aisle who say the state’s anti-fracking movement, led by U.S. Rep Jared Polis (D-Boulder) who has promised to fund anti-oil and gas initiatives this November, may be cutting the electoral throats of Democrats this November.

Gather around, PeakNation™, so we can explain.

Republicans think that the estimated $10 to $15 million that will be spent attacking the Polis initiatives will drive more Republicans to the polls.  Democrats, we have heard repeatedly, fear this as well.  From the top of the ticket to the bottom, Republicans will be united against the Polis initiatives.

And, most of the business community will be united behind them.

Democrats won’t be so lucky.  Every single candidate for elected office will have to choose between the environmentalists and the business community.  That will be painful.  Democrat strategists aren’t eager to see their candidates put in this vise.

It will be particularly painful for the two men at the top of the ticket.

Governor John Hickenlooper’s split with anti-frack organizations is well documented.  This split will only grow as Hick speaks out against the anti-fracking initiatives. …Unless Hick doesn’t speak out against the Polis initiatives, in which case people will start wondering what happened to the frack-fluid-chugging Governor.  So Hick has to speak out, unless he doesn’t speak out, in which case…oh, what a tangled web Polis has woven for the Governor.

And, how will Senator Mark Udall deal with the mess that Polis is making?  It is even trickier for him.  Udall has been touting natural gas exports as a response to the Russia crisis.  Pretty smart move by Udall.  We can’t export natural gas, Senator,  if we can’t first frack it.  So, Udall will oppose the Polis oil and gas initiative right?  Probably not….

Opposing Polis’ initiative is even harder for Udall.  Udall’s wife, as the Denver media has ignored, is a mover and shaker in the national environmental movement with loyalties and money-ties that will make it next to impossible for Udall to oppose the Polis initiative.

Since Udall has yet to cross over on any major issue in his term as a Senator, it is hard to believe this would be the time, especially when it would only create Hickenlooper-sized base problems for him, too.

As Floyd Ciruli recently pointed out, Udall is probably also banking on outside money from the check writers in the Democratic Party who are motivated by Climate Change.  Opposing the Polis frack initiative would be a climactic problem for these core Udall supporters.

If Udall decides to support the Polis initiative, he creates big problems for himself.  But, if Udall is against the initiative, he creates bigger problems for himself.  If Udall chooses to stay neutral, Rep. Cory Gardner will have more proof that Udall is spineless.

When you look at the whole scorecard, the anti-fracking panacea starts to look more like a 2014 nightmare for Democrats.

For this nightmare, Democrats can thank Jared Polis.  The only thing that could make this issue better for Republicans would be if Polis had a portion of his vast wealth invested in Big Oil.  He does, you say?  Ok that settles it.  This issue couldn’t be better for Republicans.


COMING TOGETHER: Prominent Ds and Rs Join Fight Against Fractivists

Bipartisan local politicians are coming together united in their cause to keep out-of-state, extreme agendas from taking over Colorado.  Then, again, PeakNation™ we always knew that fractivists were so far left only crazies could agree with them.  As The Daily Caller reports:

Major Democratic and Republican politicians, including two former governors, have joined a group opposed to a ballot measure that would allow Colorado communities to ban fracking.

Former Colorado governors Roy Romer, a Democrat, and Bill Owens, a Republican, have joined Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development as chairmen of its newly formed advisory committee. Former Republican Sen. Hank Brown and former Democratic speaker of the state House Rep. Terrance Carroll will also chair the advisory committee. [the Peak emphasis]

We know U.S. Rep. Jared Polis has millions to waste on jackass causes (Hee-Haw!), and Democrats have proven they don’t care if they flush millions of dollars down the drain (your money or even theirs).  But, after a while, you’d figure every now and then they’d spend it on a good cause.  Now, we’re not saying shipping our dollars to out-of-state consultants isn’t a good cause.  Actually, no, that’s exactly what we’re saying.  Those people look at Colorado as nothing more than a battleground to fight their extremist ideological battles.  They don’t care whether our economy suffers, whether the average Coloradan can feed his or her family, whether we truly believe in pursuing an all-of-the-above energy strategy and not just in giving lip service to it.

How absurd are the eco-fanatics?  They saw how well the term “dirty coal” worked and decided they start trying to apply it to natural gas:

Instead of turning directly to dirty gas-fired power… That means that dirty gas-fired power is… [the Peak emphasis]

The problem is that our expanded use of natural gas has actually reduced our carbon emissions back to mid-90’s levels.  The other problem is that dirty coal actual fit well in people’s minds; they could easily imagine a piece of coal in their hand and their hands getting all dirty from it. It’s like describing a cheese-burger as fattening.  Trying to stick dirty on natural gas is like warning the public about that fattening celery, it just ain’t going to stick.

Then again, we’re not quite sure any of them are rational enough to understand that.


HYPOCRITE OF THE WEEK: Polis Funds Fractivists’ Total Ban While Claiming an All-of-the-Above Strategy

Earlier this week, KDVR reported that Boulder liberal and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is heavily investing in the “local” Colorado anti-fracking initiative aimed at gutting the strongest and fastest growing sector of the Colorado economy right now (energy). From KDVR:

Congressman Jared Polis, a Boulder Democrat, is putting his own money behind a series of possible ballot measures aimed at banning fracking.

…FOX31 Denver has confirmed that Polis is closely aligned with the group “Coloradans for Local Control,” which announced Monday that it has introduced language on nine potential anti-fracking ballot measures for the state to approve. [the Peak emphasis]

We wonder how Polis’ spokesman keeps a straight face when uttering this nonsense:

“While Congressman Polis believes that hydraulic fracturing is an important part of an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy plan, he has long believed that homeowners lack sufficient avenues to protect their health, property, and communities from the negative impacts that can sometimes accompany fracking,” said Scott Overland. [the Peak emphasis]

Weird, most of those local national groups with which Polis is aligning himself have stated their ultimate goal is a complete ban on fracking across the entire country.  Sounds like an “all-of-the-above” strategy to us. continue…


IT’S ON: Colorado Business Community Prepares to Smack Overreaching Environmentalists

The Colorado business community is banding together to get ahead of a looming statewide ballot initiative aimed at banning hydraulic fracturing.   The creation of a coalition called Vital for Colorado was announced this week and features an impressive coalition of business and civic leaders from around the state who support responsible oil and gas development.

Normally, the announcement of another coalition of business leaders would elicit nothing more than a yawn from us.  Let’s face it, coalition building is one of the business community’s favorite hobbies.   But this group grabbed our attention.  The engagement of the entire business community beyond just the oil and gas companies that operate in Colorado shows how far over the line the environmentalists have truly stepped.

But that’s not why this peaked our interest.  The most important thing that broad business community support brings to a political fight (besides credibility) is MONEY.  In a battle that is expected to cost upwards of $60 million, having the support of people and businesses that actually create jobs and wealth is going to be a difference maker.

Fracking has ceased being a partisan issue, despite the likes of Rep. Jared Polis throwing his money behind anti-fracking groups.  This issue affects anyone in Colorado who enjoys working in a state with a strong economy, or for that matter enjoys heating their home and driving a car.


TIME TO CHOOSE: Will Democrats Be the Party of Hodge & Tochtrop or Willmeng & Polis on Energy?

Democrat State Senators Mary Hodge and Lois Tochtrop, two respected voices who have urged their party to moderate after turning hard left in 2013, effectively dismantled the arguments made by Cliff Willmeng and the anti-oil and gas wing of the Democratic Party in The Denver Post yesterday afternoon.

ICYMI, Willmeng and liberal Boulder Congressman Jared Polis have been the chief spokespersons against hydraulic fracturing in Colorado.  With The Denver Post‘s environmental coverage reading more like a radical enviro pamphlet of anti-oil and gas propaganda, Willmeng and Polis’ demagoguery has been good for plenty of headlines.

But there is more to the story.

In their op-ed, Hodge and Tochtrop actually stare-down the Willmeng-Polis wing of the Democratic Party.  Wait for it, the two Senators actually argue that oil and gas development is something other than evil. An excerpt: continue…


IN: Republican Larry Sarner of Loveland to Try to Unseat Polis

Not to be outdone by the Democratic primary in Republican stronghold CD5, Larry Sarner of Loveland tossed his hat in the ring for the race in Congressional District 2, the seat currently occupied by Representative (and not, we repeat not, procurer of barnyard animals) Jared Polis.  Sarner will compete against Boulder County Republican chairman George Leing in the primary to see who gets a chance to unseat Polis in November.

Born in Iowa, but a resident of Colorado since 1959, Sarner has a bachelor’s degree in political science from Colorado State University and another bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from the University of Colorado.  While having never run for office before, Sarner has been active in local and state politics going back to the 60’s.

Good luck to Larry Sarner and George Leing.  If either of them play their cards right (and all of Boulder forgets to vote because of recreational pot), it can be their chief of staff renting goats and pigs for their Christmas party in a D.C. apartment come December!



CO FRACKDOWN: COGA Challenges Rep. Polis to Fracking Debate

On Friday, Colorado Oil and Gas Association President and CEO Tisha Schuller challenged Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis to put up or shut up on fracking.  Her letter (below) asks Polis to participate in a series of debates across Colorado.  But, COGA is still waiting for a response from Polis, the state’s biggest fracking hypocrite.

An excerpt from Schuller’s letter: continue…


DISASTER: Dem Congressman Seeks Obamacare Waiver After 0 Summit County Residents Sign Up For Exchanges

Credit: Facebook

“For the vast majority, it’s too high a price to pay.”

Who said that recently about the cost of Obamacare?

No, it wasn’t Ted Cruz.

It was Democratic Congressman Jared Polis in a story about how he’s seeking an Obamacare waiver for residents of Summit County where a total sum of 0 people have signed up for Obamacare exchanges.

As Health Policy Solutions reports:

Health insurance rates are so high in Colorado’s mountain resort areas that U.S. Rep. Jared Polis plans to seek waivers from the federal government so people who skip buying insurance in 2014 won’t face financial penalties.

“We will be encouraging a waiver. It will be difficult for Summit County residents to become insured. For the vast majority, it’s too high a price to pay,” said Polis, D-Boulder.

Health coverage guides working to enroll Summit County residents in new health plans through Colorado’s health exchange have been deeply disappointed. They have not enrolled a single new client since Colorado’s health exchange launched on Oct. 1.

The rate shock being experienced by residents of Summit County — the heart of ski country for our out-of-state readers — is causing major problems.

Rates for plans on Colorado’s new health exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, are up to three times higher in resort communities from Breckenridge to Vail and Aspen than in other parts of the state. For instance, a 40-year-old buying a mid-level silver plan in Greeley could pay as little as $232 per month while that same person in the resort communities could pay as much as $667 per month.

What about residents outside Summit County experiencing rate shock? Will they get a waiver too?

UPDATE: The Colorado Republican Party weighs in with a statement:


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