ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES A LIAR: Hickenlooper Won’t Stop Citing Disproven Job Numbers

We know it is inevitable that politicians will give the same stump speech over and over again.  This is the only reason we can think of as to why liberal Governor John Hickenlooper continues to repeat a talking point that the Peak has shown is a downright lie.  Well, it’s that, or he’s just a liar who doesn’t think Coloradans are going to call him on it.

In yet another instance, The Pueblo Chieftain reports how Hickenlooper told another audience that Colorado was 4th in job growth for 2013:

Still, Colorado is faring better than other states, he said. The state last year ranked fourth in the nation in job creation, he said. [the Peak emphasis]

Yet, as we’ve shown again and again, we can find no factual basis to back up his claim.  In fact, we find factual basis that makes this an outright lie, especially in light of the job numbers from December coming in.  Whereas the job growth rate from November 2011 to November 2012 ranked Colorado 4th in the nation, the job growth rate from December 2011 to December 2012 had Colorado falling to 5th.

And, now, with job numbers from December 2013 in, we can see that Colorado, from December 2012 to December 2013, or as Hickenlooper might call it “last year,” fell to 10th in the nation in job growth rate for 2013, and 19th if we only count private sector growth.

Hickenlooper must believe if he keeps repeating the same lie enough times, people will just start taking it as fact.  Don’t be fooled, PeakNation™.


DOUBLING DOWN: Hickenlooper Goes From Fudging to Outright Lying

A few weeks ago when Governor John Hickenlooper gave his State of the State address, we pointed out that he was fudging some of his numbers.  Well, last week, in an address to Colorado’s business community hosted by the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry, Hickenlooper outright lied.

As reported by Ed Sealover at The Denver Business Journal:

“He [Hickenlooper] told the assembled business leaders that they were the ones who deserved credit for Colorado jumping from 40th in the nation in job creation in 2010 to fourth in 2013.” [the Peak emphasis]

We know Hickenlooper wants to distract Coloradans from what he really accomplished in 2013 (only one of the most liberal legislative sessions in Colorado history), but this is just ridiculous.  Here, he is just straight-up lying. continue…


MORE JOB LOSS: Sources Say Encana Moving Denver Jobs To Canada

Another week, another energy company moving Colorado jobs overseas. This time it’s Encana, who is downgrading their Denver office from a US headquarters to a regional office.

Reports the Denver Business Journal:

The Denver office of Encana Corp. will no longer be its U.S. headquarters but it will remain open, officials said Wednesday.

The change comes amid a management shakeup at the energy giant, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Like all companies do with negative news, Encana is trying to spin this loss, with a spokesman even telling The Denver Post that the change “is really a matter of semantics.”

Not so, say our sources. We’ve been told there is considerable chatter among employees that the change will mean Denver jobs being moved to Canada.

If that’s true, it follows in the footsteps of Royal Dutch Shell, who announced last week that it was shuttering its Colorado oil shale operation to pursue ventures in Jordan and Canada.

What we want to know is where is Governor Hickenlooper in all of this? He sure likes his ribbon cutting photo ops when businesses set up shop in Colorado, so it’s only natural he be made to explain why he couldn’t keep these jobs in Colorado.


OUT OF TOUCH: 7th Richest Member of Congress Says His District Doesn’t Want Energy Jobs

Boulder Congressman Jared Polis, the 7th richest member of Congress, told a Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry panel today that residents in his district are not interested in jobs in the energy economy.

As reported by the Denver Business Journal‘s estimable Ed Sealover on Twitter:

Polis has been feuding with the oil and gas industry recently, after a neighbor to one of his vacation properties sold their mineral rights to an oil company that began drilling. The Congressman sued to stop the drilling from occurring because he claimed it, among other things, “caus[ed] mental suffering, annoyance and the loss of use and enjoyment” of his vacation property.

He even went so far as to claim his family were turned into “refugees” due to his neighbor exercising their mineral rights.

What makes this latest statement from the spoiled Congressman even more tone deaf is the fact that Polis has had millions of his own money invested in the oil and gas industry.

Apparently it’s okay for him to make money off of fracking, but not his constituents?

UPDATE: Congressman Polis weighs in, saying he wants oil and gas money in his district, just not the jobs. Oh, and he incorrectly thinks Broomfield doesn’t have fracking going on.



BOTH WAYS BENNET: Junior Senator Tries To Have His Enviro Love & Energy Jobs Too

Enviro protesters outside Bennet’s office (tweeted by Clean Water Action)

Junior U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is now backtracking off his pro-Keystone Pipeline vote cast last week that embarrassed his more senior Democratic Colorado counterpart in the Senate, Mark Udall.

After casting a vote that virtually everyone saw as an endorsement of the job-creating energy venture, which is opposed by most environmental organizations, Bennet is now trying to have it both ways — voting for jobs and not pissing off his environmental allies. 

Reports The Hill:

A trio of Senate Democrats are insisting that their vote for a Keystone XL pipeline amendment last week was not an endorsement of the project. 

Backers of the oil sands pipeline scored a major win Friday when 17 Democrats joined Republicans in a 62-37 vote in favor of Sen. John Hoeven’s (R-N.D.) amendment.

The amendment’s sponsors said it was a strong show of support for Keystone. But at least three senators who cast surprise “yes” votes — and angered environmentalists — have a different view of the amendment.

…Another Democratic backer of the amendment, Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), joined Carper and Coons in declining to cast the vote as an outright endorsement of Keystone. 

“Senator Bennet believes the Keystone pipeline should go through the proper process and be judged on its merits,” said Bennet spokesman Adam Bozzi.

But sponsors and many backers of the amendment made very clear that they saw the amendment as an outright referendum on whether Keystone should be approved by the Obama administration.

Environmentalists certainly saw it that way, and are vowing to take action against the three senators.

“Our supporters in Delaware, Florida, Colorado and elsewhere will be bird-dogging their Senators or visiting their offices to make their disappointment known and encouraging them to change their position. These Senators have clearly underestimated how strongly their constituents feel about this issue,” said Jamie Henn of the climate advocacy group 350.org earlier this week. 

Activists protested outside Bennet’s Denver office on Tuesday.

Bennet’s vote was highly embarrassing to Udall, as it drove Udall’s image leftwards, with Bennet on the side of jobs and bipartisanship and Udall left out in the cold with the hardcore environmentalists.

Well, it turns out environmentalists didn’t much appreciate the cold shoulder and “bird-dog” Senator Bennet they did, protesting his office and attacking him on social media:

Which is it, Senator Bennet? Mark Udall and the enviros, or the 17 Democrats who joined Republicans in voting in favor of the Keystone Pipeline and the 20,000 jobs associated with it?

Votes have consequences, and even Allison Sherry picked up on this one.


“NOT AS BAD AS CALIFORNIA!” Report From Anti-Gun Group Promoted By Post’s Meyer Says Gun Grab In Colorado Not So Bad

The Denver Post is in the tank for more gun control. Is anyone surprised? Earlier today the Post’s Lynn Bartels compared opponents of new gun control laws to legislators who blocked MLK Day like 50 years ago.

Real classy, Lynn.

Why not photoshop a white sheet over the face of Rep. Bob Gardner while you are at it?

Rep. Jovan Melton probably wasn’t amused by Bartels quip. If Bartels is the one doing all the race baiting, what is he supposed to do?

Bartels’ journalistically curious remark follows an equally fatuous story from Jeremy Meyer in the Post on Sunday which attempts to create the impression that Colorado’s proposed gun laws really aren’t that restrictive:



REPUGNANT OBTUSENESS: Democrats Ask Manufacturers of High Capacity Magazines to Stay and Make Their “Baby-Killing” Products Here, Only Sell Them Somewhere Else

2/19 UPDATE: Magpul responds regarding the Udall donation:

2/18 UPDATE 2: According to OpenSecrets.com, Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick has made only one political donation to a Colorado politician: $500 to Senator Mark Udall in September 2012. Wonder if he’ll be seeking a refund?

2/18 UPDATE: Magpul recently posted to its Facebook page that their pull out threat is not a bluff. 

UPDATE: Alfred Manufacturing, based in Denver, announced if HB1224 passed it would be forced to leave Colorado. From the Post‘s Kurtis Lee:

“We are a third-generation Colorado company that has been committed to this state since my grandfather founded the company in 1948,” Greg Alfred, the company’s chief executive, writes in the letter. “However, if House Bill 1224 passes, we will plain and simply have no choice but to relocate part or all of our operations to another state.”

Shortly thereafter, House Democrats passed HB1224 on a voice vote. Because….jobs.


During the debate over HB1224, which would ban magazines that hold over 15 rounds, State Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) pushed an amendment too clever by half. An amendment which in effect said “we think that these magazines are immoral baby killers, but hey, feel free to sell your baby killing devices to other states.”

It was targeted at high capacity magazine manufacturer Magpul, which has threatened to leave Colorado if HB1224 passes, taking with it nearly 1000 jobs.

Reports The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee:



SMART CHOICE: Colorado Springs City Council Picks Jobs Over Enviro Jokers In Fracking Fight

Credit: Colorado Springs No Fracking FB page

The fracking fight came to Colorado Springs yesterday, and energy development won out over a radical environmentalist “mob” of about 20 people. In a 6-3 vote to allow exploratory drilling on private land in the Springs, the city council decided to not make the same mistake Longmont Councilman Brian Bagley and the Longmont City Council made by getting in bed with radical environmental wackjobs.

Reports the Colorado Springs Gazette‘s Ned Hunter:

Dave Gardner wore a green gas mask in front of City Hall Tuesday, hoping to encourage City Council members to vote against an ordinance that allows drilling for oil and natural gas within the city.

Gardner was among more than 30 people who showed up to present their views on the ordinance. More than half of the attendees spoke against it, but their efforts failed.

After more than six hours, council members voted 6-3 to approve a set of rules that would allow Ultra Resources, Hilcorp Energy Co. and other energy companies to drill exploratory and other wells within city limits. Council members Tim Leigh, Angela Dougan, Merv Bennett, Brandy Williams, Lisa Czelatdko, and Bernie Herpin voted in favor of the ordinance. Council members Jan Martin, Val Snider and Scott Hente voted against it. The ordinance must be voted on again at the council’s Dec. 11 meeting.

While the Gazette‘s reporter romanticizes the environmentalist protesters in his write up, giving short shrift to the majority supporters, the key takeaway is that the council ignored the radical environmental hysteria.



WAS MAX TYLER HIGH? Lakewood Democrat Votes Against Making Driving While High Illegal

Today was a tough day for Democratic state Rep. Max “Children Are Like Maggots“ Tyler. We all remember how he degraded school kids who have trouble learning, so his newest debacle isn’t going to come as a surprise to Capitol observers, but Tyler has presented voters with two more reasons to wonder why Max Tyler holds elected office…anywhere.

Normally this time of year at the state legislature is the ho-hum of recommending bi-partisan bills and going home to walk precincts, but Max decided to make it interesting…and for that, we thank him.

Tyler opened his morning at the Legislature’s interim Transportation Committee by killing a jobs bill that would have directed new state revenues to road projects without raising taxes or fees. With every middle class family focused on jobs and good paying jobs, Max decided to give middle class families the proverbial bird and cast his vote to kill a bill that would have helped put construction workers and road crews back to work.

To make it even more fun, our good buddy Max Tyler came back this afternoon and voted against a bill that would have made it illegal to put lives at risk by driving a car while high. Now, follow this. Tyler voted for a bill in 2011 that would have made driving while high illegal.

During the 2012 Hickenlooper special session, Tyler was one of a very small number of Reps who voted against making DUI pot illegal. Today, when given the chance to correct his Max-flop, he decided to double down to support DUI.

Yes. You read that right. Max Tyler voted against making driving while high out of your mind illegal.



DISAPPOINTMENT: Jobs Report Misses Mark…Again

The Obama Economy strikes again! The Bureau of Labor Statistics today released its June unemployment numbers, disappointing economists and analysts.  The report showed that U.S. payrolls expanded by just 80,000 (net) in June, stalling the unemployment rate at 8.2%.

Prior to the release of the numbers, Bloomberg polling of economists showed that they expected a gain of 100,000 positions in June.

The report comes on the heels of Bloomberg’s Consumer Confidence Index, which was down again this week.  It showed women feeling less confident about buying power and the overall economy.  It looks like women’s intuition called it correctly.

This is not good news for President Obama heading into a contentious election year.  Even worse – Hispanic and Latino unemployment remained essentially unchanged at 11.0 percent, and more black people were unemployed, raising their unemployment rate to 14.4 percent.

The May Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report by state showed Colorado at 8.1%.  The June report will come out on August 1, 2012. 

Several other key states in the 2012 election are lagging in job creation with unemployment higher than the national average, including Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Below is a chart showing the unemployment in these key states. 


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