1,750%: Cost Increase Needed To Justify Udall-Endorsed EPA Regulations

#AskUdall: Why do you hate Colorado families?

PeakNation™, it’s Monday, we’re feeling frisky (had some Taco Bell for lunch), so let’s get a little wonky.  You may have heard the Environmental Protection Agency is rolling through tomorrow (if Sen. Mark Udall is such a fan of it, can we expect him to be here in person to personally advocate for them?), and today the top climate advisor to President Obama claimed the tougher EPA regulations would be a boon for Colorado.  The only problem for Udall and him is that their statements aren’t based in reality whatsoever.

Gov. John Hickenlooper and former Gov. Bill Ritter have already forced stringent regulations on us Coloradans to expand the use of wind and solar (but, not hydro, because in Hickenlooper’s world, hydro doesn’t count as renewable.  Yep, someone tell Isaac Newton gravity just became a finite resource).  According to the proposed EPA regulations all that reduction in emissions won’t matter.  There has been no indication that the proposed 35% reduction in carbon emissions will factor in reductions already achieved.  This means all those states that haven’t done anything to reduce carbon emissions will still have some low-hanging fruit to pick, while we here in Colorado have already snatched up the easy reductions.  Any further reductions will be quite painful; thanks Udall.

From this, it is easy to see how some estimates have the price of electricity in Colorado going up a whopping 49% under these Udall-endorsed, EPA regulations.  Not to mention, a loss of 24,000 jobs related to Colorado’s coal-industry.  Hickenlooper’s war on rural Colorado continues with these proposals as a full 9,000 of the jobs lost are based in western Colorado.  Those jobs only pay $116,000 in wage and benefits; surely, they can just be replaced by increasing the minimum wage to $10.10.

The real kicker for the EPA, is an article The Economist wrote last week that shows even factoring in carbon emission reductions, wind and solar are still a net loser when compared to coal.  As it wrote:

If all the costs and benefits are totted up using Mr Frank’s calculation, solar power is by far the most expensive way of reducing carbon emissions. It costs $189,000 to replace 1MW per year of power from coal. Wind is the next most expensive.

… all this assumes a carbon price of $50 a tonne. Using actual carbon prices (below $10 in Europe) makes solar and wind look even worse. The carbon price would have to rise to $185 a tonne before solar power shows a net benefit.

…At the moment, most rich countries and China subsidise solar and wind power to help stem climate change. Yet this is the most expensive way of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

That’s right, the price of carbon would have to increase by an incredible 1750% for us to see a total net benefit from attacking carbon emission reduction this way, and that’s including the cost of carbon itself.

Now, if you’re Udall and the faux-hippie bourgeoisie of Boulder, the enormous costs foisted on us by these brutal EPA regulations might amount to just one less kale-fed, karma-injected, locally-grown, Buddhist-massaged, tofu lambchop a week, but for the rest of us that money is our kid’s tuition.  The U.S. already leads the world in carbon emissions reduction; it’s ludicrous for us to even consider importing their failed policies.  Too bad Udall is too busy hanging out with eco-extremists to recognize that.


THE HIPSTER’S GOVERNOR: New Yorker Broadway Actor Loves Drinking Beer With Hickenlooper

“Must keep party going.”

When The Denver Post’s Lynn Bartels brought this video to our attention, it got passed around the office because frankly, no one wanted to sit through 20 minutes of a New York hipster making googly eyes at Gov. John Hickenlooper like he was the second-coming of Christ.  Of course, Hick being the attention/love whore that he is, eats it up.  If only everyone in Colorado would fawn over and appreciate him like New Yorkers do, then life would be perfect.

Let’s start with the basics for this interview.  Jimmy Ludwig, a Broadway actor who is in Aspen for the summer, has a hipster blog built all around things hipsters love, especially microbreweries and drinking.  Natch, Hickenlooper was attracted to such absurdities like an alcoholic to his next drink.  James has Hickenlooper take us through his origin myth and one thing become clear quite quickly: despite being the Governor of all of Colorado for the past four years, Hickenlooper has never truly left LoDo.  The man built lofts above his brewery, not to create a village as he says in the video, but so he would never have to leave the party.  There must be some deep, dark demons in Hick if he is afraid to be alone by himself for too long.

“Having a drink allows people to relax a little bit more, and reveal themselves, and open up a little bit to someone they might otherwise be guarded.”

Apparently, according to Hick, brewmasters are just a step below the Pope.

The neediness of Hickenlooper comes out glaringly when James makes the mistake of saying Hickenlooper was reelected mayor of Denver by 80% of the vote, which, Hickenlooper quickly hops into to correct and say, “eighty-seven, I’m not bragging, just saying” all with a sh*%-eating grin from ear to ear.

There’s a reason Hickenlooper is so popular in LoDo versus everywhere else in Colorado, he’s a luxury Governor.  Listen to him list off the things he felt he achieved as mayor and governor: craft bicycles, music concerts, farm to table restaurants, microbreweries, wineries, craft distilleries.  In Hick’s ideal world there is no room for the Coloradan who shops at Target or Walmart; there is no room for the young family on a tight budget, whose only treat is a once a month trip to Chili’s; there is no room for the manual labor worker, who opts for the 24-pack of Coors over a microbrewery six-pack.  Should it be any surprise then, that come the end of the video this New York hipster actor can’t fall over himself quick enough in endorsing Hickenlooper.  A hipster’s whole lifestyle is one stuffed full of privilege and luxury, paying $80 for a shirt that they try downplay in having it look like it came from a thrift shop.

Yet, here in Colorado, we’ve never been one to get all wound up about being fancy.  Rather, we’ve lived here because we know there isn’t much better in life than putting in a hard day’s work, coming home, putting your feet up, and letting your thoughts drift as your eyes trace over the mountains.  It’s time to get back to a governor who feels that same ethos in their heart.  Sorry Hick, but this party is over.


LIBERAL PANIC: Dem Poll Finds Gov and Sen Races Statistically Tied

The stuff of Colorado Dems’ nightmares

Time to hit the panic button Colorado Lefties, your beloved liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling just released a new poll that has both the Colorado Gubernatorial and Senatorial races as statistically tied.  At an identical 44%-43% Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Mark Udall are tied with their opponents, former Rep. Bob Beauprez and Rep. Cory Gardner, respectively.

Those week-old daydreams of Pina coladas, and warm breezes, and Marist Polls are completely vanquished now.  Welcome to the days of pain and agony, where you wake up each morning to once again attempt the Sisyphean task of trying to convince middle-of-the-road Colorado electorate your candidates didn’t go off on a drunken, liberal binge their entire past terms.

For those of you specializing in the Hick race, please resist the urge and not punch yourself in the face as Hickenlooper goes off-script yet again to try and explain— unsuccessfully— how he doesn’t want to be the next Michael Bloomberg, who condescendingly tells all Coloradans he knows how they can better live their lives than they do themselves (“You guys should really start with some roads, roads make life a lot easier”).  Please put the sharp objects down as Hickenlooper carelessly tosses you under the bus yet again just so he feels the audience he is talking to at that time loves him just a bit more.  Because, maybe, just maybe, tonight will finally be the night Hickenlooper decides to set the beer down and actually focus on winning a race.

Who are we kidding?  All his most trusted advisers saw the writing on the wall long ago, and have their exit strategies already planned out.

As for you Udallians (Udallites?)… HA!  Your boss voted 99% of the time with a President who is getting just a 39% approval rating by Coloradans in a liberal poll.  Tack on the fact that his legislative record is radioactively toxic (like, seriously, put on a hazmat suit before you go anywhere near it), and that he’d be unable to stake out a moderate Colorado position even if it smacked the hiking boots off of him, he’s pretty much dead man walking at this point.  All we can say is: enjoy the nice weather and be sure to tell all your liberal friends we’re all bat-shit crazy out here once you flee back to your liberal enclaves on either coast when this race is over.

As for us Coloradans who are here because there’s no other place we’d rather be, things are looking up.  On the generic ballot test Republicans are +7.  We lead by no less than eight points on all the other state-wide, down-ticket races (35-27, Wayne Williams over Joe Neguse; 43-33 Walker Stapleton over Betsy Markey; 38-29, Cynthia Coffman over Don Quick).  Perhaps it’s time for Pols to update its “Big Line,” or, at least put its money where its mouth is and actual take bets on their ridiculous odds.  We could use a new massage chair to relax in after the Democratic beat down that is coming this November.  These next few months should be fun.


SKEWED: Government Employment Up, Private Sector Jobs Down

The only man in Colorado hiring

There seemed to be much breathless excitement over the new employment numbers today.  Colorado gains 3,000 jobs screamed headlines.  It’s all well and good until one reads beyond the headline.

But, looking at the broader economic trend here makes this report a real bummer. As it turns out, those 3,000 jobs were all government hiring.  From the Denver Business Journal report:

“But the Colorado job gain was driven by increased government hiring, with public sector payroll jobs increasing by a net 3,300 last month and private sector positions declining by 300, CDLE, monthly report said.”

Let’s be honest, a government job, for someone out of work, is still a job. But, in terms of genuine economic growth, this ain’t it.  And here’s more bad news, it’s not just that the hiring that happened was all in the public sector, it’s also that the labor force shrunk:

“And while the drop in the state’s unemployment level brought that closely followed measurement to its lowest point since October 2008, the decline was partly driven by a 1,600 decrease in the state’s labor force (defined as working people plus unemployed people actively seeking work).”

Colorado has one of the most highly-educated, innovative work forces in the entire country.  There’s no reason our economy shouldn’t be on fire.

House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso weighed in how shameful for the Colorado economy to be in this shape at this point:

“Losing 300 private sector jobs and having 1,600 people leave the labor force shows our economy is still on shaky ground. I am encouraged to see more Coloradans going back to work, but increasing government jobs is not a long-term solution to improving Colorado’s economy. We must create an environment that will foster sustained private sector job growth and the growth of our labor force if we want the economy Coloradans deserve.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper thought it was a better use of his time this week to pretend to be a rock bluegrass star than focus on helping Colorado’s private sector.  Hick, no one blames you for wanting to do cool things, but being Colorado’s Governor means you sometimes have to sacrifice hanging out with your friends (and having a beer, right?) to do the dirty work to make sure Colorado stays great.


HAT TRICK: Polis Vs. Udall, Hickenlooper, and Romanoff on Fracking Ban Initiatives

“It’s my party, I can cry if I want to”

Liberal Rep. Jared Polis has been sent to time out.  First, Governor Hickenlooper surprised the world by declaring attempts to call a special session over (note: this happened while most of his staff is on vacation).  Then, embattled Sen. Mark Udall and Andrew Romanoff (D-Still Deciding), who is running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, came out against Initiative 88 and 89.

Then, we received notice that Hickenlooper would be holding a press conference this afternoon to also denounce these ill-conceived initiatives.

This means that Polis is all alone in his corner with his radical environmentalists.  This cannot be how he imagined it would go down.  But, perhaps he shouldn’t be surprised.

The three who have banded together to denounce Polis’ temper tantrum-induced initiatives just happen to be Udall, who is stinking it up in the polls (see: Quinnipiac, Gravis); Hickenlooper, who is behind in polling compared to his Republican opponent Bob Beauprez; and Romanoff, who is facing an uphill climb against one of the hardest working Congressmen out there.  Is it any wonder that the three of them are sprinting toward the center on this (or any) issue?

Beyond the success of the initiatives, at stake for Polis is the possibility of leading the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.  Word on the Hill is that he’s still angling for the job.  But, now that his fellow Democrats have already coalesced against Polis’ ballot initiatives to save their own hides come November, has Polis lost much of his leverage?


NO MARGIN FOR ERROR: Hickenlooper Losing Reelect Despite People Liking Him

“WTF Colorado? I drink beer. How much cooler can I get?”

Yesterday, Colorado Dems and Lefties were all over themselves pushing the Marist poll.  We’re guessing they won’t be doing the same for the just released Quinnipiac poll.  Showing that the Rasmussen poll released last week was no fluke, the Quinnipiac poll today showed former Rep. Bob Beauprez with a one-point lead over Gov. John Hickenlooper, 44%-43%.  Yet, what should really terrify Hickenlooper is the fact he’s losing by one despite having pretty decent secondary numbers.  This means, should Hickenlooper encounter even the slightest of hiccups between now and election day, his poll numbers are tanking.

We imagine as soon as Hickenlooper’s handlers, chief of staff Roxane White and chief strategy officer Alan Salazar, saw this poll they canceled their vacations to rush back to the Governor’s mansion to tell Hick to put his beer down.  No margin of error for an error-prone Governor sucks.

Hickenlooper, himself, has got to be scratching his head.  We mean, he’s gotten exactly what he always wanted: the people of Colorado really do like him.  Unfortunately for Hick, liking someone isn’t always enough to want to reelect them.  54% of Coloradans find Hick trustworthy.  56% of Coloradans think Hickenlooper is a strong leader.  And, yet, still, these same people don’t think Hickenlooper should be reelected by a 48% to 42% margin.  If Hick’s reelect numbers are that bad when people think he’s a decent leader, imagine how bad they will be as Hickenlooper continues to reveal what a failed leader he is (Hick’s failed attempt at a special session only cost Colorado one of its most-respected centrist organizations, then again, Hick is good at throwing people under the bus).

Quinnipiac also shows 58% of Coloradans think our economy is good, but we don’t want to settle for good, when we know we got the resources and creativity to have a great economy.  Only 6% of Coloradans feel like we have a great economy right now.  This is a clear indication Coloradans don’t want to settle for merely showing up.  Rather, we want to be the state leading the country in growth.  Under Hickenlooper, not only have we not gotten there, we’ve fallen behind our neighbors around us.

People like Hick.  People think our economy is doing fine.  And, yet, people still would rather have Beauprez as Governor.  Imagine the bloodbath this is going to turn into for Hick once Coloradans start taking a closer look at the many ways Hickenlooper has failed to lead Colorado.


FRACTIVISTS FLOP: Minus Outside Money And People, Fractivists Fail In CO

Colorado Community Rights Network, a fractivists group pushing an extreme anti-fracking initiative this fall, determined it would be impossible for them to gather enough signatures in time to qualify for the ballot.  As The Gazette’s Megan Schrader reported:

The first of several proposed ballot questions to increase local regulation over the oil and gas industry threw in the towel early Monday admitting the group was unlikely to collect almost 86,000 signatures by the Aug. 4 deadline.

The Colorado Community Rights Network was relying almost exclusively on volunteers to collect signatures to put a question on the November ballot asking voters whether local communities should be able to regulate industries that threaten a community’s health or safety. [the Peak’s emphasis]

PeakNation™, that is one down, and more to go.  What should be most encouraging to us on the commonsense side of things—and, what should be most terrifying for fractivists pushing their extremists’ agenda—is that CCRN were determined to use an (almost) all-volunteer network to gather their signatures.  In other words: your average Coloradan.  Yet, not only did they fail, they failed by such a wide margin that they quit the race with more than three weeks left to go.  This shows the average Coloradan has no stomach for this anti-business, anti-Colorado, far-Left agenda.  The only hope fractivists have in Colorado is to ship in out-of-state people, while, simultaneously also pumping in gobs of out-of-state money.

All that talk about “local control” is officially dead.  We’re now more likely to see Mark Ruffalo collecting signatures, than a Coloradan who’s not getting paid to.

One aspect of this battle that hasn’t gotten much attention is fractivist fatigue.  Fractivists certainly don’t have the facts on their side.  Their doomsday scenarios have no science behind them, and the only faucets being lit on fire are nearly 2,000 miles away in Pennsylvania where swamp gas is known to naturally happen.  Fracitivists’ failure to capture the Colorado electorate this year will only make it harder in the future, as Colorado’s strong fracking safety record becomes more and more well known.  This is not to say fractivists still won’t be able to pick off a community or two in the future (how could they not when you got a place like the People’s Republic of Boulder where they don’t have pet owners, but rather pet “guardians.”  We at the Peak are still eagerly waiting for the first Yorkie emancipation), but never will they have a better time to blind the entire state of Colorado to their extremists’ position.  If they don’t make it this year, they won’t make it any year.

Rep. Jared Polis can’t be looking forward to kissing his millions goodbye in this boondoggle.  If he actually sees this all the way through to the end, he might have to start accepting that Congresional salary he’s been refusing all these years.

The fact that the fractivists’ initiatives are dying off under their own weight, makes it that much more incredible that Gov. John Hickenlooper is still being held hostage by Polis.  Surely, if Hick had any sort of actual leadership ability he wouldn’t be at the mercy of someone who has no solid ground to stand on.  Then again, the Governor’s mansion did get some beer taps installed this last spring, so we can’t be sure he even knows it’s summer already.


PeakFeed: Hick Calls Obama “The Change We Need”

Last week, much ado was made over Mark Udall’s refusal to be seen with President Barack Obama due to Obama’s abysmal poll numbers.  Many compared Udall’s praise for Obama back in the day when he was popular to Udall’s current game of hide and seek.  But, Udall wasn’t the only politician praising Obama in 2008.  Embattled Gov. John Hickenlooper also had some pretty noteworthy praise for then-Sen. Obama.  Just watch:

From the video:

Change, Change has served me well, it’s served Denver well over its 150 year history, and change is the only thing that can restart our nation’s economy and realign our nation’s compass.

We simply cannot afford to continue down the same old path with the same old, tired policies, and the same old, tired politics.

Barack Obama represents the change we need. The new ideas and leadership to transform America’s challenges into opportunities.  Barack Obama inspires us to work harder….

To his credit, Hickenlooper actually appeared with Obama. Perhaps Obama makes some want to work harder (at their golf game), but his change has been disastrous for our country.  Let’s just chalk Hick’s sycophantic speech up to another lapse in judgment, shall we?


BIG GOV JOHN: CO State Government Bloats Out Under Hickenlooper

“Pass me another beer, I got a state to run into the ground.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper and his administration are quick to trumpet any list that has Colorado at or near the top in job growth.  Yet, one list of job growth Hickenlooper has never talked about is the unprecedented expansion of state government that has taken place under his failed leadership.  For all his empty rhetoric about being a centrist, Hickenlooper at one point had the Colorado state government expanding at a rate greater than 10% for nine straight months (January 2013- September 2013).  Not even failed liberal states like California or Illinois could come close to this feat.  Is there any doubt left that Hickenlooper is anything other than a tax-big, spend-big, big government liberal?

Even now, with the most recent job numbers from May, looking back over the past 12-month average, Colorado is number one in the country for state government growth at an astounding 6.81%.  The next closest state government doesn’t even come close, being an almost two full percentage points less at 4.92%.  Meanwhile, Colorado nearly doubles Iowa (3.70%) who sits at number three.  Remember PeakNation™, this unprecedented growth of state government for Colorado is taking place at the same time nearly 20 other states are still shrinking their state governments to be more efficient.

In 2013 alone, the Colorado state government expanded at an absurd rate of 10.45% for the entire year.  No one else in the country was remotely close to this, as the next closest state came in at merely 4.15%.

Hickenlooper likes to claim him and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg don’t talk about guns (Hick lies, they do), but maybe among one of their many conversations Bloomberg tutored Hick on how to expand nanny-state government.  With over 25,000 pages of new codes and regulations since he has come into office, it only makes sense Hickenlooper would have to bloat out the state bureaucracy to write and enforce all that new red tape.

Hickenlooper has no problem grabbing and trying to own any positive economic number for Colorado; yet, the one area of growth he is directly responsible for, the growth of the state government bureaucracy, he has never once cited.  Is he ashamed of what he has done, or, does he just realize Coloradans will not tolerate a man who has gone so far to destroy our mountain-west, independent spirit?


DOA: Hick’s Bid To Appease Polis Appears Dead

“and the beer taste so good when it hits your lips”

We wonder if while Gov. John Hickenlooper was shooting pool and, (wait for it), drinking beer with President Obama the other night, Hickenlooper asked Obama for any advice on how to advance legislation.  Just kidding, between those two and watch-me-write-another-letter Udall, they couldn’t pass gas even after eating at Obama’s fav, Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Hickenlooper’s failed leadership with the special session meant to appease Rep. Jared Polis has been so incompetent, even Democratic lobbyists are throwing up their hands in disgust and resigning.  Despite that, Hick hasn’t even hit rock-bottom.  Denver Business Journal’s Ed Sealover reveals the State Senate is not all that impressed with Hickenlooper right now, as two key Democrat Senators hold out for bipartisan support:

Sen. Lois Tochtrop, D-Thornton, said she would need to see more people backing the proposal before she is willing to support it. And she wants at least some Republican backing for the bill if she is to vote for it, she added.

Until we get bipartisan support, I’m not ready to move,” Tochtrop said.

Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Wheat Ridge, said she too would need to see some bipartisan support to advance a bill… [the Peak’s emphasis]

Amazingly enough—or really not at all, Hickenlooper in a sign of his amazing leadership abilities has failed to invite a single Senate Republican to any of the negotiations going on for the special session for the Jared Polis appeasement fracking compromise bill.  Because nothing says “I’m a centrist” like ignoring an entire party in a two-party system.  Sen. Minority Leader Bill Cadman nails it when he says:

But [Cadman] criticized the current negotiation process — in which he said he was not invited to be involved — as one that seems only meant to mollify Polis rather than examine the best policies for the state.

“We are at our core interested in doing what’s best for Colorado,” Cadman said. “I think it’s really time for people in Colorado to stand up for Colorado, and Governor Hickenlooper needs to stop being pushed around by Jared Polis.” [the Peak’s emphasis]

It’s a Hick-22: he has the Democratic votes to go alone without Republicans, so he blatantly ignores the Republicans, only to find out the Democrats he needs to join him won’t do so unless some Republicans do as well.  Well, he seems so eager to kiss-up to Polis, surely he can turn all those groveling skills to the Republicans now.  We’re sure Republicans and Coloradans all over are willing to definitely take Hick at his word nowadays.

If that all fails, we hear Michael Bloomberg is always willing to take Hick’s calls and share with Hick some sage advice about his own deep knowledge about our great state.

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