SUPER PARTISAN MARIO STRIKES AGAIN: “Unaffiliated” Chairman Of Reapportionment Commission Donates To Only State Dems In 2012

The supposed “Unaffiliated” Chairman of the Reapportionment Commission, Mario Carrera, donated only to state-level Democrats in 2012, a review by Colorado Peak Politics has found.

The Reapportionment Commission was responsible for re-drawing all 65 State House districts and 35 State Senate districts based on population changes identified in the US Census. Carrera was appointed to the Commission as a supposed “Unaffiliated” member, but what became clear in the process was that Carrera was only unaffiliated on paper. In reality, he was a hyper-partisan Democrat who did their bidding in pushing through maps that redrew districts to protect Democrats and imperil Republicans.

In 2012, Carrera gave the maximum contribution of $400 to two Democrat candidates for the State Legislature in districts he himself helped create: Angela Williams and Jesse Ulibarri. How independent of him.



WELLINGTON WEBB: Secret Special Interest Money In Reapportionment Is “Democracy In Action”

Former Denver Mayor and lover of false accusations of racism, Wellington Webb, did a bang-up job of making a fool of himself on the Reapportionment Commission. Between making up prison populations out of thin air and calling major Democrat donor Mario Carrera "an honest broker" between Republicans and Democrats on the Commission, Webb didn't come across as the sharpest tool in the shed.

Now in an article examining reapportionment and redistricting by ProPublica, a left-leaning investigative journalism group, Webb takes the cake for dumbest comment of the month.

In an article examining the web of secret donor money and hidden agendas behind the process of redrawing state and federal legislative lines, Webb tells the reporter that the whole process was "democracy in action."

From the article:

In January 2011, before the public process had started, The Foundation for the Future reported a $16,818 in-kind donation of "data, data use, and training" to a group called Colorado Long View. Matt Inzeo, the communications director for the Colorado Democratic party, described Colorado Long View as a Democratic-aligned nonprofit that worked on reapportionment. Inzeo said neither he nor state party chair Rick Palacio knew much about the group.  

Part of the power of using nonprofit groups for political action is the ability to conceal who is actually calling the shots. No one we contacted would say who was actually responsible for running Colorado Long View. Its current registered agent seems apt: It's "The Corporation Company." Kevin C. Paul, the Denver attorney who originally incorporated the group, said he was "honestly not sure" who is in charge of it. Attorneys Mark Grueskin, who worked with Democrats on redistricting, and Scott Martinez, who worked on redistricting and with Democrats on the reapportionment commission, would not comment. [Peak emphasis]

…The largest donor to Colorado Long View was the Colorado Education Association, the state's largest teachers' union, which gave $100,000 in October 2009 to a group called "Colorado's on the Move," which later changed its name to "Colorado Long View."

So a process bankrolled by a group whose own registered agent is left in the dark is somehow a model of democracy?

We wonder if Webb knows he comes across as an idiot and doesn't care, or worse, doesn't even know. 

Webb's fellow Democrat Reapportionment Commissioner, Arnold Salazar, estimates that 99.9% of the reapportionment testimony from the public was manufactured. 

Major Democrat donor and Reapportionment Commission Chairman Mario Carrera estimates at least 80% of the testimony was manufactured.

Democracy in action, right?

BS cries Republican Reapportionment Commissioner Mario Nicolais.

"I think it makes a mockery of the process," Nicolais told ProPublica. "It has nothing to do with actual communities and people, and it has everything to do with political parties and partisan performance. It's a sham."

Now we're not saying the Republicans were transparent and concerned with honest public testimony — it's a sham on both sides of the aisle.

But with all we know about how the process worked — run by outside political consultants funded by shadowy donors — is it too much to ask of the Commissioners to not continue lying through their teeth?

The lines are drawn. You can stop spinning, Wellington. Or have you been in politics so long that you can't tell a lie from the truth anymore?


5280 POWER RANKINGS: Alan Salazar Over Speaker Frank?

Two weeks ago we brought our readers' attention to 5280 Magazine's "Power Rankings" that listed what the authors thought were the 50 people who ran Denver. We took away a few things from their list, wondering tongue-in-cheek whether they hated all Christians or just Tim Tebow, as the talk of the town somehow missed the list, and reveled in their dismal view of Bill Ritter and Ken Salazar.

If you haven't read 5280's list you can see it here or pick up a copy on newsstands.

For this post, we felt the need to quibble a bit with their placement and selection of a number of high profile politicians and political consultants. 

First of all, we think it's lame that 5280 excluded somewhat self-important and always anonymous bloggers like ourselves. Cheated. We were.

Other than that egregious omission, here are some other rank mistakes and notable placements:

1. Really?! Jared Polis has more stroke than Cory Gardner? No frickin' way. How did the Boulder Democrat make the list and the Yuma Republican was relegated to a side bar Rising Star column? Polis is a member of the minority caucus, which for the House means you spend a lot of time on the floor arguing fruitlessly against legislation, and not much else. Gardner, on the other hand, was named to a plum committee assignment and has quickly climbed the rungs of power in Washington. Polis may be one of the wealthiest Members of Congress, but all that cash couldn't buy Nancy Pelosi the Speaker's gavel, no matter how much Polis wishes otherwise. 

2. How in the name of Uncle Fester's fat gut is Alan Salazar more noteworthy than Speaker of the House Frank McNulty? State Senator Mike Johnston and Alan Salazar, clearly mojo-maniacs in their own right, made the list, but the most powerful legislative Republican in the state gets left off? We know Brandon Shaffer is one of the weakest Senate Presidents in modern times, leaving much of the fundraising to rising star Johnston, but how the heck does that elevate Johnson past the man who controls one half of the Capitol law writing process?

3. The Missing Madam Majority Leader. Somehow a freshman state Representative, Rhonda Fields, yields more sway in 5280's mind than the highest ranking woman in Colorado politics. Despite Democrats, and some conservative activists, best attempts to make House Majority Leader Amy Stephens a non-entity in Colorado politics, she remains an influential and powerful leader down at the Capitol. Say what you will about healthcare exchanges, and there's not much nice to say, but Stephens' ability to get that bill passed took some high powered heavy lifting. With omissions like Stephens, no wonder folks were upset at the noticeable lack of women on the list.

4. The Gessler-Stapleton Sweepstakes. There's this not-so-subtle competition between Colorado's two youngest statewide elected officials to become the man. We aren't prepared to say who is winning the passive-aggressive intramural struggle, but Gessler got props from the Mile High Mag and Stapleton didn't. 

5. Mario Carrera. Give us a break. Mario is to Colorado politics what Roger Cosack is to the American legal system. Cosack was interesting and relevant during the OJ trial, but a sidelined irrelevant thereafter. Speaking of irrelevant, watch how quickly Mario attains the same status now that the reapportionment process is over. The man has been exposed as the fraudulent partisan that he is. Other than his namesake taking top honors in our reapportionment moniker contest, there isn't much power or influence connected to the man anymore. 

6. The Ladies of Hick. Kelly Brough and Roxanne White — Hick's Chief of Staff during his time as Mayor and since his inauguration as Governor, respectively — are way powerful just by virtue of standing so close to his Excellency, the Governor. It is almost like Hick's power is like pixie dust that sprinkles on people in his proximity. 5280 got this one right, but should Hick not be able to deliver Colorado to Obama next year, 5280 might have to rethink the transitive property of Hick's influence.

7. Janice Sinden is in over her head. At 49 on the list is Janice Sinden. 5280 makes a less-than-stirring case for her making the list:  

The question around town [surrounding Sinden's selection] seems to be "Why?" There have been more missteps than not (see Hancock at No.3), like the weekend in October when Occupy Denver protests escalated and the mayor's office was unreachable. Sinden has the power to make this mayor — or break him.

We agree. Sinden is lame. If she has to be on the list because Han(d)cock was silly enough to pick her, 49 is the second best spot for her.

8. Countdown to Onsight ad buy? Who wants to bet the PR agency Onsight, which was the only company mentioned on a list of ostensibly powerful people, buys some select ad space next month in 5280 to return the favor? We're only half kidding. If they're going to include collectives, then we hope they remember the link love the Peak is providing them on this article come next year. We won't appreciate being cheated twice. 

Check back at the Peak for our rebuttal list to be released before the start of the next legislative session.


A LOOK BACK: Top 10 Most Read Peak Posts Of 2011

Being that it's December and likely to be a slow news week, we figured it would be a good opportunity to take a look back at the Peak's first year. Penning our first post in early January we're now closing in on our 1000th, but before we reach that notable mark we wanted to share with our readers what the most popular articles have been.

Topping the list is the poorly controlled bladder of state Rep Sal Pace (D-Urination). Our readers' interest, coupled with more media outlet messengers like Westword picking up the story, suggest that the issue will have big traction in 2012. Somewhere, Scott Tipton is breaking into a Herman Cain slow smile

Many of these stories are stories that we broke, or even obsessed on. Without our posts, it's likely some of these issues would have never even seen the light of day. We're sure Sal Pace and John Morse very much wish we would piss off. Too bad for them — we're here to stay.

Unfortunately, the media has not picked up on all of the stories. An inexcusable silence still exists in the mainstream media on the topic of state Senator Suzanne Williams and her killing of a pregnant woman. We honestly don't understand how no public pressure has been put on Senator Williams to resign. The Texas Grand Jury may have let her off, but we at the Peak, and our readers, are not willing to sweep her dirt under the carpet.

We also couldn't have published many of these stories without the input and help from readers' tips. Keep those tips coming — tip (at)

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most read Peak posts of 2011:

1. THE SECRET SAL PACE: Burglary, Multiple Public Urination Arrests, Bench Warrant Bespeckle Rap Sheet: This will not bring Christmas cheer to the campaign of CD3 Congressional candidate and state Representative Sal Pace. His extensive criminal record and penchant for pubic urination was by far the most read Peak post of the year. 

2. CIVIL UNION DEBATE: Senator Shawn Mitchell: This well crafted explanation of Senator Mitchell's conflicted emotions on a difficult issue still gets shared on Facebook by conservatives across the country. 

3. What's A Conservative To Do? Denver Mayors Race Part 2: In a race we called "mostly excruciating and always ridiculous" there weren't many good options for conservatives. In this post, we scratched Michael Hancock off the list of acceptable options after he left the door open for new taxes on services in the city. 

4. CIVIL UNION DEBATE: Rep. Rob Witwer: The moderate former Republican state Representative lays out his conservative case for civil unions. 

5. OLD GUARD VS NEW GUARD: The Aurora Mayor's Race Sees A Split In Support: Our analysis on the different strands of backers of the top Aurora mayoral candidates garnered us a mention by Jessica Peck in The Huffington Post. In the end, though, the backing that had the most effect was the unions and Ed Perlmutter lining up for now-Mayor Steve Bach.

6. Accountability For 'Accountability' And The John Morse Smoking Gun: Though state Senator John "Per Diem" Morse was able to skate past his ethical improprieties thanks to a technicality, Peak readers took great interest in the massive fraud he perpetrated on the taxpayers of Colorado.

7. FOLLOW THE MONEY: "Unaffiliated" Mario Carrera's Record Of Donations To Democrats: Mario the Corrupt was exposed to be nothing more than a high-dollar Democrat donor, and not the "unaffiliated" voter that the press rotely repeated ad nauseam. 

8. SCANDAL: The Punishment For Vehicular Homicide By A Reckless State Senator? A $200 Fine.: We aren't the only ones who find the fact that a state Senator killed a pregnant woman in a car crash and still has her seat in the Legislature shameful. 

9. FRAUD: Massage Therapist Millionaire Sets Sights On Congress: Now CD6 Democrat Congressional candidate Dr. Perry Haney has a problem with "excessive use of massage." He may even end up rubbing Joe Miklosi right out of contention.

10. COUNTDOWN TO ROMNEY ENDORSEMENT? Tancredo Pounds Rick Perry On Caplis And Silverman: Tom Tancredo is no fan of Rick Perry and he let loose on the Texas Governor on Caplis and Silverman (630 KHOW). With Herman Cain out of the race, who Tancredo initially endorsed, a Romney endorsement seems all but a foregone conclusion. 

(Sal Pace “Whiz Kid” Photo Credit: Peoples Press Collective)


THE GREATER MARIO: Denver Post Messes Up The Marios On Reapportionment Winners & Losers List

The Denver Post put out a winners and losers list yesterday from the reapportionment process. Rather than annotate their entire (flawed) list we wanted to focus on one area they got it totally and completely wrong — the placement of the two Marios.

Belonging at the top of the loser list is Mario Carrera. He went from someone getting glowing reviews in the papers to someone despised across the state by conservatives. Starting off a Super Mario, over the course of the commission, he showed his true colors and ended up Super Partisan Mario

If there was any doubt as to Carrera's spectacularly failed leadership, the ultimate repudiation of the scam that Carrera perpetrated came when Governor Hickenlooper, in a very public way, gave Carrera a big, fat tisk, tisk, tisk.

As the Post's list rightly recognizes, Mario Carrera's decision to donate $2,500 at an Obama fundraiser while chairing the Reapportionment Commission as the nominal "Unaffiliated" voter representative was an enormously stupid decision. As polls show real Unaffiliated voters in Colorado think quite poorly of the President, Carrera couldn't have done a worse job in representing that vital constituency.

On top of his sham voter registration, Carrera rigged the process to favor the Democrat-drawn maps, allowing the Democrats to review the Republican maps for four days before submitting their own. Adding insult to injury, he also supported banning amendments and even denying Republicans the opportunity to submit a minority report.

The fix was in and it came courtesy of a man named Mario Carrera. We'd say that qualifies him as a full-blown loser. No mixed bag there.

Also misplaced is the Republican Commissioner, Mario Nicolais, who the Post also places on the "Mixed Bag" list. Fellow GOP Commissioner and Colorado College professor Bob Loevy has dubbed Nicolais "the de facto leader of the Republicans on the 2011 Reapportionment Commission."

While the Republicans got the shaft by Mario Carrera, their consolation was having a leader willing to speak the truths the media refused to print (until it was too late). After Carrera lied through his teeth in public to Nicolais about the different deadlines Carrera held Democrats to compared to Republicans, Nicolais seemed to realize the fix was in.

After Carrera voted for maps that should have been inadmissible under his own rules, and blocked the GOP from having any say in the process, Nicolais let loose, calling Carrera a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and pointing out his bald faced lies. 

It was Nicolais's verbal pummeling of Carrera that finally convinced the media to mention the real Carrera backstory. 

Had Nicolais not gone on his tear we might still be reading the counter-factual drivel from the media that Carrera is an "Unaffiliated" voter who simply decided to side with the Democrats' maps because they were the better maps in his opinion.

While the GOP was most assuredly given the shaft by Carrera and his fellow Democrats in reapportionment, we can thank Mario Nicolais for ensuring a wide swath of Coloradans know why and how.

That's not a mixed bag in our books, that's a full fledged winner winner chicken dinner.

Maybe if the Democrats had listened to the Greater Mario, their own Governor wouldn't have expressed such distaste with them and their scam-i-fied reapportionment process.


NAME THAT SCANDAL: Give Us Your Best Reapportionment Map Flap Moniker

UPDATE 2: We’ve officially selected “Mario-Mander” as the winner of our “Reapportionment Map Flap Moniker” contest. Thanks to the reader who submitted it on our Facebook fan page. The Great Colorado Carve-Up, Mario-Gate and “We’re sorry, but your Republican map submission is in another email folder” were close runners-up.


UPDATE: We’ve received a boatload of responses to this contest via email, comment and Facebook. After the jump are the current submissions. Feel free to send in more ideas or vote for one already submitted.


Every good political dust-up has a moniker. Watergate. Iran contra. Sal Pace (D-Urination). In an effort to clearly communicate the unsavory and unethical way in which Democrats forced through politically vindictive reapportionment maps we are hosting a contest for our readers.  

A process that has "disappointed" even Governor Hickenlooper deserves a good turn of phrase.

Give us your best reapportionment moniker that sums up the shenanigans pulled by Democrats and "wolf in sheep's clothing" Chairman Mario Carrera.

To kick off the contest, we've included a few of our own suggestions. We will announce the winner's scandal sobriquet on Friday.

You can enter your submission(s) below in the comment section, or for those having technical trouble adding comments, you can email us at tips (at) 


Monday Morning Gerrymander


The Vindictive Vector


Monday Morning Gerrymander


The Vindictive Vector

The Four Day F-cking

The December Disgrace

The Backroom Bludgeon

The Petty Power Play

The Democrats Disgrace

The Great Colorado Carve-Up

Shameful Charade

Sunday Night Massacre

The Sunday Night Special

Front Range F-ck Up

Mile High Massacre

The Carrera Coup

Rutt’s Revenge

The Stryker Strikeback


“We’re sorry, but your Republican map submission is in another email folder.”

Mario’s Gerrymander Bario

Justice Bender’s Gerrymander

The Game of Shame

The Great Carrera-Mander

The Great Carrera Kerfuffle

The Disgraceful Districts

Carrera’s Folly

The Backroom Power Play

The Great Grab


BACKLASH GROWS: Hickenlooper Calls Out Democrats On Reapportionment

Governor Hickenlooper has joined the Peak in criticism of the Democrats' behavior and maps on the Reapportionment Commission, saying he is "disappointed" in the result. In a townhall meeting caught on tape by WhoSaidYouSaid, Hick goes off on the Democrats' unethical and unsavory maneuverings on reapportionment, which have created bitterness and bad maps.

During reapportionment, Democrats were given four extra days to submit a map than the commission's Republicans. After being given that four-day advantage by supposedly "Unaffiliated" Chairman Mario Carrera, who is a major Democrat donor, Carrera and the Democrat Commissioners then voted to block all amendments to the maps and stopped the Republicans from submitting new maps of their own, or even a minority report. 

That partisan power play didn't sit well with Colorado's Democrat Governor.

From WhoSaidYouSaid's transcript of Hick's remarks:

I think a little more time and a little more process would have gotten us a better result.

…I think that the bitterness of, I think the Democrats could have had, you know, I think there was a way to do it without creating all those primaries. And I was disappointed. Some of the people that I enjoy working with are probably not going to be able to stay in the legislature.

And the video:

It would have been nice to hear from Hick, you know, when he could have impacted the outcome. But Hick likes to weigh in on controversial issues only when it contains no threat to his own popularity. Now that the issue has been settled by the court, Hick felt safe to speak his mind.

The state House and Senate maps that were ultimately approved by the Colorado Supreme Court this week, without nary a word from Hickenlooper, pair the majority of GOP leadership into the same district as well as some of the highest ranking female elected officials in Colorado.

The vindictiveness of the maps and how they were unethically pushed through the process has begun to blow up in the Democrats' face. With the Democrat Governor criticizing Democrats' tactics it is beginning to seem like this reapportionment power play may become the Democrats' own "Midnight Gerrymander."

For a sitting Governor to criticize his own party on this is a sign that liberals have, in fact, over-reached.

And the backlash grows.  


THE LEFT BECOMES WHAT IT ONCE DESPISED: Mario’s Corrupt Bargain Beckons Ghosts Of Past

After our post yesterday mentioning the resemblance between the Democrats' dirty games on reapportionment and the "Midnight Gerrymander," a number of readers emailed to point out the striking similarities.

One attentive reader went back and pulled the full quote from The Blueprint. It reveals that not only was the "Midnight Gerrymander" a call to arms for former state Senator Mike Feeley, but more importantly for the liberal…er…progressive cause, it was also a rallying point for Al Yates, former CSU President and famed mouthpiece of billion heiress Pat Stryker.

In 2000, the Democrats won a one-vote majority in the state Senate that allowed them to stall and sandbag Congressional redistricting in the Legislature, forcing it into their favored public policy institution– the courts. When Republicans retook the Senate in 2002 they attempted to redo redistricting, as the state Constitution called for it to be dealt with by elected representatives in the Legislature and not the courts. That redrawn redistricting map became known as Senate Bill 352, or as The Denver Post editorial board later dubbed it — the "Midnight Gerrymander." 

From The Blueprint:

Although the Colorado Supreme Court would later overturn Senate Bill 352, by then, for some political watchers in Colorado it had acquired indelible symbolic meaning of what was wrong with the Republican Party. Democratic leaders nurtured that sentiment, recognizing that their greatest defeat might also prove to be an opportunity to unite against a common enemy. “It became a rallying point for Democrats and was used to point out the meanness of the leadership,” later said former Democratic state senator Mike Feeley.

Senate Bill 352 was also a rallying point for Yates. Speaking of it later, he said, “I was appalled, and it was at that moment I realized the future of our state was in jeopardy, and worse, our democracy was at risk.” The redistricting episode “was strong evidence that keeping and expanding power was far more important to those in power than addressing the needs of our state and its citizens.”

The irony of this situation is that while the "Midnight Gerrymander" was a rallying point for Al Yates, Yates had no problem orchestrating his own power play this go-round. The Democrats' reapportionment shenanigans are a clear effort to focus on keeping and expanding power more so than addressing the needs of Colorado and its citizens. They were certainly no statesmanlike outreach to those on the other side of the aisle. 

In fact, the Democrats' and their lap dog donor and Reapportionment Commission Chairman Mario Carrera, went even further than Republicans did last time. While the Democrat Senate caucus purposefully chose not to voice their dissent by walking out on the Senate Bill 352 vote, the Democrats and Carrera didn't even allow the Republicans on reapportionment to submit a minority report. Carrera and the Dems blocked amendments and Carrera allowed Democrats to review Republican's maps for four days before they submitted their own.

Democrats not only pulled their own power play, but they did so with underhanded and unethical tactics.

Yates' name has repeatedly popped up throughout this whole process. He is the convener of the Progressive Roundtable. The one, we suspect, who orchestrated the legal and political strategy in reapportionment and redistricting. The one who decided to pitch Brandon Shaffer overboard after the first round of maps in redistricting in an effort to more effectively target Mike Coffman. Someone made that decision up high and there are only a select few folks in the liberal machine capable of making that call. 

If redistricting power plays are what rallied Al Yates and the left to become more involved in state-level politics then there is no other word to describe their vindictive power plays in reapportionment: hypocrisy.

The left has become what it once despised.


LIBERAL OVERREACH: Reapportionment Decision A Wake Up Call For Conservatives

UPDATE: The Peak’s not the only one who thinks Mario the Corrupt’s reapportionment bargain conjures images of the midnight gerrymander….


Today the Colorado Supreme Court, dominated by a Democrat-appointee majority, sided with Democrats over legislative reapportionment, locking in new state House and Senate legislative district lines for the next decade. The decision upholds the maps drawn by Democrats for the 65 state House and 35 state Senate districts, maps that came to fruition through corrupt self-dealing and backroom deals

Liberals may scoff at the idea that the reapportionment process was anything but a win for them, but of course they'd be forgetting how they got to where they are today. 

In the book The Blueprint, which covers the rise to power of Colorado's liberals, Democrat state Senator Mike Feeley talks about how the Republican's "Midnight Gerrymander" was a call to arms for Colorado's Democrats.

"It became a rallying point for Democrats and was used to point out the meanness of the Republican leadership," Feeley says in the book.

Symbolic moments matter. Seemingly small "inside baseball" moments can take on transcendent value.

Mario-gate and the Democrats "politically vindictive" maps may come back to bite Democrats in the same way the "Midnight Gerrymander" harmed Republicans.

The corrupt bargain between "wolf in sheep's clothing" Chairman Mario Carrera and the Democrat machine could quickly rise to that level.

Democrats did not fairly redraw the state's legislative lines in the best interests of all Coloradans through a transparent and open process. They did so cynically, vindictively, behind closed doors and with the aid of a fraud in the supposed "Unaffiliated" Chairman.

Conservatives have long decried the liberal activism present in the courts, and today's court decision will likely do nothing to diminish that concern. More importantly, though, is that conservatives are hopefully now under no illusion that the Democrats will fight fair. They will gladly stack the deck to their advantage if necessary.

But like Republicans a decade ago, the Democrats will learn that such cynicism comes at a high price. Conservatives, already buoyed by the smell of Obama’s electoral demise, now have one more giant reason to take out their check books, to knock on that last door, to finish the job of undercutting the liberal machine that was started in 2010. The Supreme Court may have allowed the Democrats’ corrupt self-dealing to stand, but that doesn’t mean the voters will.

Just ask Mike Feeley.


SHOCKER: Democrat Special Interests Support Democrat Drawn Reapportionment Maps

Yesterday, a litany of liberal special interests submitted briefs to the Colorado Supreme Court in support of the Democrat-drawn reapportionment maps for the state House and Senate. It was entirely unsurprising that groups from Planned Parenthood to enviros were supportive of the gerrymandered Democrat maps that were forced through the commission process by "wolf in sheep's clothing" Chairman Mario Carrera.  

Well, we shouldn't say they shock no one. For people trying to convince the Colorado Supreme Court that the Democrat-drawn maps are in Colorado's best interest, having a long list of partisan special interests push them probably isn't the best strategy. 

In an illuminating juxtaposition, standing against the special interests, filing briefs opposing the reapportionment maps, is a host of cities and towns in Colorado. From Club 20 to the Grand County Board of Commissioners, those that represent geographic areas, as opposed to partisan special interests, find the reapportionment maps appalling and are hoping to influence the court to remand the maps back to the Reapportionment Commission a second time. 

Not that we have a whole lot of faith in the impartiality of Chairman Carrera, but were his maps to be remanded a second time he might, just might, get the message to quit his partisan games and approve a map that is in the best interests of Colorado and not just the recipients of his large and regular campaign contributions

The briefs filed in reapportionment say pretty much all that needs to be said on reapportionment. Mario Carrera and the Democrats passed maps that help partisan special interests, to the detriment of cities and towns across the state. 

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