SNOB ALERT: Mark Udall Snubs Greeley Residents

Considering how hard Sen. Mark Udall tries to portray himself as a “man of the people” he’s really off to an abysmal start, and The Greeley Tribune is calling him out on it. 

Udall recently stopped in Greely but only made time for a “private political event,” AKA a fundraiser.  He didn’t spend any time actually courting local voters, visiting with local businesses or learning about local issues.  Of course, Udall’s inattention is only further highlighted by the fact that Gov. John Hickenlooper recently showed Greeley some love.  During his visit, Hickenlooper spoke to a crowd of 200 and actually took time to answer questions.

Sadly, Udall’s attitude toward Greeley doesn’t surprise us.  He’s never cared much for anything east of I-25.  But as the Tribune rightly points out, Weld County is an important part of the state, and those voters deserve face time with those who want their vote.  If Udall thinks he can win over Greeley and Weld County by answering a few softball questions from a local reporter, then his strategy is severely flawed. 

Maybe Udall was just afraid that if he actually talked to voters in Weld County they’d want to know why he hasn’t opposed a statewide fracking ban that would kill local jobs and cripple the local economy?  As we’ve mentioned in this space before, Weld County can directly attribute its success to a booming energy sector that accounts for 92,100 jobs.  Udall should be visiting Weld County often and thanking them profusely for driving growth.



PeakFeed: “Colorado is a Godsend for Republicans”

The pundits say:

“Colorado is a Godsend for Republicans to get a candidate like Cory Gardner,” says host Luke Russert.

“This recruiting class by (NRSC Chairman) Jerry Moran is so good it makes Nick Saban jealous,” says political consultant Brad Todd.

Our best chance to put the Kansas senate seat into play is for disgraced, recently-ousted, Obamacare-figurehead Kathleen Sebilius to run, responds Democrats.

Yep, it’s going to be a fun election cycle PeakNation™.


PeakFeed: And Liberals Wept Because Cory Gardner is Awesome

And all that mud and muck the liberal left and Sen. Mark Udall have been slinging at Colorado’s next senator, Rep. Cory Gardner, just fell away. If you don’t like Cory Gardner after this ad, you might not have a soul.


NOT DC: Greeley Tribune Gives Udall Some Home Cooking by Serving up Big Fat Meatballs

Wow Greeley Tribune, we here at the Peak are looking forward to when our teams play each other in the softball league; those big fat meatballs you tossed at liberal Senator Mark Udall make us wonder if you didn’t secretly rescue Allison Sherry away from her exile up north.  For example:

GT Question: So, senator, why are you out and about today?

Translation: So, senator, what propaganda can we spread for you today?

GT Question: It’s believed Gardner will hit you particularly hard on the Affordable Care Act. Do you think that’s warranted?

Translation: You know that little law you said wouldn’t cause Coloradans to lose their health insurance or doctors?  Yeah, forget about trying to answer those questions, we’d rather just let you spew some 100% pure BS to us on how you didn’t pass this monstrosity.

Alright, PeakNation™ you get the idea of how lazy of reporting was coming from The Greeley Tribune, but Udall needed a friendly reporter after he was getting mauled by the DC press.  We don’t think he’ll be that fortunate when he sits down across from The Durango Herald editorial board later this week.  Might we be of service and suggest some questions:

  1. Senator Udall, you were pushing hard this last week on equal pay, citing numerous times that Colorado women make less 80 cents an hour for every male dollar; yet, when this same context-free statistic is applied to your own staff, your female staffers only make 84 cents to every male staffer dollar; using such talking-point driven statistics makes us believe you don’t take this issue seriously and are only using it as a wedge issue, how do you respond? And, when can we expect you to pay your female staff appropriately?
  2. Senator Udall, back in November your staff had quite the disagreement with CDI over cancellation notices; come this fall when these plans no longer have an option to renew, will you and your staff finally feel that these people had their health insurance plans canceled?
  3. In a related follow-up: back in 2009 when you said Coloradans could keep their health insurance and doctor if they liked them, did you say this knowing full well they couldn’t or had you just not read the bill closely enough?  Did you understand what you were voting on?  Knowing what you know now, would you vote for Obamacare again?
  4. You’ve repeatedly said you are for an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, yet despite your fellow Colorado Senator Michael Bennet voting for it, and the State Department saying it would add no noticeable emissions, your staff told constituents that you are not in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline.  Are you really for an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy or is that just a political line you hide behind to protect your extreme environmentalist nature?  Does billionaire Steyer factor into this decision at all for you?
  5. Yes or no: will you campaign with President Obama?

Durango Herald-ites, feel free to call us in if you need help!


WONDER NO MORE: Udall Says Nyet to Keystone XL

There has been much speculation swirling about whether liberal Sen. Mark Udall will support the building of the Keystone pipeline, which would provide energy security by bringing 800,000 barrels of oil to the United States each day as well as thousands of jobs.  Wonder no more.  Udall’s legislative aide, Carly Robinson, has put the kibosh on any hope of Udall supporting the Keystone Pipeline, according to a member of Vets4Energy, Tom McAdam, who visited with Robinson in early April.  Sen. Udall was not available to meet with McAdam.  Here’s his notes from the meeting, exclusively obtained by the Peak:

“Senator Mark Udall. Met with the Senator’s Energy LA Carly Robinson. Meeting was not very productive as Ms. Robinson stated that the Senator was an environmentalist and his views were incongruent with support of the Keystone XL. Ms. Robinson said that she was aware of the Heitkamp letter but would most likely not inform the Senator.”

While Udall’s meetings with uber-environmentalist Tom Steyer have indicated that he is not inclined to support Keystone – afterall, he needs the cash from Steyer for his uphill re-election campaign – he has never truly been candid with Coloradans in this fashion. But, what’s truly interesting is that Robinson would not pass on information to a Senator from one of his constituents.

Former chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party, Floyd Ciruli,summed up the broad support for the Keystone pipeline in The Denver Post last month:

Even before its recent environmental clearance, the pipeline has enjoyed national support during the last five years that it has been under debate. Pew Research and other credible national polls show broad support at or above 60 percent, including a majority of Democrats, based on a lack of evidence of a greenhouse gas effect, the desire for energy independence, and the project’s potential to boost the economy. Most recently, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar endorsed it, along with a host of Senate Democrats vulnerable in re-election.

But, not Sen. Udall.  He’s siding with Steyer over Colorado.  It was suspected before, but determined by Udall’s LA and her unwillingness to even listen to his constituent.

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JUDGE BY ACTIONS NOT WORDS: Udall’s Own Words Doom his Campaign

When your opponents can bury you with your own words, your political career is not long for this world.  Liberal Senator Mark Udall’s campaign team thought it’d be smart to tweet out a link to an old story on how much Udall is such a mountain climber (new drinking game: drink every time Udall mentions mountain climbing or Hickenlooper mentions beer or geology… just kidding – alcohol poisoning sucks!).  The problem with the story?  When Udall utters this line we bet he’d now wished he didn’t:

Udall said. “I’m much more inclined to look at what people do, as opposed to what they say.” [the Peak emphasis]

Oh, the irony.  Just this week Udall started a tour of Colorado, ironically called True to Colorado (from the man caught in “The Lie of the Year”?) where he hopes people pay attention to only his words and not his extremely liberal record of the past six years.  From the heights of hypocrisy, Udall has repeatedly tried these past few days to make this his motto:

“At the heart of freedom is the freedom to be left alone.”

First from his speech to the Democratic Assembly, to a campaign video, and finally in a tweet, Udall has been using this line.  Pretty words Udall, but like you said yourself, let’s examine your actions.  You’ve voted 99% of the time with Obama.  You want to pass more regulation on equal pay, when you yourself pay your female staff 84 cents to every male staff dollar.  You said yourself you were proud to cast the deciding vote on a bill that stripped 337,000 Coloradans of health insurance plans they liked, while making a drastic overhaul to an industry that is 1/6th of the entire United States economy:

“I look forward to casting that last vote.”

If you believe the heart of freedom is the freedom to be left alone, why were you proud to be the deciding vote on such an intrusive bill into the most private matters of Coloradans?

You took our health plans, you took our doctors, and you took our freedom to choose.  The only freedom you’ve left us is the freedom to be free of you.  Come November we’ll finally free ourselves to be left alone from you.


MIA KXL: Udall and Bennet ‘Noticeably Absent’ from Letter Urging Obama to Approve Keystone

According to a Wall Street Journal article, 11 Democratic Senators have sent President Obama a letter urging him to approve the construction of the Keystone pipeline, an issue that most Republicans (and Coloradans, for that matter) support. Contained in the letter is a deadline for Obama to make a decision – by the end of May.  Tick-tock, tick-tock.

While embattled Senators like Kay Hagan of North Carolina, Mark Warner of Virginia, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Mark Begich of Alaska all signed on to the letter, our fair Democratic Senators from Colorado, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, felt no need.  The Journal‘s commentary on Udall and Bennet:

Notably absent from the letter are Colorado’s two Democratic senators: Mark Udall, who is up for reelection this year, and Michael Bennet, who chairs the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and voted yes on a symbolic measure last year that was supportive of the project (though it didn’t technically force approval). A spokesman for Mr. Bennet’s office didn’t respond to a request for comment, and Mr. Udall’s spokesman reiterated that he supports the administration’s process.

Udall is in a tough spot on this one.  Polling found that votes are less likely to back Udall if Keystone is rejected; however, Udall is BFF with Tom Steyer, one of Keystone’s largest opponents and potentially major funder of his campaign.  While families in Colorado support this measure, it looks like Udall is supporting Steyer.


SHOCKING REVELATION: Impossible to Buy Private Insurance until November

In another major unintended consequence of Obamacare, not only are people unable to buy health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges now that the enrollment deadline has passed*, but the possibility of buying health insurance through a private carrier also won’t be possible until November.

For a law designed to insure the uninsured, making it impossible to buy health insurance for a majority of the year seems quite stupid.  Before Obamacare, if you wanted to buy health insurance any time of the year, you could.  Now?  Private insurers will follow the enrollment period of Obamacare, which only lasts for a couple of months every year.  As The Denver Post reports:

[I]nsurers are refusing to sell to individuals after the enrollment period for and the state marketplaces. They will lock out the young and healthy as well as the sick or injured. Those who want to switch plans also are affected. The next wide-open chance to enroll comes in November for coverage in 2015.

It’s a little-noted consequence of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, which requires nearly all Americans to be insured or pay a fine and requires insurers to accept people with health problems.

I have people that can buy insurance, but the companies shut them down. They won’t take the applications,” insurance broker Steve Bobiak of Frackville, Pa., said. “We’re a free country. You should be able to buy anything anytime you want.” [the Peak emphasis]

PeakNation™, we’ll be honest with you, with everything that has come out about Obamacare, we thought there was nothing left about it that could shock us.  We were wrong.  Now, even if you had the desire and the money to buy insurance—which, let us remind you once again, was the entire point of the law—you will be unable to until November.

You can’t keep your plan, you can’t keep your doctor, you can’t buy health insurance even if you wanted to.  This bill is a monstrosity that should never have happened in the first place.  Knowing what we know now, how Senator Mark Udall has the audacity to say he’d vote for it again, we have no idea.

What about Sen. Michael Bennett, would he vote for it again?  Because Obamacare appears to be lingering worse than a stale fart and will still be an issue in 2016.

*Well, no one really knows for sure, Obama may have changed his mind this morning


DEVOID OF CONTEXT: Udall Staff’s Defense Shows Absurdity of the Very Statistic They Love to Cite

Sen. Udall gives thumbs up for equal pay unless he actually has to comply himself

Guess what PeakNation™, we must have struck a nerve.  We haven’t seen this much dancing since seeing a cat tossed on a hot tin roof.  Literal references aside, the hypocrisy of liberal Senator Mark Udall was on full display yesterday.  Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post was all over it:

Udall told supporters in an e-mail that in Colorado “a working woman makes 78 cents for every dollar a male makes.” He said it’s time women earn equal pay for equal work [the Peak emphasis]

We, along with many other outlets, showed just how completely absurd this “78 cents” statistic is the other day.  Basically, they took every full-time female worker in Colorado, regardless of job, industry, education, work hours, experience, job tenure, and averaged their salaries.  They did likewise with every full-time male worker in Colorado.  They then compared those two very basic numbers.

Well, we thought, if that method is good enough for Udall to cite repeatedly, then it’s good enough for us to judge his staff by.  So when we looked at the last available pay period and compared all the salaries for Udall’s staffers who were with him for the entire pay period, we see that on average his female staffers make only about 84 cents to every dollar his male staffers earn.

This is how his campaign responded when confronted with this:

Udall’s campaign spokesman, Chris Harris, noted five of the senator’s BLAH BLAH BLAH, are women. His BLAH BLAH BLAH in Colorado — the state BLAH — is a woman. And the BLAH of Sen. Udall’s staff, top to BLAH, are women. And Harris said, men and women working the same BLAH receive the same BLAH.

“Mark believes that if two people with the same BLAH do the same BLAH, they should get paid BLAH,” Harris said. “He ensures the Senate office meets that standard by BLAH BLAH BLAH.” [some the Peak edits]

You know what those “BLAHs” in the above blurb are replacing?  Context.  The exact thing Udall leaves out every time he cites 78 cents.  If he won’t use context for the rest of Colorado’s labor market, why does he feel entitled to context to justify paying his own female staffers 84 cents to every male dollar?  President Obama had this to say to his critics yesterday:

“They say it’s a myth. But it’s not a myth. It’s math.”

See Senator, it’s the exact same with you: it’s math that says you pay 84 cents to your female staff.  Don’t like it?  Then don’t use the same tactic.


CHEAP TALK: Coffman and Gardner Show Dems What Equal Pay for Equal Work Looks Like

To piggy-back off of our post last night in which we exposed the hypocrisy of liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s call for equal pay for equal work despite the females on his staff only making $0.84 for every dollar one of his male staffers earn.

We’ve expanded our research to include this year’s most competitive races in Colorado.

In the Republican Rep. Cory Gardner versus liberal Udall match up, when we look at Gardner’s most recently reported salaries for non-shared workers who were with him for the entire pay period, we see female staffers who work with Gardner earn an average of $1.04 to every dollar that a Gardner male staffer makes. That’s nearly 25% more than Udall pays his female staffers compared to his male staffers.  The absurdity of a man who “fights” for equal pay, but can’t pay his own female staffers a fair wage is off the charts.

Even more impressive are the numbers that come from Republican Rep. Mike Coffman, who is in the closest House race across the nation.   When we here at the Peak crunched his female staff salaries, they are making an incredible $1.12 for every one dollar Coffman male staffers are making.  Perhaps if Udall and his fellow Democrats focused on treating their own employees equally first, then we wouldn’t have to legislate a solution.  It shouldn’t be that hard, as two of Colorado’s top Republicans show how easy it is to do.

But, Democrats can’t resist the siren song of the equal pay gender politics.  Just today, Minority Leader Bill Cadman tried to tack on an amendment that the resolution include Udall and President Obama (both of whom pay women less) to the Democrats’ equal pay resolution political stunt in the state Senate.  This should have received a resounding “yes”, but, instead Dems laid the bill over until Friday (when nobody would pay attention).  Revealing Politics caught it all on video.

But cheer up Udall, at least you weren’t the worst offender the Colorado Congressional Delegation in terms of paying your female staffers for all their hard work; that award belongs to Rep. Jared Polis who, on average, pays his female staffers a measly $0.65 to every dollar that his male staffers make.  Equal pay for equal work should start with leadership.

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