SNOOZE ALERT: Romanoff Campaign Has Everyone Yawning

After careful consideration, we’ve decided that Andrew Romanoff is quite possibly running the most boring campaign of the year and perhaps ever.  Especially when you consider how competitive that race is supposed to be.

Exhibit A

A recent profile of Romanoff’s campaign in The Colorado Statesman details every mind-numbing aspect of the candidate’s day.  It includes useless tidbits like how he arrives first thing in the morning and brings his dog to work.  Basically, Romanoff sounds like everyone else we know with a job and a dog.  So interesting!  That kind of thing definitely wins elections.  Strategy schmadegy.

The profile also includes gushing quotes from Romanoff staff about how busy he allegedly is, and there is plenty of patting themselves on the back for working so hard.  Seriously?  For such a frenetic pace they’re keeping over there, we have yet to see anything really happen.  Are they just running circles around each other?

They’re obviously not too busy to draw illustrations on the office chalkboard.  See exhibit A.

We’ll try to give Romanoff the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his snore-fest of a campaign.  After all, he’s still trying to find his way around the neighborhood.  It’s stressful enough moving, but adding a campaign on top of that….


CHEAP TALK: Coffman and Gardner Show Dems What Equal Pay for Equal Work Looks Like

To piggy-back off of our post last night in which we exposed the hypocrisy of liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s call for equal pay for equal work despite the females on his staff only making $0.84 for every dollar one of his male staffers earn.

We’ve expanded our research to include this year’s most competitive races in Colorado.

In the Republican Rep. Cory Gardner versus liberal Udall match up, when we look at Gardner’s most recently reported salaries for non-shared workers who were with him for the entire pay period, we see female staffers who work with Gardner earn an average of $1.04 to every dollar that a Gardner male staffer makes. That’s nearly 25% more than Udall pays his female staffers compared to his male staffers.  The absurdity of a man who “fights” for equal pay, but can’t pay his own female staffers a fair wage is off the charts.

Even more impressive are the numbers that come from Republican Rep. Mike Coffman, who is in the closest House race across the nation.   When we here at the Peak crunched his female staff salaries, they are making an incredible $1.12 for every one dollar Coffman male staffers are making.  Perhaps if Udall and his fellow Democrats focused on treating their own employees equally first, then we wouldn’t have to legislate a solution.  It shouldn’t be that hard, as two of Colorado’s top Republicans show how easy it is to do.

But, Democrats can’t resist the siren song of the equal pay gender politics.  Just today, Minority Leader Bill Cadman tried to tack on an amendment that the resolution include Udall and President Obama (both of whom pay women less) to the Democrats’ equal pay resolution political stunt in the state Senate.  This should have received a resounding “yes”, but, instead Dems laid the bill over until Friday (when nobody would pay attention).  Revealing Politics caught it all on video.

But cheer up Udall, at least you weren’t the worst offender the Colorado Congressional Delegation in terms of paying your female staffers for all their hard work; that award belongs to Rep. Jared Polis who, on average, pays his female staffers a measly $0.65 to every dollar that his male staffers make.  Equal pay for equal work should start with leadership.


BIPARTISAN CRED: Coffman’s Bipartisanship Gets Most Liberal Senator’s Thanks

Who is more bipartisan? Survey says…Coffman.

Friends of friends does not always make them your friend, Andrew Romanoff is learning that the hard way.  The person hand-picked by Hillary Clinton to replace her when she left her New York Senate seat, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, has given Romanoff’s Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, more ammunition in the fight to see who can be more bipartisan.  With Colorado’s CD6 being the most competitive seat in the state, if not the nation, it’s been no secret that Coffman and Romanoff are racing to see who can out-purple the other.

Coffman recently penned a thoughtful op-ed in The Hill in favor of a bill he supported to take sexual harassment reporting out of the chain of command in the U.S. military. In response, Gillibrand fired off this tweet:



BETTER THAN VOODOO DONUTS: Over 200 People Show Up on a Saturday Morning for Coffman Open House

This past weekend, Mike Coffman hosted an open house for his volunteers and an army it brought.  On a Saturday morning, Coffman had over 200 people show up at an open house at his campaign office. Over 200? On a Saturday morning for just an open house?  Denny’s can’t even get those numbers and they actually serve breakfast.  See the photos below.



PAGING RICK PALACIO: Democrats Can’t Field Decent CD3 Candidate

With all the hullabaloo around the Coffman vs. Romanoff race, we almost forgot about U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton’s race – if you could call it a race.  As Democrats focus on bailing out liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall, they seem to be unable to field a legitimate candidate for Congressional District 3 against Tipton.

Where is Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio on this?  Can Palacio not find someone to challenge Tipton in a district they held only four years ago?  Perhaps the problem is that the Dems intended candidate, recalled state Senator Angela Giron, didn’t work out so well for them.  Problem #1: She was recalled.  Problem #2: She went on national television and got owned by a CNN reporter when she tried to blame her recall on voter suppression.  Problem #3: Polling showed that Giron was just unlikeable and bad at her job.  Unfortunately, she was about the best they had, and that says a lot.

The Democrats’ inability to field a decent candidate has more to do with how out of touch they are with the average Coloradan.  In fact, they’re so extreme that they’ve even alienated conservative Democrats in Pueblo.  But, if Palacio wants to let his party run amok, who are we to get in the way?


PANIC! Dem Donors Abandon House to Save Senate at all Costs

It’s good thing Andrew Romanoff raised all that money in 2013 because rumblings from Washington say that Democrat donors are triaging their fundraising because they realize how disastrous 2014 will be for them and, instead of wasting money by tilting at windmills in the House, they will shift all their focus to a handful of Senate races to keep the upper chamber from Republican hands.

(Hmph, PeakNation™ can you think of any Senate race that most thought was safe last year but has since gone into a nosedive???)  According to Politico:

With Democrats’ grasp on the Senate increasingly tenuous — and the House all but beyond reach — some top party donors and strategists are moving to do something in the midterm election as painful as it is coldblooded: Admit the House can’t be won and go all in to save the Senate. [the Peak emphasis]



PEAKFEED: Outside Vets Group Puts Up Pro-Coffman Ad

In one of the most highly-watched races in America this upcoming cycle a new ad by Concerned Veterans of America is going up on the radio over the next three weeks in support of Representative Mike Coffman.

In a race many believe will be the most expensive congressional race in 2014, the ads will soon be coming hard and fast from every direction. CVA is starting it off with an ad for Coffman in which they praise the Representative for voting against a $6 Billion dollar cut to retired veterans’ benefits (too bad our two Senators are rubber stamps for the Dems and have no problem cutting benefits for retired veterans).  Watch the ad below:


JENGA JENGA: More Obamacare Numbers That Udall Will Try to Change Tomorrow

We may never have set up a pyramid scheme (that could be proven in a court of law), but we imagine one of the key tenets of doing so is making sure you have enough suckers at the bottom to feed the few beasts up top.  Well the current largest pyramid scheme in America (no, not social security), Obamacare, is trying to defy physics and balance a pyramid on its head.

The Associated Press (via: KCNC) is reporting the current enrollment breakdown by age and gender for Obamacare nationally and here in Colorado.  The economics of Obamacare were set up to work based on a 40% enrollment rate of the young and healthy to offset the costs of insuring the old and sick.

Based off of that, we’re screwed.

Thirty two percent of the 50,000 who have signed up for Obamacare in Colorado, so far, are over 55.  Meanwhile only 22% of the enrollees are the desperately needed necessary young and healthy 18 to 34-year olds.

If only they had some ads that really spoke to the youth where they are at; you know, maybe something special for the bros, and another one for the… um, promiscuous.

Can anyone say house of cards here?

The more and more this whole fiasco looks like it’s going to collapse, the sooner we need to ensure Coloradans won’t be bailing it out.  Get Representative Coffman on the phone, we need him passing his No Bailout for Obamacare bill yesterday.


MONOPOLY MONEY: Coffman Opposes Obamacare Insurance Company Bailout

Like a teenage girl who just got her first credit card, Obama believes any problem he encounters can be solved by having the American people pay for it.  Representative Mike Coffman has introduced legislation to stop it.

PeakNation™ we don’t know what is more terrifying, how horrifically bad Obamacare is turning out to be or that the Democrats knew it’d be this bad so they built in a failsafe to get the insurance companies on board.  What is this failsafe you ask?  Why nothing more than a bailout for the insurance industry when Obamacare causes them to go bankrupt.

So now, not only do we get to pay more for insurance, but we also get to pay for the bailouts when those happen.  Wait, Whhhaaat?!?!  We pay more and they still go out of business?!  Democrats sure have a funny way of running almost 1/5 of our economy.

As Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post reports: continue…


PeakFeed: Coffman Weighs Litigation, Legislation To Thwart Congress’ “Corrupt” Obamacare Deal

Congressman Mike Coffman is on the offensive on Obamacare telling The Denver Post yesterday that “litigation, legislation — all of it is on the table” when it comes to challenging the “corrupt” deal Congress is getting on Obamacare.

Per The Denver Post‘s Allison Sherry:

“Mike Coffman thinks it is an outrage verging on scandal that, thanks to a stroke of President Obama’s pen, members of Congress have been shielded from the disaster that is Obamacare,” said the Aurora Republican’s spokesman Clay Sutton, in a statement.

Last week, Coffman told a Colorado radio station that his Congressional staffers were researching options on how to “take on” the Obama administration. It was a wide ranging answer to a question that touched on the Affordable Care Act, the Senate’s recent changes to filibuster rules and welfare reform.

Congressman Coffman has decided to ditch the federal subsidy offered to Members of Congress for their healthcare and signed up for coverage through the Colorado Obamacare exchange. What happened to his healthcare coverage under Obamacare is nothing short of shocking:

Right before Thanksgiving, Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, went to see an enrollment specialist to help him log on and enroll on the Colorado exchange. 

Coffman — like a number of his Colorado colleagues, including Democratic senators and most of the GOP House members — is opting against taking the federal government subsidy next year. He instead will enroll in Colorado for health insurance.

Without the federal subsidy, his monthly premium jumps from $186 this year for a Preferred Provider Organization plan on Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to $607 next year through Rocky Mountain View. 

His co-payments went up from $20 to $60, and his deductible went from $350 to $4,500.

“I thought I’d get a better deal,” Coffman said. “I thought the price and terms would be relatively the same and what I would be sacrificing is my subsidy. But the co-pays and the deductible really moved up dramatically.”

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi’s political arm — House Majority PAC — wants to argue about Congress’ corrupt Obamacare bargain. A source tells us they just placed a web ad buy to attack Coffman for daring to stand up and fight on Obamacare. Apparently they don’t read polls over in Pelosi-land. In a recent poll, 94% of Americans oppose Congress’ bargain for themselves on Obamacare. That pretty much leaves Members of Congress and their immediate families as the only ones supporting it. If that is the debate Pelosi’s posse wants to have, Republicans just might have to oblige them.

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