ONE MORE THING: Dems Killed No-Brainer Amendment to Equal Pay Resolution

We wanted to take a quick moment to close the loop on the equal pay resolution in the state Senate last week.  When we left off on Thursday, Minority Leader Bill Cadman was attempting to tack on an amendment to the resolution that included Sen. Mark Udall and President Obama, both of whom pay their female staffers less than their male staffers.  Democrats laid the bill over until Friday hoping the frenzy of state assemblies would distract everyone from the fact that it had turned into an embarrassing episode for them.

Cadman’s amendment was ultimately killed, and it’s no wonder why.  At the end of the day, Democrats in the state legislature have more fealty to their party leadership than their own principles.  Udall was put on his heels when the media began questioning why he was advocating for a policy he didn’t personally adhere to when it came to his own staff.   The Senate’s resolution and Cadman’s amendment only served to further highlight Udall’s misogyny.

Heck, it wouldn’t surprise us if Udall’s staff made one of their infamous “hostile” phone calls to Majority Leader Morgan Carroll in an effort to persuade her to brush Cadman’s amendment under the rug.


PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING: CO Counties Leading Job Growth Are Conservative Strongholds

We can write about why conservative policies are good for the economy and boost job growth until we’re blue in the face, but nothing feels better than a real-life example that allows us to say: We told you so.

This week, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that Douglas and Weld counties, Republican strongholds in Colorado, are national leaders for job growth.  That’s right, national.  Employment in Douglas County grew by 5.9 percent last year, while Weld County saw a healthy 5 percent growth in jobs.  Douglas County has such a friendly business environment that it’s been successful in attracting Fortune 500 corporations to locate their national headquarters there, such as CH2M Hill and DISH Network.  Weld County can directly attribute its growth to a booming energy sector that accounts for 92,100 jobs.

The report compared 334 counties in the United States that have 75,000 or more jobs.  While several other Colorado counties made the list, Douglas and Weld far outpaced them.  We also found it interesting that Douglas and Weld both ranked so high yet credit their respective success to very different industries and very different types of jobs.  This diversity underscores the fact that government policies should promote job growth in all industries and not discriminate against jobs that political leaders don’t think are good enough. We’re looking at you, President Barack Obama and Senate President Morgan Carroll.

We have watched the left do its damnedest to demonize big corporations and oil and gas companies, while simultaneously creating policies that promote big government and subsidize the fledgling questionably viable solar industry.  This is the wrong approach and only serves to hurt the hard working men and women who just want to earn an honest living.  Just a little something for Colorado Democrats to consider the next time they want to be taken seriously when it comes to the issue of jobs.


THE BEAT GOES ON: Two Years into Legislative Majority, Democratic Lawmakers Still No Friend to Business

Coming off a legislative session marked by some of the most anti-growth proposals in recent memory, Colorado Democrats are approaching the mid-way point of this year’s legislative calendar still focused on legal and regulatory initiatives that will grow red tape and impede job growth. Of course, we didn’t actually believe Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll when she remarked before the session that Democrats’ main goal would be to improve Colorado’s economy.

From squashing common sense legislation to protect small business from the 25,000 pages of Colorado state regulations enacted since Hickenlooper took office, to a bill targeting entrepreneurs that provide standalone ER facilities that would expand healthcare options in the state and provide relief to our over-used hospital emergency rooms, Democrats have continued their trend of saying one thing and doing another.

On the oil and gas front, Democrats have focused their attacks on what could be our state’s most promising engine for job growth through non-legislative measures.  This weekend the Denver Business Journal reported that advocates for a state-wide fracking ban may compromise for a constitutional amendment giving local municipalities more control on exploration and production activities in their jurisdictions.  Such a measure stands to meaningfully curtail the economic activity that the oil and gas industry has brought to our state.  On the regulatory front, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission enacted what a representative from the Environmental Defense Fund called the nation’s “strongest rules” for the detection and mitigation of emissions across the oil and gas exploration and production value chain.

Unfortunately for middle-class Coloradans hoping for economic growth, our state’s Democratic leadership is not committed to setting the conditions for jobs and businesses to flourish.


OUCH: A History Lesson For Morgan Carroll and CO Senate Dems

After getting crushed in last summer’s recall elections and watching Amendment 66 get trounced at the ballot box, we have seen the Democrats make a last-ditch effort to save their one-seat majority in the state Senate by largely flying under the radar this session.  If history is any indication, however, state Democrats are, well, screwed.

This fascinating chart, first reported by The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza, illustrates how poorly the president’s party does during second term, midterm elections at the state legislative level.

NCSL’s state legislative race expert Tim Storey, tells the Washington Post:

 ”Since 1902, the party in the White House lost seats in legislatures in 26 of the 28 mid-term elections.  The only exceptions being in 1934 when Democrats gained 1108 seats and in 2002 when Republicans netted 177 seats in the post 9/11 election.”

If we were Morgan Carroll, this chart would keep us up at night.


CLIFF DIVE: Enviros Predict State Senate Flip, Pressure Carroll to Push Through Lefty Bills Now

Until recently, Colorado Senate President Morgan Carroll (D-Trial Lawyers) was viewed as a strong friend of the environmental lobby and has been known for her willingness to carry the water of liberal special interests.  However, Carroll has been playing it cool this year after seeing her predecessor removed from office for pushing a radical agenda that included gun control and same-day voter registration.

As we’ve pointed out, the backlash from Coloradans after last summer’s recall elections could not have sent a clearer message to ruling Democrats: check yourself before you wreck yourself.  As such, Carroll has been careful to moderate her caucus and not allow any legislation that would rock the boat too much. continue…


AMNESIA PLATFORM: Dems Hope Coloradans Forget the 2013 Disaster

Following yesterday’s performance by the Democrats at the opening of the 2014 session, we’ve decided to help them package their agenda, so Colorado really understands what the 2014 legislative session is all about.  We’re calling it the Amnesia Platform.

After seeing quite clearly it’s toxic to run on what the liberal agenda they passed in 2013, Democrats are trying to make 2013 go away as quickly as possible, but, without, you know, changing any of it.

In speeches by both Senate President Morgan Carroll, and Speaker Mark Ferrandino, the heavy-handed pleas for bipartisanship illustrated what Democrats know: their only hope for a successful 2014 campaign season is for Coloradans everywhere to forget 2013 ever happened.

We appreciate the sentiment, and in one part classical conservative thought we agree: bad laws (especially those with the best of intentions) are prevented by having a very spirited debate between both sides.  That being said, Dems passed a whole host of bad laws last session that were not even close to being bipartisan in nature (that is, unless you count the opposition against them).

So in that other part of classical conservative thought, the need for self-responsibility, we will demand you stand by your 2013 record and come November let the good folk of Colorado decide.

We look forward to coming back together in a bipartisan manner in 2015, but until then: Remember 2013!


PEAKFEED: Colorado Springs Poli Sci Professors Get High, Pen 2014 Political Predictions

One week after weed became legal, we are starting to see the results spill into the news.  The Denver Post ran an op-ed today from a couple of dim-witted Colorado College political science professors, Thomas Cronin and Robert Loevy, who make some hilarious statements and predictions.  Perhaps some wishful thinking?

From the professors (emphasis is ours):

  • “…everyone expects Carroll to be decidedly pragmatic…” said no one, ever, until today.
  • “Hickenlooper has assiduously protected his center-of-the-road, cheerleading, ‘Chamber-of-Commerce Independent-Democrat’ brand,” said the two Colorado College profs, and also an unnamed hack who used to work for 5280 but who now works for John Hickenlooper.
  • “Democratic Sen. Mark Udall appears headed for re-election in part because of incumbency and also the lack of a prominent Republican opponent who could appeal to the crucial suburban and non-affiliated voters.”  Right, because telling people they can keep their health insurance and, then, voting for a bill that strips it, is so popular among swing voters.  Newsflash Colorado Springs egg heads: incumbency isn’t an advantage when Congress’ approval ratings are plus or minus zero.

A safer prediction would have been that liberal college professors will be less insightful than a bag of rocks in 2014.  If Morgan Carroll is “decidedly pragmatic”, then today is good Speedo weather.


DOUBLE TAKE: Dem Senate President Claims Economy as Top Priority in 2014

Morgan Carroll, Colorado’s newly-elected Democratic Senate President told Colorado Public Radio last week that “her main goal will be improving the state’s economy.”  Try not to laugh.

This is coming from the woman who is leading the party that championed an exhaustive slate of bills last year designed to impede our state’s most promising industry, make energy more expensive for rural Colorado customers, passed a law in the face of employers promising to leave the state.  And all of this was capped off by their support of a wildly unpopular tax increase that would have pulled one billion more dollars out of the pockets of hard working Coloradans – and disproportionately harmed small business owners. continue…


NAUGHTY OR NICE: The Peak’s Gifts to Some of Our Favorites

It’s that time of the year PeakNation™ where we here at the Peak try to make up in one solid day all the naughtiness we sprinkle throughout the rest of the year in hopes Santa will bring us that Republican majority we’re asking for (we’ll also settle for the impossible-to-find PS4).

While giving coal is what we do for all the naughty Democrats out there the other 364 days of the year, in a blatant, naked attempt to curry Kris Kringle’s favor the night before he dishes out the loot, we’ve spent the past six minutes thinking of the perfect Christmas gifts for those nearest and dearest to our hearts taxes. So, here we go:

We know Governor Hickenlooper has had a tough time leading and making decisions this year, so we thought we would take it off his hands and give him a Magic 8-ball. “Will Coloradans grow to like my gun laws?” Very Doubtful “Will it be a tough year for me?” You may rely on it “Will I get reelected?” Better not tell you now

It’s been an especially tough year for former Senator Angela Giron who lost her job this year, but we hear she is especially fond of Denver so we got her 5280 Best of Denver restaurants issue. We know Hickenlooper consultant Max Potter would be grateful for our purchase. Ang, “Go Denver” to your heart’s delight.

Speaking of Potter. We hear that he’s awfully concerned about ham sandwiches, so, to put his mind to ease, we got him a gift card to Snarf’s. As an added bonus, it came with a side of gun rights.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been having a tough year understanding Coloradans, so we sent him some old John Denver CDs and a Colorado history book. We thought he especially would be interested in all the gun-slingers who have lived here, so we dog-eared those pages for him. continue…


A HOUSE DIVIDED: Senate Dems Already Alienating Moderates Before Start of Session

Tochtrop has nothing to lose and nothing to prove in the 2014 leg session.

The last state legislative session produced unintended consequences for Democrats, to put it mildly.  And, this session, despite Gov. Hickenlooper’s hollow promises of bipartisanship, may promise more of the same.  Lynn Bartels at The Denver Post recently wrote a piece on Democratic state Senator Lois Tochtrop, calling her a “maverick” politician because she often sides with Republicans on personal freedom issues, such as Second Amendment and smoking bans.  Even before last session’s scorched earth, Tochtrop “started the 2013 session peeved at her own party.”  We can’t imagine her sentiments at the bitter end.

Tochtrop is being watched carefully by both sides of the aisle.  For Republicans, she could be the “backstop”, as Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman calls her, to some of the extreme legislation pushed by the Democratic Party.  As Bartels wrote:

“The Adams County lawmaker’s independent streak could be one of the more memorable story lines of the 2014 session. It will be her last year because of term limits, she has nothing to lose and nothing to prove, and Senate Democrats hold only a one-seat majority.”


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