WINNING: Host of First Ryan Fundraiser Named Entrepreneur of the Year

Michael Fries, president and CEO of Liberty Global, Inc., was honored over the weekend with Ernst and Young’s “National Entrepreneur of the Year” award in the category of Media, Entertainment and Communications, according to the Denver Business Journal. Liberty Global is second only to Comcast in size in the media industry, which Ernst & Young attributed to Fries’s leadership in a press release:

“Mike Fries is the visionary behind the leading cable company, employing more than 21,000 people and connecting 13 countries with the digital world,” said Bryan Pearce, Americas Director, Entrepreneur Of The Year, Ernst & Young LLP. “With a laser focus on innovation, Fries continues to enhance Liberty Global’s Internet, voice and video services, bringing an amazing entertainment experience as well as simplicity to societies across the globe.”

The Peak readers might remember Fries from earlier this year when he and his wife, Amber, played host to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s first fundraiser following his selection.  As we noted then, the Fries aptly live in one of Denver’s most notable homes, Stoiberhof, which was built for some of Colorado’s first entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to Michael Fries, Liberty Global, and the rest of his team on a job well done.


PRESIDENTIAL SCHEDULES: Find Out Where Romney And Ryan Will Be In Colorado In The Final Week

In the closing days of the 2012 race, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are making their final swings through Colorado. Check out their schedules below — the only place in Colorado with a comprehensive campaign rally schedule for conservatives.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Paul Ryan (with Country Music Star Lee Greenwood)

Location:                  Island Grove Event Center

425 North 15th Avenue

Greeley, Colorado

Doors Open:            9:15 AM MDT

Program Time:        11:45 AM MDT

Tickets:                     Tickets may be obtained by visiting

Friday, November 2, 2012



“RAUCOUS RALLY”: Romney/Ryan Bring The House Down At Red Rocks

If (and when) Mitt Romney wins Colorado, pundits and prognosticators will likely point to the Red Rocks rally last night as the moment Mitt Romney sealed the deal in this state. The Republican ticket brought the house down before an adoring crowd of 10,000 with thousands more turned away at the door.

Reports The Colorado Observer‘s Tyler Sandberg:

MORRISON, CO — Seeking a powerful moment to propel their campaign across the finish line, Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan may have found it at a raucous rally out at Red Rocks Tuesday night.

By far Romney’s biggest crowd in Colorado to date, the more than 10,000 in attendance stomped their feet, banged thunder sticks emblazoned with the campaign’s logo and broke into impromptu chants of “Romney, Ryan.”

The optics of the event couldn’t have been better for the Republican ticket, with rally goers donning white, yellow and red t-shirts forming the “C” from the Colorado state flag, and the Romney “R” logo projected onto the twin cliffs on opposite sides of the amphitheater. 

The energy only two weeks from Election Day was palpable inside Red Rocks, with Colorado Republicans tasting the chance for victory in a state that went for President Obama by nine points in 2008. It was referred to often as the political event of the season, drawing a packed house that forced organizers to turn thousands away.

Not only could Republicans taste victory last night, but they seemed to already be savoring a tremendous turnaround from a jarring loss to Obama four years ago.



EXCLUSIVE: Senior Romney Official Predicts Colorado Win

With Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan rolling into town for a huge rally this evening, a high ranking Romney official is telling Colorado Peak Politics “we will win Colorado.”

Heretofore, Romney officials have been cautious about predicting outright victory in the state, happy to see polls moving in their direction, but avoiding any kind of clear declarations.

With early ballot returns trending Republican and an endless array of public polling showing the state swinging in Romney’s direction, folks on Team Romney are beginning to see Colorado as a strong pickup opportunity.

There is no clearer sign of Team Romney’s confidence than tonight’s joint rally with Romney and Paul Ryan at Red Rocks. It’s a rare event with both Romney and Ryan, but what makes it all the more important is the high expectations surrounding the rally.



ROMNEY/RYAN RED ROCKS RALLY: Rare Joint Appearance Next Tuesday In Jefferson County

Barack Obama built Greek columns for his Denver Democratic National Convention in 2008. When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan arrive together next Tuesday in Morrison they will be seeking to soak up the raw atmosphere provided by Colorado’s natural beauty at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

In a rare joint appearance, the Republican ticket is coming to Colorado to rev up the Republican base and hit the essential swing vote in the heart of Jefferson County.

Romney is on the upswing in Colorado according to every public poll in the last couple of weeks, taking the lead in the Real Clear Politics average of polls over a week ago.

Details about where, when and how to get tickets after the jump:



STYLE DISASTER: Biden Blows Debate with Odd Behavior

There’s nothing funny about squashing the American Dream, Mr. Vice President

UPDATE: Revealing Politics has a brilliant video out on Biden’s inappropriate laugh. Check it out after the jump.

Yesterday, we wondered which Biden would show up to the VP debate tonight – master debater or drunk uncle?  Last night, Americans witnessed Biden the Bully in arguably the most disrepectful debate performance we’ve ever witnessed.  According to Fox News anchor Chris Wallace:   “I don’t believe I have ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan.”And, Wallace was not the only one who thought so.  continue…


TALE OF TWO BIDENS: Which Biden Will Debate Ryan Tonight?

Conservatives have been salivating over the prospect of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, the so-called intellectual wing of the Republican Party, debating Joe Biden, the drunk uncle of politics.  And, it happens tonight.  Following Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s stellar performance against President Obama, Republicans are feeling mighty confident about the debate tonight.  Perhaps they’ve forgotten that Biden was a master debater in 2008.  According to Politico:

“Biden is flat-out the best debater in the 2012 campaign this side of Mitt Romney — more comfortable and limber at the lectern than his own boss, according to Democrats who get paid to prep candidates. And four years ago, he delivered what was arguably the most effective, and restrained, performance of his four-decade career against Sarah Palin in the 2008 vice presidential debate. … “

Despite the self-congratulatory predictions of those who are paid to prepare Biden for debate (we’re guessing former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is no longer helping), his performance is a distant memory when compared to his propensity to put his foot in his mouth on the campaign trail.  We’ve frequently documented his numerous gaffes (mostly because we find them entertaining).  As the Seattle Post Intelligencer eloquently noted:

“If political gaffe-making were an art, Vice President Joe Biden would be Pablo Picasso, a prolific artist going from one campaign stop to the next creating vibrant and colorful abstractions of all shapes and styles.”

Either way, this debate is predicted to be far more combative than Obama’s “Rocky Mountain High” performance from last week.  It all begins at 7:00 p.m. MT tonight.  In case you’re with friends, here’s a fun drinking game for your consideration.


PAUL RYAN TO COLORADO: VP Candidate to Visit Fort Collins and Colorado Springs on Wednesday

VP nominee Paul Ryan is swinging back through Colorado tomorrow, with rallies in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Ryan was last in Colorado a little less than three weeks ago, with a rally and fundraiser in Colorado Springs.

Details courtesy of a Romney campaign press release:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Event: Paul Ryan Fort Collins Victory Town Hall

Location: Walker Manufacturing

5925 E. Harmony Road

Fort Collins, Colorado

Doors Open: 9:30 AM MDT

Invite Time: 11:30 AM MDT

Program Time: 12:00 PM MDT


Event: Paul Ryan Colorado Springs Victory Rally

Location: America the Beautiful Park

126 Cimino Drive

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Doors Open: 4:00 PM MDT

Invite Time: 6:00 PM MDT

Program Time: 6:25 PM MDT


PAUL RYAN VISIT: VP Nominee To Campaign In Colorado Springs Thursday

Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan is set to come back to Colorado for a campaign rally in Colorado Springs tomorrow.

Ryan kicked off his fundraising tour in Colorado the Monday after being announced as the VP pick, headlining a JeffCo rally the following day and will probably be back a few more times with Colorado known as the “swingiest swing state.

Details per the Romney campaign on his latest visit:

Paul Ryan Campaigns In Colorado

Boston, MA – On Thursday, Paul Ryan will attend a Victory rally at WestPac Restorations in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The following event is open to the press.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Event: Congressman Ryan Attends Colorado Springs Victory Rally

Location: WestPac Restorations 765 Aviation Way Colorado Springs, Colorado

Doors Open: 7:30 AM MDT

Invite Time: 9:30 AM MDT

Program Time: 10:10 AM MDT

Ryan arrives tonight in Colorado Springs around 9pm.


DEM TALKING POINTS AS QUESTIONS: Who Wrote Eli Stokols Interview Questions For Paul Ryan?

KDVR's Eli Stokols landed a big get in VP nominee Paul Ryan yesterday. While we were glad to see a legitimate local political reporter get the interview, we were disappointed that Stokols appeared to have let a Democratic operative draft his interview questions. That, or Stokols was auditioning for a guest slot on the Rachel Maddow Show. 

Virtually every question Stokols asked was preceded by a statement you'd be more likely to see in a DNC press release than an objective interview. It's not that we mind tough questioning, it's that Stokols tried to pre-frame all of Ryan's answers with left wing analysis. That, and we have yet to see Obama or Biden get a SINGLE tough network interview on Colorado TV this whole cycle.

Take for example the question that Colorado Pols is blathering on about — when Stokols tried to equate the trillion dollar failed stimulus program to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan regarding the national debt. 

First of all, sending our troops to attack Al Qaeda after 9/11 is nowhere close to compatible with giving away thousands of free refrigerators through the stimulus program. Secondly, the stimulus spent nearly a trillion dollars over the course of a year while the country was already mired in over $10 trillion in debt, whereas the war spending occurred over many years when the country was in far better fiscal shape. 

Thirdly, it seems rather interesting that Stokols would try to pin the blame on Paul Ryan for the war spending without mentioning the fact that VP Joe Biden voted for the resolution. Oh, and Biden was the CHAIRMAN of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the war spending resolution was passed. 

It seemed to us that Stokols was trying to catch Ryan in a gotcha question that would garner some national attention. Ryan, to his credit, handled the lines of inquiry calmly, competently and provided detailed defenses to all of his answers. 

Stokols is better than that. But national attention certainly can go to any politico's head.

If you recall, back in February Stokols wrote a blistering open letter to the Romney campaign for the curtailed press access to Romney that was picked up by Politico. Obama's near complete lack of press conferences or interviews in Colorado outside the fake one he gave CBS4's Karen Leigh earlier this year haven't seemed to warrant a similar letter from Stokols.

What gives, Eli?

The Romney campaign gives you great access and you conduct an interview more worthy of Keith Olbermann than Adam Schrager. And yet your lips and laptop remain virtually silent when it comes to the cold shoulder the Obama campaign has given you?

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