SQUEAKED ON: Bob Beauprez Makes the Ballot

The Republican primary ballot is now set.  Former Congressman Bob Beauprez has made the ballot, according to a press release by the Secretary of State’s office.  While some outlets are noting that he barely made the ballot, the campaign is pointing out that making the ballot is a feather in the cap of Beauprez’s campaign:

“Despite every political expert who said it couldn’t be done, we got it done – 22,500 signatures in 20 days. We are happy to be on the ballot and confident moving forward. This historic support for Bob proves that Colorado is hungry for strong effective leadership.”

Perhaps it is.  The campaign said that it only really started gathering signatures on March 12th and had to turn signatures in by March 31st.  While there has been speculation that the campaign spent somewhere in the ballpark of $350,000 to get on the ballot, sources close to the campaign said the true number is much lower.

As the primary stands, Bob Beauprez and Tom Tancredo made the ballot via petition and Scott Gessler and Mike Kopp are on the ballot via the assembly process.  The primary will be June 24.


SEARCHING FOR AN EXIT?: Tancredo Departure from the Governor’s Race Not True

A KDVR report this morning outlined the lay of land in Colorado’s Republican gubernatorial primary.  Here’s who’s left: Bob Beauprez, Scott Gessler, Mike Kopp, and Tom Tancredo.  Relax, it’s in alphabetical order.  While we’re waiting to see if Beauprez makes the ballot and Kopp can transform the wind at his back into cash, a most interesting rumor popped up – KDVR is reporting that Tom Tancredo is considering a position as the Superintendent of Jeffco Schools.

This might be wishful thinking for some, but is Tancredo actually considering it?  PeakNation™, you may not know this, but Tancredo actually was a high school civics teacher for some time before launching his political career, so it’s not as random as one might think.  Here’s what unidentified Republicans that KDVR interviewed for the story think about the possibility:

“This would be a controversial hire, and I don’t know that it helps them accomplish what they want out there,” another Republican said. “Douglas County is the model for reforming schools and that board did it by picking its fights wisely and not courting unnecessary controversy.

“The Douglas County reformers never really gave their opponents anything extraneous to latch onto. For better or worse, ‘the Tanc’ has made a career of extraneous controversy….”

“…Tancredo is looking for a way out,” one said. “It isn’t just the party that would like him to get out; I have heard he needs a job and doesn’t relish going through a four-way primary.”

We’ve asked Tancredo to comment on the rumors.  Here’s what he said:

“Absolutely false. Joked that running the state of CO would be easier than running Jeffco schools. My guess this is someone (party insiders) wants to slow my momentum.”

So, there you have it PeakNation™, from the horse’s mouth.  Rumor is false.


OFFICIAL SCOREBOARD: Results from the Weekend of Assemblies

With all the buzz around the GOP State Assembly this weekend, we’ll be posting the results for key races here as they happen, so stay tuned.

CD4 (Final): State Senator Scott Renfroe wins CD4 with 54% compared to Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck, who received 46%. Both men will be on the Republican primary ballot.

Colorado Governor: Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has already made the ballot by being the first candidate to have his signatures validated.  Former Congressman Bob Beauprez also submitted 21,000 signatures for consideration on the ballot, but no word yet on validation.  Those going through the assembly process include Greg Brophy, Scott Gessler, Mike Kopp, Steve House, and Roni Bell. 

UPDATE: Kopp and Gessler have advanced to the ballot.  In perhaps the surprise of the convention, Kopp narrowly beat out Gessler for the top spot on the ballot with 33.6% of the vote, compared to Gessler’s 33.1%.  Unfortunately, Brophy, House, and Roni Bell didn’t secure the necessary 30% to make the ballot.  We’ll miss Brophy’s creative ads and spirited campaign. Still no word on the Beauprez campaign’s signature validation.

Colorado Attorney General: Mark Waller will square off against Cynthia Coffman. 

UPDATE: Cynthia Coffman secured 69.3% and Waller eeked out a spot on the ballot with 30.7% of the vote.

Our unofficial correspondent (meaning, we’re reading her twitter feed), to the Republican assemblies, Lynn Bartels, tweeted this out earlier today:

Keep it up PeakNation™, we have a long slog ahead.


BREAKING: Rasmussen Poll Shows Gov. Hickenlooper Has Low Ceiling

Ooops! We overreached!

In a poll released by Rasmussen today, Governor John Hickenlooper leads all GOP opponents, but Coloradans make it clear they’re looking for an alternative.

Of the three GOP candidates polled against Hickenlooper (Bob Beauprez’s announcement into the race happened too recently to be included), Secretary of State Scott Gesseler is closest 38% to 44%.  While former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, and state Sen. Greg Brophy are both nine points back at 37% to 46% and 33% to 42%, respectively.

As the name recognition of the GOP candidate goes up, people willing to vote for Hickenlooper goes down.  Colorado is shopping, and if they find a candidate they like, Hick is gone.

What should be most disconcerting for Hickenlooper is that even against a well-known, seen-to-be polarizing figure like Tancredo, Hick still can’t get higher than 46% of the vote.  In other words, Hick is hitting his head against a 46% ceiling. continue…


STOP: Jeffco PTA Threatens Jeffco School Board

You know what’s hilarious? Threats of violence against public officials.  Actually, it’s not.  We condemned it against state Rep. Andy Kerr, we condemned it against Secretary of State Scott Gessler.  And, now, we’re condemning the not-so-veiled threats by the Jefferson County School District Parent Teacher Association members against the reform-minded Jefferson County School Board.  It’s wrong.  Stop doing it.

Yesterday, WatchDogWire published Tweets from the Jeffco PTA that were just kind of smarmy.  In case this is too inside baseball for you, Michele Patterson is the president of the Jeffco PTA and Shawna Fritzler is the vice president.  See the picture below.  These tweets were sent as the two women sat in a Jeffco School Board meeting.

Sheila Atwell, head of Jeffco Students First, summed it up nicely in the WatchDogWire article:

“I find it offensive that leaders of our JeffCo Parent Teachers’ Association would publicly joke about learning to shoot in context of being frustrated with a school board member, given the history our school district has had.”

It is offensive. It’s inappropriate. It’s a terrible example for kids.  Just stop.


HONEY BADGER NUKES BROOMFIELD VOTE RIGGERS: Gessler Takes No Prisoners in Fracking Funny Business

Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County Fractivist

If you missed it over Thanksgiving, Secretary of State Scott Gessler unloaded on the hapless (or is it corrupt?) vote counters in Broomfield. After some serious election night shenanigans, an initiative to ban fracking pushed by this guy went from defeated to approved.

Last week, Broomfield was forced to fess up to actually disenfranchising voters. Oops.

That is where the Honey Badger entered the dojo.

From the Broomfield Enterprise

A five-year ban on fracking in Broomfield has become the eye of a storm that formed at the conflux of changes in state voter registration rules, scrutiny of processes used to determine voter eligibility and disputes over the role of election watchers.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office released a report Wednesday criticizing Broomfield’s election process, citing issues such as “illegally and improperly updating voters’ residential addresses; illegally issuing ballots from drop-off locations away from the clerk’s office; improperly counting ballots cast by ineligible electors; and improperly rejecting ballots cast by eligible electors.”

The report states that votes have already been certified, but “though the certification is complete, the secretary of state believes the people of Broomfield deserve an accurate accounting of the conduct of the election.”


IN: Steve House (for Governor)

The Chairman of the Adams County Republican Party, Steve House, announced he’s joining the crowded Republican gubernatorial field, making him the fifth candidate to announce in as many months.

From his press release, sent out on a Saturday morning of a long weekend:

Brighton Businessman Steve House Enters Governors Race on Monday, November 11

Steve House is a healthcare consultant and has worked for more than 30 years in the healthcare industry. Steve brings the strong business background currently lacking in the race to be Colorado’s next Governor. Steve has a long track record of bringing people together to find innovative ways to use technology to improve the quality of patient care and lower costs. Now he wants to bring that experience with him to tackle the challenges facing Colorado families.

Making his entrance slightly more awkward is the fact that at least as recently as this spring, House was the finance chair for Scott Gessler, who he is now running against. In December 2012, House donated $1100 to Gessler’s campaign. Might we be seeing a refund in the next report?

House joins State Senator Greg Brophy, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, Secretary of State Gessler and former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp in the primary field.


2013 THE NEW 2014: Gubernatorial Candidates Grab Onto Hot Off-Year Issues

Odd numbered years may be political snoozers in most states. But not Colorado. Not this year. And the Republican candidates for Governor are wading into some of the hottest off-year issues in a bid to claim their share of credit should the efforts be victorious.

After the historic recall elections of State Senators John Morse and Angela Giron for pushing Bloomberg-backed gun control, Senator Evie Hudak is now facing her own ouster. State Senator Greg Brophy, who led the fight against the gun bills in the Legislature, has firmly affixed himself to the Hudak recall effort. He even donned one of their T-shirts during a recent stop at recall organizer’s headquarters.

Yesterday, Secretary of State Scott Gessler oddly declared his gubernatorial campaign “suspended” to focus on the pivotal Douglas County school board elections, which our readers are well aware is a critical fight in education reform.

The school board issue has been a longtime fight against the unions angry they are no longer receiving taxpayer dollars to subsidize their staff not in the classroom. But it’s a race near and dear to a lot of conservatives’ hearts in Colorado, which makes it an appealing association for primary candidates like Gessler.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is focusing his energy on the billion dollar tax hike, Amendment 66, with a creative spoof of the ballot measure, which he dubs “Hickenlooper’s Monster.” When it comes to Republican primary campaigns, is there a better issue to oppose than a union-backed billion dollar tax hike?

Amendment 66 has raised a ton of money and, most recently, hackles, when it came out that NYC Mayor Bloomberg had thrown a million dollars behind the measure. If you haven’t seen Tancredo’s 66 parody, check it out after the jump:



DOLLARS AND CENTS: Q3 Fundraising Totals For Colorado Statewide Candidates (& CD6)

10/16 UPDATE: All figures for state races are now updated as filed, along with cash on hand figures for all campaigns.

With fundraising reports due today for all statewide candidates in Colorado, both federal and state-level, numbers are starting to trickle out of the campaigns. Check back at this post as we will update it until we get all candidates’ totals.

Incumbents are in italics. Cash on hand is in parentheses if available.

(Mike Kopp, Amy Stephens and Wayne Williams all announced after the end of the fundraising period, so there are no figures to report for them)



FACEBOOK POLL: Greg Brophy Leading Our First Informal Republican Gubernatorial Survey

State Senator Greg Brophy is leading our inaugural Facebook survey for the Republican primary for governor. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is currently second.

Last night we asked our Colorado readers on Facebook who they would vote for if the Republican primary were held today. No campaign was given prior notice about the poll. We listed the options alphabetically and only included declared candidates, or in George Brauchler’s case, a candidate that we hear from insiders could still get into the race.

To be clear this “poll” is not scientific by any measure. It’s merely an informal measure of grassroots support for the potential nominees and an interesting look at the campaigns’ ability to organize online. 

As of 11 am today (poll closes at 9pm tonight), we had received a fairly large response. The current totals for the candidates are as follows:

  1. State Senator Greg Brophy = 96 votes
  2. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo = 59 votes
  3. Secretary of State Scott Gessler = 21 votes
  4. Former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp = 8 votes
  5. District Attorney George Brauchler = 6 votes

We’ll have the full results tomorrow morning. If you’re a supporter of one of these candidates, go here and add your voice.

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