MORE BREAKING NEWSCNN reporting that Wisconsin GOP Chair Reince Priebus is the new RNC Chairman.

BREAKING NEWS:   Steele drops out after fourth round of voting.

He distinguished himself by railing against the national debt, even as he compiled more than $20 million in debt on the Republican National Committee's books.

He earned far-reaching acknowledgement as a record breaking human gaffe factory.


He won the respect of a conservative movement as he boldly predicted that the Party he was tasked with leading would NOT take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, even in the greatest Republican year, like ever.

His fumbling leadership inspired the creation of a series of secret political committees formed to do the work that his RNC was supposed to do.

And now, Michael Steele, the fearless leader of the RNC, is announcing he is back for more and wants another two years as High Priest of the Grand Old Party. 

We say, blech.