We admit it.  We like Bob McConnell, and there are days when we wish Scott Tipton had a bit more fight in him.  But the voters spoke, and resoundingly.  And Scott Tipton was their choice.


Tipton has been rock solid, and has done nothing to earn the scorn of conservatives at this early stage.  Heck, he's only about two weeks on the job, and so far the Republicans in the U.S. House have been dead on target.

That is the reason it strikes us as odd that Bob McConnell is squandering the political capital he has built by raising the threat of a recall petition in the 3rd Congressional District.

In an email today, McConnell urged supporters to “initiate a recall” and get ready to collect signatures if their Congressman “vote(s) no to raising the debt ceiling.”

McConnell seems motivated less by ideology at this point and more by hurt feelings.  It is tough losing elections, and Mr. McConnell has lost two high profile electoral fights in the last six months.

No person is bigger than the movement.  McConnell needs to focus his ammo where it matters, end the pity party and get back into the scrap.