Fresh from her stunning defeat for trying to force all Coloradans to become organ donors, Sen. Lucia Guzman topped herself yesterday by introducing Senate Bill 75.

SB 75 will allow the state to regulate inflatable party equipment.  That's right, whether you call them Bump-n-Jumps or Bouncy Castles, before you can put the finishing touches on arrangements for your six-year old's birthday party, Sen. Guzman wants to make sure that the state has approved your party inflatables.

According to the Colorado News Agency, Guzman is concerned that “there isn't any oversight of these devices” and her legislation would allow the Division of Oil and Public Safety to make sure that all Bump-n-Jumps are safe and sanitary. 

We hope the Division will also make sure that they aren't too bouncy.

Senator Guzman is either incredibly politically tone deaf or we have mis-analyzed the importance of balloon regulation to Colorado's citizens.

We think SB 75 is the Stupidest Bill Ever (This Week).