Lynn Bartels has a great post today that keenly illustrates the difference between Republicans' and Democrats' approach to governance.

Two years ago, then Representative Paul Weissman threw a significant temper tantrum on the Senate floor when the Senate killed one of his bills.  He yelled, he made threats, and then he stomped out. He also had a personal confrontation with Senator Scott Renfroe on the matter. 

How did Republicans handle this breach of decorum? Simple. After Rep. Weissman apologized, that was the end of it.

Fast forward to yesterday. Eye witness accounts vary, but apparently Rep. David Balmer had an animated conversation with Senator Schwartz on the Senate floor. The conversation became loud, and it sounds like Balmer was doing some serious talking with his hands.

Balmer quickly apologized, but of course that isn't good enough for Senate President Brandon Shaffer. Shaffer has banned Balmer from the Senate floor and is launching a full committee investigation to get to the bottom of the incident.

With all of the pressing issues in front of the Legislature right now, we don't think Shaffer should be spending official time and resources refereeing minor arguments.

Saying “I'm sorry” really should be good enough here.