The debate over the budget rages on Under the Dome. 

Despite the Democrat-controlled Senate Finance Committee voting unanimously to support a budget resolution that reduces the state revenue projections by a paltry 2.75%, Senate Majority Leader John Morse refused to let the resolution be debated on the Senate floor this morning.

Sen. Morse instead sent a petulant letter to leadership in the House full of hand-wringing about the difficulties of cutting state government programs.

Morse just doesn't get it.  Colorado must STOP spending money that it doesn't have.  Setting a budget target that is realistic is only the first step in the process and, to be fair, there are many hard choices yet to come. But we have to start somewhere.

Kudos to Democrat Sens. Guzman, Giron, Johnston, and Jahn for having the courage to stand up to Morse and vote to reduce state spending.