Last week we covered a bipartisan budget resolution that would have forced the budget committee to operate off of a more conservative estimate than some rosy forecasts.

True to form, yesterday Senate President Brandon Shaffer and Majority Leader John Morse sent the measure to its grave.

Our guess is this is exactly the fight that House Republicans were hoping for. Republicans look good, Democrats look like big spending fiscal slobs. It is exactly the bait McNulty and Republicans were dangling. And while the votes this week and last were largely symbolic, it sets the stage for the coming budget debate in terms that are highly favorable to conservatives.

As Round 1 proves, this is a fight Republicans can win if they hang tough–and hang together.

One other sidelight: we hate to tell Capitol reporters how to do their jobs, but did it occur to any of the ink-stained journalists under the Dome to ask Governor Hickenlooper what he thinks about the push for a conservative budget estimate?  I mean, he is the State's chief executive.

No? Ok, didn't think so. We are sorry to interrupt your honeymoon coverage. We'll let you get back to your story about Hick's favorite place to eat BBQ.