Liberals are nothing if not, ya know, fire breathing hypocrites.

Check out this story in our favorite rag bought and paid for by Tim Gill and Pat Stryker, the Colorado Independent. In it, liberals worry that Speaker of the House Frank McNulty might send the civil unions bill to a packed committee where it will die.




For six years, Speakers named Romanoff and Carroll and Presidents named Fitzgerald, Groff, and Shaffer have daily sent well-meaning, forward-thinking Republican bills to packed committees where their legislative execution was ordered.

And this sentencing of Republican bills didn't just happen in the past. Next week Senator Shawn Mitchell's bill to repeal Bill Ritter's executive order unionizing state government will be heard in the functional equivalent of the legislative gallows (also know as the Senate State Affairs Committee) where it's death is as certain as a lamb to the slaughter in the Old Testament.

And, of course, that is Shaffer's prerogative. His party won the Senate. To the victor the spoils. . .

But the same power belongs to Republicans in the House. The brass ring, the gavel, and the power to refer bills to whatever committee they want–it all belongs to conservatives courtesy of voters in 33 of 65 House districts.

We know that the liberals over at the Colorado Independent understand all this, which is why we feel compelled to call them big, fat, ridiculous hypocrites.