Or not.

Politico reports that President Barack Obama got a down right frigid reception in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Monday.  In a 35 minute speech, Obama received just two rounds of applause from the audience of American jobs leaders. 

Last year, the Chamber and Obama famously locked horns during the debate about Obamacare, with the Chamber pouring millions into hard hitting TV ads, and President Obama and Democrats returning fire on the business group.

With his O'Reilly interviews and business speeches, Obama continues his symbolic stab at tacking to the middle.  He's hoping that the Chamber forgets the Obamacare tussle, and that the public plain forgets the entire last two years.  But if yesterday is any indication, those who claim a zip code in the political center don't seem to be buying it. By all appearances, the kiss and make-up attempt by the President yesterday resulted in something more like an old fashioned blow off by America's business leaders.

The President should expect a similar reception from the American people next fall.