With Denver weather looking more and more like Chicago these days, Governor Hickenlooper seems to have confused Denver for the Windy City. The Denver Post reports that Gov. Hickenlooper threw a “temper tantrum” when the current Mayor, Bill Vidal, discussed running for the office in the upcoming May elections.


Hickenlooper was furious about this, claiming Vidal had promised not to run. Unfortunately for Hickenlooper, this is a free country where anyone can run for office—regardless of whether they have his blessing. If Hickenlooper wants to control the Mayor’s office from the Governor’s mansion, he may want to think about relocating to Illinois, where behavior like that is encouraged.

Clearly, Hickenlooper is not used to having people challenge his decrees. For a man who strutted his way into office due to a split amongst Republicans, he comes to the office with little experience in dealing with other people’s ambitions.

Thankfully for Hickenlooper, Vidal’s wife appears to have been the one to convince him to not enter the race. So Vidal won’t run, but no thanks to Hickenlooper’s outburst.

Or maybe Hickenlooper wasn’t confusing Denver for Chicago, maybe he was still a little wrapped up in his one line cameo from the movie “Casino Jack” where he plays a Senator demanding infamous lobbyist Jack Abramhoff be removed from a Senate hearing.

No, Gov. Hickenlooper, you can’t “remove this man.”