Lynn Bartels of the Denver Post has a great piece on State Rep. Andy Kerr’s (D-Loveland), shall we say, poor sense of timing for a photo-op.


Kerr was supposed to ride his bike from the Colorado Bike Summit at the Curtis Hotel to the state Capitol, where a press conference was planned for House Bill 1092. There Kerr was going to address his bill for ensuring communities don’t put up impediments to bikers.

But the weather decided to play the contrarians role, and put up a frozen tundra of an impediment, forcing the press conference indoors. This has led some to say Kerr may have suffered from a brief case of the Al Gore curse, which refers to Gore’s knack for hosting global warming protests and conventions smack dab in the middle of snowstorms.

Even with revenues down drastically for all levels of government, and a serious $1.1 billion budget gap needing to be dealt with, it seems holding indoor bike news conferences is a priority for the Democrats this session. There clearly is no safe place in Colorado for people to ride their bikes, so laws must be passed to ensure bikers are a top concern for communities when dealing with public safety. Glad to see Democrats know why they were elected.

Needless to say, Dan Maes will not be pleased with this bill.