We admit it.  We were surprised that Dick Wadhams bowed out of contention for State Party chair.  Our prediction of his re-election slam dunk “missed it by that much.”

But what has happened since has been pretty remarkable: an outpouring of praise for Wadhams all across the State.  What has resulted is a conventional wisdom that suggests that Wadhams was, as we suggested, a shoe-in to win if he had stayed in.  (Our apologies for rhyming like Johnny Cochran)
The latest journalistic wet kiss comes from the Pueblo Chieftain, whose tribute to Wadhams closely echoed the high priase that former State Senator Josh Penry heaped on “Chairman Wadhams” a few days earlier. And Vince Carrol over at the Rocky, err Post, conveyed it most starkly of all.
It is too soon to say whether Dick's replacement will be better, worse, or not at all up to the task.  But what is evident is that the story of Wadhams' stint as party chair is being written in terms that are doubtlessly making every other past chairman green with envy.