CORRECTION: The Denver Post informs us that the time stamp displayed on the picture is wrong, and that the picture of Mad Max wallowing with the squatters was actually take before the 11 PM curfew. As we said at the end of the post, it was either a wrong time stamp or Mad Max had some explaining to do. And no, we don’t plan on asking Mad Max if he has an alibi.


In a clear sign of the rapidly diminishing political capital of Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat state Representative was caught on camera by The Denver Post openly flouting Hickenlooper's command to leave the Occupy Denver squatter camp at 11 pm. In this photo posted by The Denver Post, state Representative Max "Children Are Like Maggots" Tyler (D-Golden) is seen standing amongst the Occupy Denver squatters before it was shut down by the Colorado State Patrol and Denver Police Department.

The photo's time stamp shows that it was taken at 11:38 PM, over half an hour after Governor Hickenlooper clearly stated that squatters were no longer legally allowed to be in the park. If the Governor cannot even get state legislators from his own party to respect his commands, what kind of influence does he have?

After back-to-back executive brow-beatings by state Senator Greg Brophy (R-Wray) to enforce the law and shut down the squatter camp, Governor Hickenlooper eventually caved and ordered riot police to shut it down last night. While Hickenlooper had demanded the protesters leave at 11 pm in a morning press conference with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Attorney General John Suthers, the police did not descend on the camp until 3:15 AM. 

At that time, the officers tore down the squatter's tents, confiscated their property and arrested 24 people. While the protesters were being torn from their campsite, Governor Hickenlooper, who ordered the raid, was nowhere to be seen.

But other Democrat politicians were more than glad to join the squatters in solidarity.

What began with Representative Wes McKinley (D-Walsh) pitching his TeePee alongside the Occupy Denver squatters, was followed by Representative Ed Casso (D-Commerce City) proclaiming that the squatters were his "personal guests" and could stay as long as they want.

The site of Max Tyler openly disregarding Hickenlooper's demand marks a high point in hostilities between Hickenlooper and his left wing base. 

The whole incident has thoroughly damaged Governor Hickenlooper's political position, with liberals furious at his using riot police to shut down their squatter camp, and conservatives disappointed in his inability to enforce the law until badgered into doing so. 

His stock has fallen so quickly that even state legislators feel no threat in openly flouting his leadership.

Either The Denver Post’s time stamp is wrong or Max Tyler has some explaining to do.