With all major Colorado media still refusing to report on the nearly $5,000 in corrupt campaign cash Senator Mark Udall has taken from disgraced investment banker and former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, Compass Colorado is launching a grassroots campaign to get Coloradans to call Udall and demand he return the money.

“The fact that Mark Udall has not returned Jon Corzine’s campaign donations shows his wavering commitment to reining in Wall Street corruption,” said Tyler Q. Houlton, president of Compass Colorado. “Udall has refused to follow the lead of his Washington allies and must be held accountable for his unethical actions.”

While The Denver Post reprinted a wire article about President Obama and the Democrat National Committee returning $70,000 in Corzine cash, the state's flagship newspaper has yet to do any of their own reporting on the subject.

That's utterly baffling to us since it's the job of the state's newspapers to report on the Colorado connection of national news stories like Corzine's loss of over $1.2 billion customer's money. 

With the mainstream media delinquent in their duties, conservatives are going around their filter to get their message directly to Coloradans. 

(Photo Credit: Elections Meter)