This morning, Governor John Hickenlooper took our advice and signed the proclamation that officially incorporates pot legalization into our state’s constitution.  Hick also announced a task force to help implement the new amendment, which legalizes the use, possession, and limited home-growing of marijuana legal for anyone 21 and older.

According to the executive order creating the task force: “All stakeholders share an interest in creating efficient and effective regulations that provide for the responsible development of the new marijuana laws.  As such, there is a need to create a task force through which we can coordinate and create a regulatory structure that promotes the health and safety of the people of Colorado.”

The Governor’s office noted that “The Task Force will also work to reconcile Colorado and federal laws such that the new laws and regulations do not subject Colorado state and local governments and state and local government employees to prosecution by the federal government.”

Associated Press’s Kristen Wyatt responded via Twitter with the following:

Nonetheless, the 24-member task force will be co-chaired by Jack Finlaw, Hick’s chief legal counsel, and Barbara Brohl, the executive director of the Department of Revenue.  According to a press release from the Governor’s office, the other members include:

  • Rep. Dan Pabon, appointed by the incoming Speaker of the House;
  • Sen. Cheri Jahn, appointed by the incoming President of the Senate;
  • Rep.-elect Dan Nordberg, appointed by the incoming House Minority Leader;
  • Sen.-elect Vicki Marble, appointed by the incoming Senate Minority Leader;
  • David Blake, representing the Colorado Attorney General;
  • Kevin Bommer, representing the Colorado Municipal League;
  • Eric Bergman, representing Colorado Counties Inc.;
  • Chris Urbina, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment;
  • James Davis, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety;
  • John Salazar, the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture;
  • Ron Kammerzell, the Senior Director responsible for the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division;
  • Christian Sederberg, representing the campaign to pass Amendment 64;
  • Meg Sanders, representing the medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation industry;
  • Craig Small, representing marijuana consumers;
  • Sam Kamin, a person with expertise in legal issues related to the legalization of marijuana;
  • Dr. Christian Thurstone, a person with expertise in the treatment of marijuana addiction;
  • Charles Garcia, representing the Colorado Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice;
  • Larry Abrahamson, representing the Colorado District Attorney’s Council;
  • Brian Connors, representing the Colorado State Public Defender;
  • Daniel Zook, an at-large member from outside of the Denver area;
  • Tamra Ward, representing the interests of employers; and
  • Mike Cerbo, representing the interests of employees (read: AFL-CIO and other unions)

The task force also will feature working groups chaired by one or more members of the Task Force and comprised of subject matter experts.  All meetings are open to the public, with the task force’s first meeting at noon on Monday, December 17, in the Department of Revenue offices in Golden.