When it comes to guns and gun violence, few know more about the topic than law enforcement officers who deal directly with it. They’re not prone to emotional or technically incompetent arguments that gun control supporters often espouse.

Therefore, it’s particularly notable that the County Sheriffs of Colorado have come out strongly against a number of proposed gun control measures by legislative Democrats, specifically an “assault” weapon ban, or bans on high capacity magazines, bulk purchases of ammo or private sales of firearms.

Reports The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee:

The County Sheriffs of Colorado has released a memo that outlines tough stances against many of the gun legislation efforts slated to be proposed by state Democrats in coming weeks.

The nonpartisan group of sheriffs says that hasty reactions to mass shootings in an Aurora movie theater last July and at a elementary school in Newtown, Conn., last month should not result in the introduction of new gun control measures.

Executive Director Christopher H. Olson said the memo is the general idea of what the majority of Colorado’s 64 sheriffs believe is appropriate when it comes to gun legislation.

“I haven’t had had one sheriff that says ‘I absolutely don’t agree with what’s being said in this paper,’ ” Olson said.

You can read the full memo from the County Sheriffs of Colorado here.

There are two important arguments that have now been leveled against these proposed gun-grabbing measures.

The first is that laid out in the Sheriffs’ memo — basically people have a right to defend themselves and proposed legislation would inhibit that right. Or, as Lee quoted in his piece:

“Law enforcement officers carry high capacity magazines because there are times when 10 rounds might not be enough to end the threat,” writes the group. “County Sheriffs of Colorado believe the same should be hold true for civilians who wish to defend themselves, especially if attacked by multiple assailants.”

The second argument that has been made by both gun rights supporters, as well as Senate President John Morse, is that these measures would do nothing to stop gun violence, nothing to prevent future tragedies likes Aurora or Newtown.

As Morse said to CBS4: “How does a limit on high-capacity magazines reduce violence?”

If those on the front lines of gun violence believe these measures aren’t necessary, nor would they be effective, why then again are supporters pushing them?