Ed Hall, Chair of the Denver Democrats and designated filing agent for pro-Morse Group “A Whole Lot of People for John Morse”

The liberal front group attempting to beat back the burgeoning recall effort of Senate President John Morse is headed by the Chairman of the Denver Democratic Party who calls Colorado Springs a “right-wing, religious whack-job stronghold.”

A Whole Lot of People for John Morse has as its designated filing agent, Ed Hall, who is also chair of the Denver Dems. The insulting description of Morse’s hometown of Colorado Springs appears in the first line of Hall’s bio on the Denver Democratic Party’s website.

So much for a Whole Lot of People for John Morse (in his district).

The Denver Democrat group has been sending out highly deceptive robocalls pretending to be a public safety announcement in what amounts to petition suppression, warning recipients of the calls, without a shred of proof, that sex offenders and criminals are trying to get their personal information and urging them not to sign the petitions.

It’s clear that with such scorched earth tactics, Democrats from Denver to downtown Colorado Springs are beginning to worry.

So much for the party that claims it wants to improve participation in the political process.

But, in the end, it’s not really surprising. Morse has a history of over-the-top antics with his political opponents, even once threatening the home of a citizen who filed an ethics complaint against him for abusing his per diem allowance from taxpayers.

Morse’s ego and disregard for his constituents is something that his local newspaper summed up pretty succintly two weeks ago:

We’ve learned to expect this kind of tone-deafness from Morse. His disregard for the best interests of his own community is well-established. So, it’s hardly surprising to see him thumb rural Coloradans in the eye on the premise that it’s for their own good.

This time, though, Morse will have to face not only his critics but the voters should the recall succeed. And he’s not starting on the right foot with his group’s leader trashing the very people he needs support from.