Did you hear the hilarious joke about public officials being anally probed and raped?  Right, we didn’t think it was funny either, but the left cannot stop tripping over itself to make wished-upon rape a joke, all with the media standing idly by.  We’ve uncovered the second Democratic official spewing comments reeking of poor taste and, downright, threats directed toward public officials.

Sheila Canfield-Jones, who according to her LinkedIn profile is employed by Organizing for America (previously know as Obama for America) and who according to the Park County Democrats is the current Chair of the Park County Democratic Party, shared these words of wisdom on Facebook (see picture).

“that’s so funny maybe if the Gov was raped he might understand…….nah He’s a Republican”

Let us be crystal clear.  Rape is not funny.  All of this hullabaloo is the result of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signing into law a requirement for a woman who is considering abortion to have an ultrasound first.  The left is screaming its head off about vaginal ultrasounds, but the truth, according to CNN‘s “Politicker” blog is that the woman chooses which type of ultrasound.  Nobody is “probing” anyone anywhere against their will (we’re talking to you, Sarah Silverman).

Now that we’ve gotten that piece of misinformation out of the way, let’s talk about the insane amount of crap that the media is willing to put up with from the left when it comes to controversial issues.  We’d just like to see a little more outrage when public officials from left commit these verbal atrocities.  We’d like the left’s leadership to come out and condemn those who would make light of rape.  We’d like the media to hold both the offenders and their leadership accountable, not giggle along with them.  Is that too much to ask?