Helen Lucero’s family still receives her mail, despite her passing away over a year ago. Junk mail, newsletters, probably even a few bills. But something a little more striking showed up the other day — a voter ID card.

Democrat Pueblo Clerk and Recorder Bo Ortiz has been sending out yellow “voter ID cards” to registered voters in Pueblo County in advance of the recall election of Senator Angela Giron. Voters can appear at a polling location and vote with it as identification, with no need to show any form of photo ID. The yellow card is all you need.

Actually, you don’t even need the yellow card. Thanks to an elections bill rammed through as a late bill by Democrats last session in a party-line vote — HB1303 — you can show up on election day without a photo ID, register to vote and cast your vote with a utility bill. Or at least election officials hope it’s your vote. 

If the deceased are getting “voter ID cards” it’s safe to say the system has some major flaws. And since someone could take the late Mrs. Lucero’s voter ID card and cast a ballot, without any further proof that they are, in fact, Mrs. Lucero, we can’t really know who exactly is voting.

That’s election integrity in Colorado.

Polls open today.