Senate President John Morse must be the least restrained politician, like ever.

Morse, who referred to the gun rights movement as a “sickness,” is doubling-down on bashing gun supporters in his district. Yes, and he cops to ignoring his constituents too.

From local station KRDO‘s report:

Morse admitted that he ignored many of his constituents regarding their opinions on gun control — one of the accusations made against him by his opponents.

“Those that we didn’t listen to were those who were vile and disgusting and sent threats — which truthfully, turned out to be an awful lot of the folks on the opposition,” he said.

With sound bites like these, no wonder Michael Bloomberg is having to out-spend recall supporters 10-1 to give the Senate Prez a shot.

Roll the tape by clicking here and watch this. (Morse’s comments about his opposition start at the 1 minute mark)

Democratic revisionists, please get your pen and paper ready. We look forward to hearing you explain why Morse really actually wasn’t calling his constituents vile, even though the video says differently.