Kim Weeks, a rape survivor who testified against the gun bills in the legislature, slams Senators Angela Giron and John Morse in a new radio ad launched by the Colorado Women’s Alliance.

In the powerful spot, Weeks tells of Morse and Giron’s “arrogant and dangerous” attitude of ignoring those who showed up to testify against the gun control bills.

During the session, Weeks wrote a chilling essay about her rape on Revealing Politics, arguing against a ban on concealed carry on college campuses that would disarm victims like her. As she ended her essay:

I ask – no, I beg – each Colorado Senator to stop ignoring the voices of citizens like me. Don’t re-victimize me with your legislation.

Please, Colorado, don’t disarm me with your vote.

The concealed carry ban died, but not before Senator Giron voted for it in committee. Had Senators Giron and Morse listened better to the impassioned pleas of citizens testifying, like Kim Weeks so bravely did, they may not be facing recalls right now.

Some politicians just don’t listen.