Former Rep. Mike Merrifield

The influence of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a thorn in the side of gun control proponents during the recall elections, and Bloomberg’s specter will continue to haunt the race for John Morse’s former Senate seat, Senate District 11.

That’s because former Rep. Mike Merrifield (D-Colorado Springs), who previously was the Colorado State Director for Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), is running for the seat.

As our readers know, Colorado MAIG Directors have not exactly been cream of the crop material.

But Merrifield has more than his fair share of problems even before dealing with his New York political paymaster.

In 2007, Merrifield had to resign his seat as Chairman of the House Education Committee after he said that there is a “special place in Hell” for charter school supporters. If Merrifield thought that little piece of ugliness was going away, he is sorely mistaken.

Mike Rosen hasn’t forgotten and asked him about it last week on 850KOA.

Between the specter of Bloomberg and Merrifield’s nasty and extreme attack on school choice supporters, there’s a reason you don’t hear Democrats crowing about how they will easily take back Morse’s seat in 2014.