10/18 UPDATE: The NRCC weighs in on Romanoff’s PAC pledge hypocrisy:

“Andrew Romanoff is so dishonest with Colorado voters even his own party condemns his actions. Hardworking Colorado families know Andrew Romanoff is just another professional politician bought and paid for by Washington special interests.” – Tyler Q. Houlton, NRCC Spokesman

FLASHBACK: Remember the last time Andrew Romanoff tried to have it both ways on his PAC pledge in 2010?

He backtracked from saying he wouldn’t take DSCC money to then saying he’d take DSCC money if they somehow magically separated their own PAC money from their contribution to him.

This is what Senator Michael Bennet’s spokesman said at the time:

“You cannot find better evidence that Andrew is a dishonest, career politician than his admission that he would undermine his entire campaign platform, and presumably his beliefs in order to win. Some Coloradans have cast their ballots based on this commitment that Andrew has now gone back on,” said Bennet spokesman Trevor Kincaid.


Congressional candidate Andrew Romanoff (D-Denver) has pledged not to take a dime of Political Action Committee (PAC) money during his run for the 6th Congressional District. That hasn’t stopped him from accepting thousands from lobbyists, union leaders and other special interests however.

And apparently that hasn’t stopped him from the actual taking of PAC money either.

Check out his latest campaign finance filing, which lists $10,000 under donations from “Political Committees (such as PACs)”:

Update via Allison Sherry: