Teachers union president Kerrie Dallman. They’ve spent $4 million already on Amendment 66.

When the billion dollar tax increase Amendment 66 is declared defeated in a little more than a week’s time there will be some serious ‘splaining to do to liberal donors who ponied up what’s expected to be at least $10 million.

The pro-billion dollar tax increase team is spending ungodly sums of money to pass the ballot measure with virtually not a dime to the opposition’s name. The opponents of the tax increase have been forced to use little more than elbow grease and earned media to get their message out.

Which is why political analyst Floyd Ciruli says a loss would be “very big news.”

Per The Denver Post’s Kevin Simpson (Peak emphasis):

Colorado political analyst Floyd Ciruli notes that while proponents of the tax hike may start from a disadvantage, “they’re very competitive with that money and given the interest group they represent. If they win, it’s news. If they lose, it’s very big news if they could not move the electorate with all that money.

When in Colorado political history can you remember any issue, ever, having such a massive spending disparity? Even in the historic recall elections, Democrats only held a 7-1 spending advantage.

At what point do Democrat donors realize they’re throwing good money after bad?