A PeakNation™ tipster sent us a rumor overheard this week in Denver – that Evie Hudak would be the 2014 nominee… for her former seat.  This may come as a surprise to former state Rep. Sara Gagliardi and Arvada City Councilwoman Rachel Zenzinger, both of whom who are vying to be nominated to the Senate seat formerly held by Hudak.

The legalities around Hudak resuming another seat are murky.  Term limit laws dictate that a legislator can’t run for more than two consecutive terms, but it’s never been tested as most just consider it two terms total.

Just yesterday The Denver Post‘s Kurtis Lee questioned whether Gagliardi was positioning herself as a moderate in order to be elected in 2014.

But, maybe it doesn’t matter how Gagliardi positions herself if she’s just keeping the seat warm for Hudak.  We wonder if Gagliardi and Zenzinger understand how temporary their role would be.