What have we done to deserve such a fantastic gift?  Was it something we said that inspired Colorado Democrat Party Chair Rick Palacio to find a candidate, any candidate?  And a candidate they found.

The Democratic candidate for CD3 will be [drum roll] former Democratic state representative and current Pueblo County Commissioner Mouthy McFayden.  Sorry, we mean Buffie McFadyen.  Instead of writing a whole new post about Mouthy, we would just like to revisit the one we posted last November McFadyen found herself in quite an awkward predicament.  From last year:

Former Democratic leader in the State House and current Pueblo County Commissioner Buffie McFadyen was the recipient of some special treatment by police during a potential DUI stop in Pueblo.  She was caught in a rather awkward situation — parked in a dirt lot at night, intoxicated and with a man who isn’t her husband. But she didn’t get a DUI – instead she got a ride home. 

But, it gets even better.  We have subsequently learned that McFadyen and her companion, the head of the Pueblo Democratic Party Ron Greenwell weren’t just drinking buddies.  According to KRDO, they may or may not also be nudists?  We couldn’t even make this stuff up, folks, if we tried.

Last January, Pueblo County Commissioner Buffie McFadyen told a Pueblo County Deputy that she and County Democratic Party Chair Ron Greenwell had just been dropped off by friends at a commuter lot on Swallows Road and Highway 50 in Pueblo West after spending “family night” at Desert Reef Hot Spring.

While the Desert Reef Hot Spring is clothing optional on most days of the week, according to the website, “All day Friday is designated a suit only day and will not be clothing optional.”  McFadyen and Greenwell were at the springs on January 25th…a Friday.

Look, we’re not going to judge if McFadyen has…fans.  But, nudists, sorry.  We’re not talking about scenes from “Eyes Wide Shut” here – these are average Americans.  As a whole, we’re kind of pasty and flabby.

See the video here:

…So, meet your new Democratic candidate for CD3…!